Film “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds”. Critiques and Film Trailer.

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신과함께-죄와 벌


Film Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds Description
Having died rapidly, firefighter Ja-hong is taken to the afterlife by three afterlife guardians. Most attention-grabbing is when he passes seven trials over 49 days and proves he became innocent in human existence; he’s ready to reincarnate, and his three afterlife guardians are by his side to defend him in trial.



Hong Kong,South Korea

Lotte Leisure,Dexter Studios,Realies Pictures,Korean Film Council,Alpha Pictures,kth,Union Investment Companions


  • Gang-rim: Ha Jung-woo
  • Kim Ja-hong: Cha Tae-hyun
  • Hae Obtained-maek: Ju Ji-hoon
  • Deok-choon: Kim Hyang-gi
  • King Yeomra: Lee Jung-jae
  • Kim Su-hong: Kim Dong-wook
  • Ja-hong’s Mother: Ye Soo-jung
  • Prosecutor: Oh Dal-su
  • Prosecutor: Im Obtained-hee
  • Young Kim Ja-hong: Seong Yu-bin
  • Young Kim Su-hong: Goo Seung-hyun
  • First Lieutenant Park Moo-sin: Lee Jun-hyuk
  • Private Obtained Dong-yeon: Doh Kyung-soo
  • Byeon-seong / God of Abolish Hell: Jung Hae-kyun
  • Cho-gang / God of Indolence Hell: Kim Hae-sook
  • Tae-san / God of Lie Hell: Kim Su-an
  • Oh-gwan / God of Injustice Hell: Lee Kyung-younger
  • Track-je / God of Betrayal Hell: Kim Ha-neul
  • Jin-gwang / God of Violence Hell: Jang Gwang
  • Ji-yeon: Kang Da-hyun
  • Trapped Firefighter: Yu Jun-sang
  • Heo Choon-sam: Nam Il-woo
  • Heo Hyun-dong: Jung Ji-hoon
  • Cat Girl’s Father: Kim Soo-ro
  • Membership Man: Na Chul
  • Navy Police: Tae Obtained-seok
  • Interpreter Soldier: Oh Hee-joon
  • Firefighter: Kim Tae-joon
  • Firefighter: Lim Cheol-soo
  • Firefighter: Hong In
  • Grim Reaper: Kim Min-jong
  • Sung-ju / Family God: Ma Dong-seok
  • First Lieutenant Park’s most critical other: Kim G-rim


  • Song: Bang Jun-seok
  • Costume Safe: Cho Sang-kyung
  • Executive Producer: Yoon Jong-seok
  • Executive Producer: Kim Yong-hwa
  • Producer: Kim Ho-sung
  • Director of Photography: Kim Byung-web notify positioning
  • Lights Director: Shin Kyung-man
  • Executive Producer: Cha Obtained-chun
  • Co-Executive Producer: Huh Soo-younger
  • Normal Fable: Ju Ho-min
  • Producer: Choi Jee-sun
  • Executive Producer: Obtained Dong-yeon
  • Sound Supervisor: Choi Tae-younger
  • Particular Effects Makeup Artist: Kwak Tae-yong
  • Sound Style designer: Gang Hye-yeong
  • Production Safe: Lee Mok-won
  • Particular Effects Makeup Artist: Hwang Hyo-kyun
  • Digital Intermediate: Kevin Kang
  • Particular Effects Supervisor: Yoon Dae-won
  • VFX Supervisor: Jin Jong-hyun
  • Makeup & Hair: Choi Hye-lim
  • Line Producer: Ko Dae-seok
  • Editor: Kim Jin-oh
  • Editor: Kim Hye-jin
  • Executive Producer: Jeong Gyeong-jae
  • Supervising Dialogue Editor: Kim Byung-in
  • VFX Supervisor: Jay Seung Jaegal
  • CG Supervisor: Jung Seock-hee
  • Visible Effects Supervisor: Jung Sung-jin
  • VFX Supervisor: Kang Jong-ik
  • Visible Effects Producer: Chan-jin Chris Kim
  • Art Direction: Jin Hye-jung
  • Lights Technician: Hong Myeong-su
  • Digital Intermediate: Park Jin-younger
  • Visible Effects Supervisor: Jung Chul-min
  • Props: Park Jae-wan
  • Script Supervisor: Shin Soo-jung
  • Production Sound Mixer: Lee Sang-joon
  • VFX Artist: Yoon Choong-yeol
  • Art Direction: Jang Hee-sun
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