One More Shot

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Following the assault on the sunless bother in Poland, Navy SEAL Jake Harris is ordered to escort terrorist suspect Amin Mansur to Washington D.C. for interrogation. Before the prisoner switch route of is total, though, the airport is attacked by a neighborhood of heavily armed, properly-trained mercenaries.

Credit: TheMovieDb.

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  1. One More Shot hits the ticket.

    Scott Adkins shines on this movement thriller, that performs smartly to has martial arts background. Its wall to wall fight scenes and protection power vogue gun play, all over.

    Perchance the fitting shy away, is the final fight between Adkins and Michael Jai White. It in actuality feel a limited too immediate and as a result, moderately, anti climatic.

    In abstract, a immense limited movement flick that’s driven by highly sharp exposition. In fact rate a notice.

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