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Besieged by author’s block and the crushing breakup with Tessa, Hardin travels to Portugal attempting for a girl he wronged within the past – and to search out himself. Hoping to come by back Tessa, he realizes he wants to commerce his programs sooner than he can design the last commitment.

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  • Hardin Scott: Hero Fiennes Tiffin
  • Tessa Young: Josephine Langford
  • Nathalie: Mimi Keene
  • Christian Vance: Stephen Moyer
  • Trish Daniels: Louise Lombard
  • Kimberly Vance: Arielle Kebbel
  • Robert Freeman: Carter Jenkins
  • Nora: Kiana Madeira
  • Ken Scott: Rob Estes
  • Karen: Frances Turner
  • Trevor (archive photos): Dylan Sprouse
  • Sebastian: Benjamin Mascolo
  • Kat: Rosa Escoda
  • Naomi: Ella Martine
  • Maddy: Jessica Webber
  • Freya: Cora Kirk
  • Young James: Harrison Osterfield
  • Young Mark: Niyi Akin
  • Paloma: Laura Dutra
  • Landon Scott: Chance Perdomo
  • Smith: Anton Kottas
  • Minister: Iñigo Navarro
  • Cop: Paul S. Tracey
  • Hostess: Marianne Bittencourt
  • Waiter: José Mora Ramos
  • Portoguese Bartender: Rodrigo Soares
  • Aging Lady: Carmen Santos
  • Emery: Ana Ivanova
  • Child (uncredited): Victoria Paige Watkins
  • Barman 1: Rita Strong level
  • Barman 2: Stephanie Morfreita
  • Barman 3: Beatriz Ferraz
  • Barman 4: José Roquete
  • Barman 5: Stef Claro
  • Classic Guitar Participant: Marcelo Fortuna


  • Producer: Jennifer Gibgot
  • Producer: Mark Canton
  • Producer: Courtney Solomon
  • Producer: Nicolas Chartier
  • Producer: Hero Fiennes Tiffin
  • Gaffer: Diego Moyano
  • Casting: Carolyn McLeod
  • Director: Castille Landon
  • Director of Pictures: Joshua Reis
  • Producer: Brian Pitt
  • Co-Producer: David Shojai
  • Unique: Anna Todd
  • Method Decoration: Alexandra Tibbe
  • Producer: Aron Levitz
  • Co-Producer: Taylor Conrod


Credit: TheMovieDb


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  1. Successfully I reckon I deserve a pat on the wait on for indubitably struggling thru this franchise that makes the “Twilight” motion photos peer admire Pulitzer prize successful stuff. We continue to prepare the hugely disinteresting cherish antics of the dreary “Hardin” (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) who, having lost the cherish of “Tessa” (Josephine Langford) had a one night time stand with “Nathalie” (Mimi Keane) that ended up on the obtain. Clearly, she wasn’t handiest overjoyed and so now, some time after, he heads to Portugal to take a look at up on to acquire amends (and so the crew can collect some sun). Needless to snarl what he indubitably desires is to reunite with “Tessa” but can he grow up sufficient to grab the errors of his ways and to reconcile alongside with her? Successfully I indubitably would possibly perhaps well not bear cared less. Before the entire lot I discovered Tiffin to bear a minute bit enchantment about him, but now this share has been smartly and indubitably exhausted and he has neither that enchantment nor any charisma to lift to a job that in truth contains a comely odious and self-indulgent character. There’s a full bunch familial discord, an on/off drink speak (perhaps for us looking out at, too) and the ending used to be extra admire a speak of reduction for all concerned. I know, I am not the demographic – but money has been spent on this – and it be money that can perhaps well bear been better spent on – smartly, accurate about one thing. The characters are previous and despite the incontrovertible truth that it be rather nicely shot amidst some magnificent areas, that is accurate now smartly put to bed. Please let’s not bear a Christmas particular.

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