Film “The Beasts”. Critiques and Film Trailer.

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Antoine and Olga, a French couple, have been residing in a itsy-bitsy village in Galicia for a extremely long time. They be aware eco-responsible agriculture and restore abandoned homes to facilitate repopulation. All the pieces ought to be idyllic but for his or her opposition to a wind turbine mission that creates a severe war with their neighbors. The stress will upward thrust to the level of irreparability.





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  • Olga: Marina Foïs
  • Antoine: Denis Ménochet
  • Xan: Luis Zahera
  • Lorenzo: Diego Anido
  • Marie Denis: Marie Colomb
  • Rafael: Machi Salgado
  • Cabo 3 Alfonso: David Menéndez
  • Madre Anta: Luisa Merelas
  • Pepiño: José Manuel Fernández y Blanco
  • Cabo 1 Mariano: Federico Pérez Rey
  • Cabo 2 Xosé: Javier Varela
  • Sergento Espin: Xavier Estévez
  • Breixo: Gonzalo García
  • Granjero: Pepo Suevos
  • Pierrot: Emile Duthu
  • Perri: Luis P. Martínez
  • Eusebio: Melchor López
  • Paulino: José Antonio Fernández
  • Poli: Ramón Porto
  • Miguelito: Poli Suárez
  • Amadeo: Faustino Álvarez
  • Manolo: José Manuel García Soria
  • Aurora: Mercedes Samprón Pérez
  • Guardia Criminalistica: Marta Lado
  • Teniente Guardia Civil: Evaristo Calvo
  • Comprador Granja: Aurelio Alanso
  • Dependiente: Eduardo Silva
  • Clienta: Cheli Frade
  • Trabajador Granja: Cristophe Lago
  • Joven Gallego: Mardom
  • Joven Gallego: Javier Pato
  • Joven Gallega: Sandra García Ramos
  • Joven Gallega: Alba Pego
  • Empleado Gasolinera: Manuel Vecín González
  • Señora 1: María Blanca Díaz
  • Señora 2: Elisa García
  • Vecina: Quini Novoa
  • Aloitador: Roi Vicente Monteagudo
  • Aloitador: Pablo Silva Prado
  • Aloitador: Diego Otero Bello


  • Producer: Jean Labadie
  • Producer: Rodrigo Sorogoyen
  • Producer: Ibon Cormenzana
  • Art Route: José Tirado
  • Producer: Ignasi Estapé
  • Costume Originate: Paola Torres
  • Screenplay: Isabel Peña
  • Director of Images: Alejandro de Pablo
  • Editor: Alberto del Campo
  • Sound: Aitor Berenguer
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Fabiola Ordoyo
  • Residing Decoration: Marta Loza Alonso
  • ADR Recordist: Miguel Carretero
  • Music: Olivier Arson
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Yasmina Praderas
  • Executive Producer: Sandra Tapia
  • Casting: Arantza Vélez
  • Foley Artist: Marta Monistrol
  • Producer: Anne-Laure Labadie
  • Dialogue Editor: Fernando Novillo
  • 2nd Assistant Director: Eduardo Huete
  • Hairstylist: Jesús Gil
  • Casting: Paula Cámara
  • 2nd Unit First Assistant Director: Curro González-Cebrián
  • Make-up Artist: Irene Pedrosa
  • Assistant Director Trainee: Sandra Funes
  • Third Assistant Director: Julia Duato
  • Third Assistant Director: Manon Touzelet
  • Producer: Thomas Pibarot
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  1. “Olga” (Marina Foïs) and husband “Antoine” (Denis Ménochet) possess recently positioned to a a ways flung Spanish farming community the save they’re seeking to construct their residing in as natural model as they are able to. Their neighbours, “Xan” (an dazzling Luis Zahera) and “Loren” (Diego Anido) straight rob towards them as they’re determined to honest accumulate a proposal from a wind turbine company that can set a question to them realise some cash from their land and provide a replace for their otherwise fairly subsistence residing. What now ensues is idea to be one of essentially the most animated examples of cinematographic intimidation I in actuality possess ever considered. Director Rodrigo Sorogoyen permits the stress to fabricate with out offering a spark-point. The offended characterisation of the bully that is “Xan” simmers as frail trainer “Antoine” tries almost every thing to care for a ways from losing his mood. When the pot does over-boil – as is inevitable – the epic begins to falls away for me a shrimp bit and the closing half of hour, even supposing poignant, an increasing kind of lacked plausibility. The acknowledged, there is a palpable level of nastiness portrayed right here that is formula extra effective than any you will set a question to in an awe film. The writing is wise and fascinating and the publicity it supplies us to staunch how communities can set off every other when cash rears it’s grotesque head makes this a remarkably effective character search of human nature and venality. Some aesthetic cinematography helps to ship a ideal scenario for this menacing drama that sees a certified solid knit successfully and masks a in actuality provoking epic.

  2. Living in a tiny metropolis of retarded drunks who rob a abhor to me for petty, subconscious causes is perchance my worst nightmare. This film brought my nightmare to lifestyles. Frightening!

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