Film “Double Indemnity”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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Double Indemnity


Movie Double Indemnity Description
An effectively off woman and a calculating insurance agent decide to abolish her unsuspecting husband after he signs a double indemnity policy. Against a backdrop of distinctly Californian settings, the companions in crime conception the acceptable assassinate to obtain the insurance, that would possibly unprejudicedly pay double if the death is unintended.



United States of America



  • Walter Neff: Fred MacMurray
  • Phyllis Dietrichson: Barbara Stanwyck
  • Barton Keyes: Edward G. Robinson
  • Mr. Jackson: Porter Hall
  • Edward S. Norton Jr.: Richard Gaines
  • Lola Dietrichson: Jean Heather
  • Mr. Dietrichson: Tom Powers
  • Sam Garlopis: Fortunio Bonanova
  • Nino Zachetti: Byron Barr
  • Bit Fraction (uncredited): John Berry
  • Man Reading Guide (uncredited): Raymond Chandler
  • Whisper Conductor (uncredited): Edmund Cobb
  • Conductor (uncredited): Kernan Cripps
  • Norton’s Secretary: Bess Vegetation
  • Man in Drug Retailer (uncredited): Eddie Hall
  • Pacific All-Risk Telephone Operator (uncredited): Teala Loring
  • Charlie the Storage Attendant (uncredited): Sam McDaniel
  • Pullman Porter (uncredited): Billy Mitchell
  • Man (uncredited): Clarence Muse
  • Lou Schwartz (uncredited): Douglas Spencer
  • Joe Peters: John Philliber
  • Redcap: Harold Garrison
  • Pullman Porter (uncredited): James Adamson
  • Dietrichsons’ Maid Nettie (uncredited): Betty Farrington
  • Man (uncredited): George Magrill
  • Full Consumer in Market (uncredited): Constance Purdy
  • Pullman Conductor (uncredited): Dick Bustle
  • Pullman Porter (uncredited): Floyd Shackelford
  • Pullman Porter (uncredited): Oscar Smith
  • Keyes’ Secretary (uncredited): Miriam Nelson


  • Director: Billy Wilder
  • Supervising Film Editor: Doane Harrison
  • Producer: Joseph Sistrom
  • Costume Scheme: Edith Head
  • Art Direction: Hal Pereira
  • Authentic Song Composer: Miklós Rózsa
  • Makeup Artist: Wally Westmore
  • Director of Photography: John F. Seitz
  • Art Direction: Hans Dreier
  • Screenplay: Raymond Chandler
  • Orchestrator: Eugene Zador
  • Fresh: James M. Cain
  • Govt Producer: Buddy G. DeSylva
  • Space Decoration: Bertram C. Granger
  • Casting: Harvey Clermont
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Walter Oberst
  • Dialect Coach: Jack Gage
  • Makeup Artist: Robert Ewing
  • Visual Outcomes: Farciot Edouart
  • Sound Recordist: Stanley Cooley
  • Assistant Director: Charles C. Coleman
  • Makeup Artist: Charles Gemora
  • Silent Photographer: Ed Henderson
  • Hairstylist: Hollis Barnes
  • Sound Recordist: Loren L. Ryder
  • Props: Jack Colconda
  • Camera Operator: Harlow Stengel
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  1. Or now not it is surely exhausting to pin down a internal most favourite Wilder film, though I tend in direction of his earlier masterworks akin to ‘The Lost Weekend’, ‘Sundown Boulevard’…and THIS. He was one of many finest at getting straight via the bullshit and to the coronary heart of all things noir (as the immortal Jean-Luc Godard said, ‘All I hold to create a movie is a particular person, a girl and a gun’).

    Barbara Stanwyck is one of my favourite actresses of the length, and is a classic ‘femme fatale’. I’ve by no method been an gigantic fan of Fred MacMurray, nevertheless his ‘good guy’ persona is aged to sheer advantage by Wilder, and he find yourself both doing his finest work for Wilder (right here and in ‘The Dwelling’) and being the final noir male protagonist. Apparently, one of my favourite actors, Edward G. Robinson, notion so grand of the script that he opted out of his predict of by no method doing a supporting role. Many folk esteem Wilder the director, nevertheless as a writer (or co-writer) he’s sincere as cinematically crucial and influential.

    Bask in every quite quite a bit of film of his, as a minimum that I’ve had the pleasure to scrutinize, it is price a buy and re-watches. The dialogue, in particular, is merely implausible. I would take sincere one of his early works over a hundred of the flicks Hollywood churns out this point to day. They’re merely that better and intrinsically fulfilling. Immortal cinema.

