Film “Fallen Leaves”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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The movie tells the story of Ansa, a supermarket shelf-stocker on a nil-hour contract, later a recyclable plastic sorter, and Holappa, a sandblaster, an alcoholic, later an ex-alcoholic, whose paths have by chance crossed and who, with out reference to adversity and misunderstandings, are trying to own some roughly relationship on the harsher facet of declare welfare.





Sputnik,Bufo,Pandora Film


  • Ansa: Alma Pöysti
  • Holappa: Jussi Vatanen
  • Huotari: Janne Hyytiäinen
  • Liisa: Nuppu Koivu
  • Tonja, sairaanhoitaja: Alina Tomnikov
  • Raunio: Martti Suosalo
  • Metalliverstaan johtaja: Matti Onnismaa
  • Mies matkakodissa: Sakari Kuosmanen
  • Cyber web-kahvilan pitäjä: Simon Al-Bazoon
  • Ylihoitaja: Maria Heiskanen
  • Parakin asukas: Sherwan Haji
  • Työkaveri: Mia Snellman
  • Ensihoitaja: Eero Ritala
  • Myymälävartija: Mikko Mykkänen
  • Roskisdyykkari: Aapo Penttilä
  • Henkilökuntapäällikkö: Antti Määttänen
  • Hämärämies 1: Mitja Tuurala
  • Huligaani raitiovaunupysäkillä: Leo Laitinen
  • Huligaani raitiovaunupysäkillä: Jaakko Ranta
  • Huligaani raitiovaunupysäkillä: Heikki Rautiainen
  • Huligaani raitiovaunupysäkillä: Viljami Penttilä
  • Poliisi: Jari Tuomola
  • Poliisi: Lauri Untamo
  • Ohikulkija: Erkki Astala
  • Elokuvakriitikko: Jukka Salmi
  • Elokuvakriitikko: Jaska Väre
  • Rakennusmestari: Misha Jaari
  • Portieeri: Olli Varja
  • Työtoveri valimolla: Jukka Rautiainen
  • Työtoveri valimolla: Paula Oinonen
  • Maustetytöt: Kaisa Karjalainen
  • Maustetytöt: Anna Karjalainen
  • Chaplin: Alma-koira
  • Karaoke Pub Patron (uncredited): Juho Kuosmanen
  • (uncredited): Eeva-Riitta Salmelin


  • Writer: Aki Kaurismäki
  • Director of Pictures: Timo Salminen
  • Co-Producer: Reinhard Brundig
  • Co-Producer: Label Lwoff
  • Assistant Director: Eevi Kareinen
  • Co-Producer: Misha Jaari
  • Costume Accomplish: Tiina Kaukanen
  • Gaffer: Olli Varja
  • Editor: Samu Heikkilä
  • Foley Artist: Heikki Kossi
  • Production Sound Mixer: Pietu Korhonen
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Olli Pärnänen
  • First Assistant Digicam: Mika Ailasmäki
  • Production Secretary: Haije Alanoja
  • Coloration Grading: Hannes Bruneel
  • Production Accomplish: Ville Grönroos
  • Assert Operator: Jussi Rantala
  • Production Assistant: Sebastian Granskog
  • Foley Mixer: Lauri Marjamaa
  • Diagram Decoration: Aino Kaurismäki
  • 2nd Assistant Digicam: Anne Vahlsten
  • Production Coordinator: Milla Sevón
  • Production Coordinator: Kirsi Hatara
  • Publicist: Wolfgang W. Werner
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  1. There could be a delectable scene in this movie where “Holappa” (Jussi Vatanen) and his mate are in an Helsinki karaoke bar staffed by a motionless barman who looks adore he’s straight out a zombie movie! Talking of zombie motion photos, the legend follows the lives of this fellow and of “Ansa” (Alma Pöysti) whose first date at the native “Ritz” cinema is ecactly that – unlikely fodder for a burgeoning romance – although their post movie chat afterwards is under the gaze of a “Transient Encounter” poster. She has no longer too long ago been fired for pinching some out-of-date meals from the supermarket in which she worked. He’s been fired just a few times for too many vodka breaks at work. Her most contemporary boss is arrested for drug dealing and that is the reason after they first meet. They click on, they sprint for a espresso – then that cinema day out ensues. Thing is, she has views on crude ingesting – it has profoundly affected contributors of her family. He’s a minute bit of an ass about that – however in all likelihood she’s had extra of an affect on him than he realised. Possibly he might give up? Possibly she’ll give him but every other likelihood? The humour here is grand however with out a doubt barely darkish and subtle. There are space trends that we potentially ought no longer to laugh at, however we attain – and the ending leaves us hoping however no longer lustrous. It’s no longer exactly laugh out loud however you can salvage loads to smile about in the event you serve your wits about you for eighty minutes. Possibly no longer a movie the Finnish Culture Ministry would be too fond of – however I loved it.

  2. It’s no longer primary of a secret that the worldview of Finnish society can also even be greater than a minute bit bleak. On the same time, even supposing, it also possesses an understatedly campy, eminently whimsical quality that is available in stark inequity to this in every other case-dour outlook. And this makes for a mix of traits that will also be considerably puzzling to fathom, especially to outsiders. That’s the quirky social conundrum that author-director Aki Kaurismäki seeks to capture in his most contemporary offering, a wry comedy-drama centered on the lives of two lonely, lovelorn working class Helsinki residents (Alma Pöysti, Jussi Vatanen) who battle in opposition to existence’s hiccups while looking out out to forge a romance. But, in telling their legend, the filmmaker has say discovering ample traction to engage viewers. We ogle a myth packed with modest, backyard diversity u.s.a.and downs, as well to greater than just a few miscommunications, experiences we’ve all absolute self belief passed thru ourselves every on occasion. Alternatively, is that ample to provide a compelling describe? It undoubtedly doesn’t with out a doubt feel that blueprint primary of the time, given its wood dialogue and restrained, veritably-stilted performances, no matter how pointedly this manufacturing can also describe the personality of this extraordinarily reserved folks. To its credit, the movie works excellent when it pokes fun at the personality of Finnish custom, offering some stunning nuggets of amusing humor, backed by a various but space-on soundtrack that fittingly and ironically enhances what’s unfolding on hide hide. Nonetheless, there’s so primary here that lends so minute to a myth that ethical never catches fireplace that it’s onerous to imagine nearly anybody producing any ardour in, or enthusiasm for, the protagonists and their used attempts at launching a relationship. Possibly I’m lacking something here, however, if there might be something meaningful that this launch is making an strive to carry, it’s it sounds as if well buried under one among those immense piles of fallen leaves that give this describe its title.

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