Film “Dogman”. Critiques and Movie Trailer.

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A boy, bruised by life, finds his salvation by the fondness of his canines.





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  • Douglas: Caleb Landry Jones
  • Evelyn: Jojo T. Gibbs
  • Ackerman: Christopher Denham
  • Salma: Grace Palma
  • Mike: Clemens Schick
  • Douglas’ Mother: Iris Bry
  • Juan: Michael Garza
  • Aristocrat Lady: Marisa Berenson
  • Labor Inspector: James Payton
  • Officer Kimbey: Eric Carter
  • Bar security guard: Frédéric Guérin
  • Gary: Bennett Saltzman
  • High College Student: Gwyneth Anne Trumbore
  • Police Officer Mike Munrow’s Arrest: Derek Siow
  • Police Captain: Avant Strangel
  • Evelyn’s mother: Corinne Delacour
  • Policewoman: Naima Hebrail Kidjo
  • Cabbie: Charles Gray
  • Gangbanger: Mael Fagla Medegan
  • El Verdugo: John Charles Aguilar
  • Lola Rodriguez: Bianca Melgar
  • Police officer Austin: Luing Andrews
  • Restaurant Proprietor: Jeremiah Figuereo
  • Richie Munrow: Alexander Settineri
  • Student: Aven Campau
  • Officer Rollings: Jeff Mantel
  • Actor: Adam Speers
  • Client Cabaret: William Sciortino
  • Mrs. Rodriguez: C.C. DeNeira
  • Dogcatcher: Genevieve O’Neal
  • Police Officer: Laetitia Mampaka
  • Douglas Munrow (Teenager): Lincoln Powell


  • Author: Luc Besson
  • Music: Éric Serra
  • Particular Effects Supervisor: Jean-Christophe Magnaud
  • Casting: Swan Pham
  • Production Invent: Hugues Tissandier
  • Producer: Virginie Besson-Silla
  • 2d Unit Director: Barthélémy Grossmann
  • Editor: Julien Rey
  • Stunt Coordinator: Alain Figlarz
  • Script Supervisor: Claire Dumaze
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Stéphane Thiébaut
  • Costume Invent: Corinne Bruand
  • Storyboard Artist: Eric Gandois
  • Divulge Ornament: Evelyne Tissandier
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Guillaume Bouchateau
  • Sound Editor: Aymeric Devoldère
  • Graphic Designer: Frédéric Cambon
  • Steadicam Operator: Lorenzo Donati
  • Production Supervisor: Thierry Guilmard
  • Digicam Operator: Jean-Baptiste Jay
  • Property Master: Marc Pinquier
  • Location Scout: Philippe Letode
  • Director of Pictures: Colin Wandersman
  • Costume Designer: Jacki Roach
  • Digital Intermediate Colorist: Yvan Lucas
  • Director of Pictures: Adrien Bertolle
  • Assistant Decorator: Julyan Giraux
  • Composed Photographer: Shanna Besson
  • Location Assistant: Kevin Li
  • Casting: Dea Vise
  • Sound: Yves Levêque
  • First Assistant Director: Stéphane Moreno Carpio
  • Artwork Division Coordinator: Ellen Halpin
  • On Divulge Dresser: Nico Barnes
  • Production Coordinator: Ariane Cousi
  • Painter: Edouard Pallardy
  • Steadicam Operator: Ian Woolston-Smith
  • Line Producer: Romuald Drault
  • Sound Mixer: Rafael Ridao
  • Music Supervisor: Christian Chevalier
  • Line Producer: Eric Mathis
  • Supervising Dialogue Editor: Lucien Richardson
  • Casting Assistant: Lysandre Mbappé
  • Grip: Lionel Kuhn
  • Enhance Operator: Kevin Bourgin
  • First Assistant “A” Digicam: Jean-Baptiste Lamontre
  • Dresser Coordinator: Corinne Dubois
  • Handiest Boy Electrical: Kevin Fermaud
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Antoine Martin
  • Assistant Unit Supervisor: Zacharie Cortes
  • Unit Supervisor: Claude Delfour
  • 2d Assistant Director: Cécile Denis
  • Associate Producer: Steve Rabineau
  • Carpenter: Jean-Claude Waeyaert
  • Production Secretary: Mathilde Baradat
  • Extras Casting: Brigitte Fourcade
  • Dialogue Editor: Maria Carolina Santana Caraballo-Gramcko
  • Composed Photographer: Maria Heras
  • Building Coordinator: Gilles Brette
  • Location Supervisor: Eric Wrolstad
  • Location Coordinator: Justin Schwebel
  • Hairstylist: Jean-Marc Benois
  • Dailies Supervisor: India Master
  • Knowledge Management Technician: Théo Lopez
  • Assistant Costume Designer: Coline Duchet
  • Armorer: Paul Bourcart
  • Stunts: Amedéo Cazzella
  • First Assistant “B” Digicam: Emilien Lafond
  • Key Grip: Bilal Ajbali
  • First Assistant Digicam: Alexandre Van Caenegem
  • 2d Assistant Director: Romain Hervieux
  • Dresser Assistant: Antonin Petit
  • Key Grip: Matthieu Etenne
  • Assistant Location Supervisor: Elizabeth Bendelac
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Anaëlle Trogno
  • Location Scout: Yann Le Borgne
  • Electrician: Alan Le Cam
  • Gaffer: Guillaume Brunet
  • Sound Assistant: Paul Le Borgne-Cueff
  • Hair Division Head: Ashley Leitzel-Reichenbach
  • 2d Unit First Assistant Director: Déborah Chaffard
  • Carpenter: Benjamin Brette
  • Painter: Magalie Brette
  • Painter: Didier Cerbonney
  • Building Grip: Thomas Chevillot
  • Building Grip: Mohamed Djadja
  • Divulge Designer: Valérie Guilbaud
  • Building Grip: Casamance Guillerm
  • Head Carpenter: Jean-Michel Guérin
  • Carpenter: Dominique Herzock
  • Assistant Property Master: Brice Lava
  • Building Grip: Ophélie Mehl
  • Carpenter: Xavier Miclet
  • Props: Achille Pinquier
  • Painter: Jean Ros
  • Painter: Najib Sobhi
  • Building Grip: Antoine Solacroup
  • Painter: Marion Thibault
  • Building Grip: Mélina Vigneron Boukrif
  • Lights Technician: Jacob Bogatin
  • Electrician: Charlotte Chaland
  • Electrician: Florine Congnard
  • 2d Assistant “A” Digicam: Matt Degreff
  • Electrician: Alexandre Denis
  • 2d Assistant “B” Digicam: Antoine Grebert
  • Video Support Operator: Pauline Guyot-Walser
  • Electrician: Guillaume Mandin
  • First Assistant “A” Digicam: Walter F. Rodriguez
  • First Assistant Digicam: Victor Salis
  • 2d Assistant “A” Digicam: Emma Salomon
  • Grip: Sami Schenck
  • Costume Coordinator: Sarina Cludy
  • Dresser Assistant: Muriel Quoix
  • Assistant Script: Simone Sophie
  • Artwork Direction: Sergeo Levitas
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    “Dogman is no longer any longer with out tonal and memoir points, but it indubitably’s grand better than anticipated. Caleb Landry Jones delivers basically one of the top efficiency of his profession with a curious efficiency, entirely remodeling himself into the advanced, exceptionally human protagonist who finds unconditional love and compassion in God’s excellent introduction: canines.

    The third act is inconsistent and lacks point of interest on the film’s central topics, but it indubitably’s aloof a fulfilling viewing with necessary messages about humanity.”

    Score: B

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