Film “20th Century Lady”. Critiques and Film Trailer.

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20세기 소녀


Film 20th Century Lady Description
Yeon-du asks her greatest friend Bora to assemble your entire info she can about Baek Hyun-jin whereas she is away in the U.S. for coronary heart surgical treatment. Bora decides to build up halt to Baek’s greatest friend, Pung Woon-ho first. On the opposite hand, Bora’s clumsy conception unfolds in an unexpected route. In 1999, a year before the brand new century, Bora, who turns seventeen, falls into the fever of first tackle.



South Korea

Yong Film


  • Na Bo-ra: Kim You-jung
  • Poong Woon-ho: Byeon Woo Seok
  • Baek Hyun-jin: Park Jung-woo
  • Kim Yeon-du: Roh Yoon-web optimization
  • Bo-ra’s Mother: Kim Sung-kyung
  • Bo-ra’s Father: Jeong Seok-yong
  • Madam: Yoon Yi-reh
  • Darn It: Jeon Hye-obtained
  • Dong-wook: Kim Nu-rim
  • Adult Na Bo-ra: Han Hyo-joo
  • College Teacher: Lee Beom-su
  • Poong Woon-ho’s Father: Ryu Seung-ryong
  • Doctor at College Infirmary: Park Hae-jun
  • Jung Woon-ho: Gong Myoung
  • Joseph / Poong Joon-ho: Ong Seong-wu
  • Bok-rapidly: Kang Chae-young
  • Yeon-du’s Mother: Bang Woo-ri
  • Bo-ra’s Brother: Lee Cheon-mu
  • Teacher: Jo Ji-hyeon
  • Min Hong-gi: Lee Woo-sung
  • Mailman: Choi Gyo-sik
  • Young Joseph: Jung Min-joon
  • Mulberry Extract Vendor: Sin Dong-ryeok


  • Executive Producer: Syd Lim
  • Sound: Dalpalan
  • Director of Photography: Cho Young-jik
  • Lighting Director: Jung Hae-ji
  • Costume Create: An Ji-hyeon
  • Editor: Yang Jin-mo
  • Special Outcomes Supervisor: Hong Jang-pyo
  • Sound Supervisor: Lee Sung-june
  • Manufacturing Create: Lee Na-gyeom
  • Creator: Bang Woo-ri
  • Costumer: Shin Soo-bin
  • Costumer: Yoon Na-yeon
  • Makeup & Hair: Park Ye-ri
  • Martial Arts Choreographer: Shin Young-hoon
  • Martial Arts Choreographer: Yun Seok-jin
  • Manufacturing Sound Mixer: Shon Yong-ik
  • Digital Intermediate: No Byeong-uk
  • Producer: Kim Yong-eon
  • VFX Supervisor: Kim Gwang-wook
  • Composed Photographer: Online page positioning Ji-hyeong
  • VFX Supervisor: Jung Seok-jae
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Film Title: “20th Century Lady”

In the realm of cinema, every film is a different introduction, a undeniable story waiting to be educated. 20th Century Lady, the most modern addition to this ever-evolving universe, takes its viewers on an unforgettable jog that’s not vivid visually gorgeous however emotionally profound. As a cinephile, I had the privilege of experiencing this film and am excited to part my concepts on this overview.

Space and Storytelling:

20th Century Lady” tells a fable that is both intimate and narrative in scale. The fable is a rollercoaster of emotions, starting from coronary heart-wrenching moments to exhilarating triumphs.
What sets “20th Century Lady” apart is its ability to connect with the viewers on a deeply emotional level.
The characters are superbly developed, and their snarl for the length of the film is both relatable and upsetting.

Route and Cinematography:

The film is a visible masterpiece, a correct testament to the art of filmmaking. The director’s imaginative and prescient is realized with outstanding precision, making every physique a murals. “20th Century Lady” cinematography is breathtaking, with scenes which might perhaps perhaps maybe be a feast for the eyes. The utilization of color, lighting fixtures, and digicam angles enhances the emotional affect of every scene, making it an immersive trip.


The solid of “20th Century Lady” delivers prominent performances. The supporting solid is equally impressive, along side layers to the story with their outstanding acting talents. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, and it is a joy to gawk their interactions on camouflage.

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Soundtrack and Score:

The music in “20th Century Lady” is a persona in itself. The soundtrack enhances the film’s emotional jog, bettering the viewers’s connection to the story. From coronary heart-wrenching melodies to pulse-pounding compositions, the music adds a layer of depth that is frequently lacking in favorite cinema.


20th Century Lady” is a cinematic gem that transcends the boundaries of the medium. It’s miles a testament to the power of storytelling, art, and human connection.
This film is a must-gawk for any person that appreciates the magic of cinema. This might recede you both emotionally moved and intellectually stimulated, making it a outstanding addition to the realm of film.
Don’t recede out the chance to embark on this unforgettable cinematic jog.

So, accumulate your tickets, pick into your seats, and put collectively to be spellbound by “20th Century Lady“, a movie that might linger to your concepts lengthy after the credit roll.

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