Film “Night Swim”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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Night Swim


Movie Night Swim Description
Forced into early retirement by a degenerative illness, broken-down baseball player Ray Waller strikes correct into a fresh home alongside with his vital other and two young of us. He hopes that the backyard swimming pool shall be fun for the young of us and provide bodily remedy for himself. Nonetheless, a wretched secret from the home’s previous quickly unleashes a malevolent force that drags the household into the depths of inescapable terror.



United States of The United States

Atomic Monster,Blumhouse Productions,Witchcraft Motion Image Company


  • Ray Waller: Wyatt Russell
  • Eve Waller: Kerry Condon
  • Izzy Waller: Amélie Hoeferle
  • Elliot Waller: Gavin Warren
  • …: Nancy Lenehan
  • …: Jodi Lengthy
  • Younger Boy in Flashback Scene: Preston Galli
  • Ty: Aivan Uttapa


  • Casting: Terri Taylor
  • Producer: James Wan
  • Normal Song Composer: Ticket Korven
  • Line Producer: Scott Putman
  • Producer: Jason Blum
  • Editor: Jeff McEvoy
  • Screenstory: Rod Blackhurst
  • Make-up Artist: Mara Rouse
  • Make-up Effects Clothier: Justin Raleigh
  • Make-up Department Head: Eleanor Sabaduquia
  • Manufacturing Attach: Hillary Gurtler
  • Normal Film Writer: Bryce McGuire
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Joel Dougherty
  • Visual Effects Producer: Bryan Binder
  • First Assistant Director: James Moran
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Jeffrey Kalmus
  • Supervising Sound Editor: P.K. Hooker
  • Govt Producer: Ryan Turek
  • Underwater Director of Photography: Ian S. Takahashi
  • Costume Attach: Christie Wittenborn
  • Casting: Sarah Domeier Lindo
  • Manufacturing Sound Mixer: Robert Sharman
  • Hair Department Head: Prescilla Jean Olay
  • Stunt Double: Jade Quon
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Christopher Lance
  • VFX Artist: Andrew Lewitin
  • Stunt Double: Allison Caetano
  • Govt Producer: Michael Clear
  • Role Dresser: Brock Komon
  • Stunt Double: Jacqueline Lee Geurts
  • Special Effects Coordinator: Zak Knight
  • Stunts: Jess King
  • Director of Photography: Charlie Sarroff
  • Gaffer: Charles Wibert
  • Role Decoration: Elsbeth Mumm
  • Manufacturing Supervisor: Katrina Elder
  • Govt Producer: Judson Scott
  • Casting Affiliate: Matthew Nelson
  • Role Dresser: Eric Snyder
  • Foley Artist: Ruslan Shebystyi
  • Foley Mixer: Andrii Starykovskyi
  • Costume Supervisor: Sarah Wachel
  • On Role Dresser: Kevin Bici
  • Additional 2d Assistant Director: Danny Giles
  • Sound Effects Editor: Russell Topal
  • VFX Artist: Michael Sarkis
  • 2d Assistant Director: Phil DeSanti
  • Sound Effects Editor: Ryan A. Sullivan
  • Stunt Double: Reuben J. Lee
  • Role Dresser: Mercedez Higgins
  • Stunt Double: Sierra Hawkins
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Natasha Tscharanyan
  • 2d 2d Assistant Director: Esraa Darwish
  • Role Dresser: Alonzo Beas
  • Art Department Coordinator: Hannah Clifton
  • Role Dresser: Nicolas D’Agostino
  • Art Department Assistant: Tyler Doty
  • Role Dresser: Solar Hashmi
  • Role Dresser: Lauchland Lake III
  • Role Dresser: Kristoffer Luna
  • Role Dresser: Erik MacRay
  • Role Dresser: Jim Mapile
  • Role Dresser: Gio Mooring
  • Role Dresser: Nicole Park
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