Film “She Is Conann”. Reports and Movie Trailer.

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Traveling by the abyss, underworld canines Rainer recounts the six lives of Conann, forever assign to death by her have confidence future, for the duration of eras, myths and ages. From her childhood, a slave of Sanja and her barbarian horde, to her accession to the summits of cruelty on the doors of our world.





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  • Rainer: Elina Löwensohn
  • Sanja La Rouge: Julia Riedler
  • Conann 15 ans: Claire Duburcq
  • Conann 25 ans: Christa Théret
  • Conann 35 ans: Sandra Parfait
  • Conann Forty five ans: Agata Buzek
  • Conann 55 ans: Nathalie Richard
  • Conann Reine: Françoise Brion
  • Octavia: Christophe Bier
  • Extremely Lux: Karoline Rose Sun
  • Cimère: Audrey Bonnet
  • Uma Porn: Holly-Rose Clegg
  • Himla: Lucas Faulong
  • Olympia: Michaël Erpelding
  • Diana Darkish: Marie Drion
  • Ex Turil 21: Yuming Hey
  • Zuricha Demain: Anne-Lise Maulin
  • Colico Flux: Talu


  • Casting: Kris Portier de Bellair
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Simon Apostolou
  • Director: Bertrand Mandico
  • Producer: Emmanuel Chaumet
  • Special Effects Make-up Artist: Olivier Afonso
  • Sigh Dresser: Marc Ridremont
  • Editor: Laure Saint-Marc
  • Make-up Dressmaker: Bénédicte Trouvé
  • Cinematography: Nicolas Eveilleau
  • Sound Recordist: Céline Bodson
  • Hairstylist: Cora Debain
  • Music: Pierre Desprats
  • Sound Editor: Geoffrey Perrier
  • Put up Production Supervisor: Thomas Meys
  • Producer: Gilles Chanial
  • Hairstylist: Valérie Tomasi
  • Co-Producer: Antoine Garnier
  • Sigh Dresser: Valentine Gauthier
  • Production Invent: Anna Le Mouël
  • Co-Producer: Olivier Dubois
  • Key Make-up Artist: Sophie Garlinskas
  • Special Effects: Sefian Benssalem
  • Costume Invent: Elise Cribier-Delande
  • Make-up Artist: Sarah Guinand
  • First Assistant Art Direction: Mathieu Buffler
  • Sigh Dresser: Thomas Salabert
  • Production Manager: Patrick Blocman
  • Sound Recordist: Gabriel ohresser
  • First Assistant Director: Harald Impolite
  • Assistant Hairstylist: Isabel Garcia Moya
  • Building Coordinator: Nathan Drot
  • Special Effects Make-up Artist: Marison De
  • Dresser Coordinator: Axelle Kuzma
  • Foley Artist: Vincent Gregorio
  • Assistant Make-up Artist: Mathilde Wallez
  • Production Coordinator: Mathieu Fallara
  • Special Effects: Jacques Decort
  • 2d Assistant Art Director: Nils Dupré
  • Producer: Avi Amar
  • Additional Hairstylist: Mélanie Bartelet
  • Additional Dresser Assistant: Thor Colonna
  • Assistant Make-up Artist: Vivyane Dewals
  • Make-up Artist: Christin Hoffmann
  • Make-up Artist: Romain Melchior
  • Make-up Artist: Siem Pascaud
  • 2d Assistant Director: Vincent Ridelle
  • Third Assistant Director: Justine Thomas
  • Special Effects: Quentin Bauwens
  • Special Effects: Zakariaa Bensennah
  • Special Effects: Robin Hardy
  • Dresser Coordinator: Maureen Delys
  • Dresser Grasp: Emilie Mathieu
  • Additional Dresser Assistant: Tess Le Govic
  • Additional Dresser Assistant: Olga Olina
  • Additional Dresser Assistant: Lolita Pierre
  • Additional Dresser Assistant: Lily Rensonnet
  • Additional Dresser Assistant: Lea Richard
  • Additional Dresser Assistant: Jameelah Saha
  • Additional Dresser Assistant: Krystal Wipf
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