  2. A banner movie from film noir’s classic expertise.

    Double Indemnity is directed by Billy Wilder and Wilder co-adapts the screenplay with Raymond Chandler from the novella written by James M. Cain. It stars Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck and Edward G. Robinson. Music is by Miklos Rozsa and cinematography by John F. Seitz.

    For a movie lover akin to myself it feels redundant writing a evaluate for Double Indemnity, because quite merely there could be nothing to claim that hasn’t been said already. The admire it is held in is justified, it is a ways a razor sharp noir in some unspecified time in the future of the board and could per chance well additionally be set up as one of many classic noir expertise images that acquired lovers of the appreciate attracted to the major situation.

    Essentially based in some unspecified time in the future of the spoiled Snyder/Grey case of 1927, Wilder and Chandler secure the chronicle with a substandard cynicism that is palpable within the coarse. With a script positively pumped with exhausting boiled dialogue, a straightforward case of raze turns into so grand extra, a labyrinth of devious cunning and foolishness, with a trio of high performances crowning this topper.

    Technically by strategy of aural and visual work the chronicle good points additional spice. Rosza offers a secure that frays the nerves, imbuing the sense of doom and edginess required for plotting. Seitz excels, the images a trademark for noir, heavy shadows, abrupt camera angles and menacing shards of light come to the fore.

    And to high it all off, it gets away with so grand, an true censorship baiter. The chronicle takes a hump to the dusky facet of morality, and the makers, bless them for they know what they save, gleefully tease the manufacturing code to give film noir fans a reason to hold a supreme time.

    Quintessential stuff. 10/10

  3. Maybe the single biggest instance of a movie noir movie, _Double Indemnity_ (1944), stars Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck, and Edward G. Robinson. In accordance to a up to date written by James Cain, the screenplay was co-written by Billy Wilder and the unbelievable Raymond Chandler.

    Plight in 1938 California, the chronicle is in accordance with the suitable-lifestyles 1927 raze of a married Queens, Unique York girl’s husband who was killed by the girl’s boyfriend after she took out a big insurance protection protection that contained a double-indemnity clause. On this movie, Phyllis Dietrichson (played by Stanwyck) takes out a lifestyles insurance protection protection on her husband with the back of insurance protection salesman-soon-to-be-grew to become-murderer Walter Neff (played by MacMurray). Robinson performs Barton Keyes, Neff’s co-worker and a really suspicious claims adjuster who suspects Phyllis Dietrichson will hold had something to avoid losing alongside with her husband’s unexpected death.

    This movie is an hour and forty-seven minutes of pure movie admire. The film was nominated for seven Academy Awards [Finest Image, Finest Actress in a Main Role (Barbara Stanwyck), Finest Director, Finest Writing-Screenplay, Finest Cinematography, Finest Sound Recording, and Finest Music (Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Image)], though it acquired none.

  4. Totally completed film noir from the Forties with gigantic performances by Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck and Edward G. Robinson alongside with honest images and route from Billy Wilder. I’ve seen this one earlier than nonetheless it is been as a minimum 20 years though coincidentally, a scene from this was in a movie I fair now not too long within the past watched (but every other re-discover about) in Femme Fatale. **4.5/5**

  5. So unhappy feeble Tom Powers is married to the cold and calculating “Phyllis” (Barbara Stanwyck). When she begins to hold an affair alongside with his charismatic insurance protection dealer “Walter” (Fred MacMurray) the two alight on a cunning notion to dispose of him and to claim the lifestyles insurance protection money. Being within the be taught about this stuff, “Walter” figures out a technique in which they can double the payout. With their hands mute rubbing collectively, the man’s body is stumbled on on a railway observe and when the police give it some notion unintended, the money rolls in. All appears honest till one of his colleagues “Keyes” (Edward G. Robinson) smells a rat – and he begins to stick his very sensitive nose in. I consistently felt Barbara Stanwyck was a really below-rated actress – she is terrific right here, as is the below-said Robinson. Even the most frequently unremarkable MacMurray turns in an stable efficiency as Billy Wilder, with some gigantic intense images and splendidly potent dialogue pulls the threads of this suave and menacing drama collectively. The consistently official Miklós Rósza creates a secure that really works successfully with the accumulating tension as we head in direction of a denouement that retains us on our toes sincere til the tip. Right here’s a gigantic film.

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