Film “Christmas Bloody Christmas”. Experiences and Movie Trailer.

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Christmas Bloody Christmas


Movie Christmas Bloody Christmas Description
It be Christmas Eve and Tori correct needs to rep inebriated and birthday party, but when a robotic Santa Claus at a close-by toy retailer goes haywire and begins a rampant killing spree through her limited metropolis, she’s pressured precise into a battle for survival.



United States of The USA

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  • Tori: Riley Dandy
  • Robbie: Sam Delich
  • Jay: Jonah Ray Rodrigues
  • Lahna: Dora Madison
  • Sheriff Monroe: Jeff Daniel Phillips
  • Santa Claus: Abraham Benrubi
  • Officer Smith: Jeremy Gardner
  • Liddy: Kansas Bowling
  • Mike: Graham Skipper
  • Benny: Joe Begos
  • Larry: Josh Ethier
  • Neighbor Dad: Matt Mercer


  • Author: Joe Begos
  • Producer: Josh Ethier
  • Fashioned Music Composer: Steve Moore
  • Executive Producer: Label Ward
  • Production Make: Adam Dietrich
  • Director of Images: Brian Sowell
  • Casting: Amey René
  • Special Results Makeup Artist: Josh Russell
  • Companion Producer: Brian E. Dutton
  • Art Route: Elliott Gilbert
  • Executive Producer: Emily Gotto
  • Executive Producer: Samuel Zimmerman
  • Costume Designer: Rachel Grady

Movie Experiences

  • Chris Sawin: _Christmas Bloody Christmas_ must aloof no longer be missed whereas you’re procuring for a brand unique Christmas dismay film that is really a yuletide slasher film where you root for a killer Santa cyborg as a bunch of horny 30-somethings are killed off to squeamish delight. No longer supreme is that this the explicit Jeff Begos film so a ways, however the gore delivers gushy greatness for anyone in the mood for a cultured holiday hack-and-slash.

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  1. _Christmas Bloody Christmas_ ought to mute no longer be missed when you’re attempting to search out a brand contemporary Christmas alarm film that is actually a yuletide slasher film the place you root for a killer Santa cyborg as a bunch of horny 30-somethings are killed off to squeamish pleasure. No longer handiest is this the finest Jeff Begos film to this level, but the gore delivers gushy greatness for anybody within the mood for an advanced holiday hack-and-gash.

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