Film “The Father”. Evaluations and Film Trailer.

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The Father


Film The Father Description
A particular person refuses your entire encouragement of his daughter as he ages, and as he tries to form a sense of his altering circumstances, he begins to doubt his family members, his maintained mind, and even the cloth of his actuality.



France,United Kingdom,United States of The US

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  • Anthony: Anthony Hopkins
  • Anne: Olivia Colman
  • The Man: Ticket Gatiss
  • The Lady: Olivia Williams
  • Laura: Imogen Poots
  • Paul: Rufus Sewell
  • Dr. Sarai: Ayesha Dharker
  • Boy: Roman Zeller
  • Lucy (uncredited): Evie Wray
  • Clinic Visitor (uncredited): Brian Rodger
  • Teen (uncredited): Romulus Stoicescu


  • Manufacturing Arrangement: Peter Francis
  • Screenplay: Christopher Hampton
  • Producer: David Parfitt
  • Producer: Philippe Carcassonne
  • Producer: Jean-Louis Livi
  • Executive Producer: Ollie Madden
  • Customary Song Composer: Ludovico Einaudi
  • Executive Producer: Tim Haslam
  • Director of Pictures: Ben Smithard
  • Theatre Play: Florian Zeller
  • Editor: Yorgos Lamprinos
  • Supervising Artwork Director: Astrid Sieben
  • Line Producer: Beth Timbrell
  • Script Supervisor: Susanna Lenton
  • Makeup Designer: Nadia Stacey
  • Feature Ornament: Cathy Featherstone
  • Makeup Supervisor: Tahira Herold
  • Executive Producer: Hugo Grumbar
  • Visible Outcomes Supervisor: Mikaël Tanguy
  • Sound Editor: Sandy Notarianni
  • Manufacturing Sound Mixer: Will Whale
  • Stunt Coordinator: Jo McLaren
  • Line Producer: Christophe Jeauffroy
  • Co-Producer: Alice Dawson
  • Artwork Route: Amanda Dazely
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Vincent Verdoux
  • Visible Outcomes Producer: Céline Goriot
  • First Assistant Director: George Every
  • Executive Producer: Daniel Battsek
  • Executive Producer: Lauren Darkish
  • Standby Artwork Director: Natalie Valentine
  • Associate Producer: Cleone Clarke
  • Stunts: Oliver Gough
  • Producer: Christophe Spadone
  • Producer: Simon Friend
  • Executive Producer: Paul Grindey
  • Costume Designer: Anna Mary Scott Robbins
  • Grip: Tony Sankey
  • Manufacturing Coordinator: Dorothee Freytag
  • Song Supervisor: Guillaume Clément
  • Assistant Grip: Alfie Sankey-Green
  • Put up Manufacturing Supervisor: Christine Duchier
  • Put up Manufacturing Supervisor: Justine Bernal
  • Visible Outcomes Producer: Audrey Handsome
  • Props: Kevin Day
  • Graphic Designer: Kate Trevessey
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  1. Whilst you occur to receive pleasure from reading my Spoiler-Free opinions, please apply my blog @

    I’ve watched some fabulous movies during my existence. Some offered me a blast of pure entertainment, others left me crying esteem a toddler, and dozens made me chortle uncontrollably. However, basically the most memorable movies are the ones that profoundly impact me emotionally both by remembering me of a previous section of my existence or by possessing main characters who I will be succesful to strongly whine to. What’s going to be “correct one other film” for most viewers can somehow change into a interior most drag for other of us within the viewers, which is how I partly skilled The Father. I didn’t have huge expectations for the movie itself, but I used to be once queer to know how enormous Anthony Hopkins may doubtless perhaps be.

    While the legendary actor is undoubtedly a principal standout, Florian Zeller’s inventive, unconventional storytelling left me utterly floored. By the discontinuance of the film, I felt emotionally drained of all my emotions and thoughts attributable to the increasingly extra heavier, devastating fable co-written by Zeller and Christopher Hampton, adapted from the dilapidated’s award-a hit play, Le Père. This is in a position to perhaps doubtless also had been but one other generic story about dementia, but Zeller’s excellent storytelling areas the viewer within the protagonist’s skin, providing a unpleasant standpoint of the illness. From the very first minute till the discontinuance, the spectators accompany Anthony, an historic man starting up to lose song of fact, thru his private perspective.

    I if fact be told assemble not know if this manufacture of point of seek for has been depicted earlier than, namely within the case of dementia, but both diagram, or not it is miles a harrowing abilities that can completely lunge away a giant majority of its viewers extremely captivated for the length of the full runtime. Staring at Anthony strive against thru scenes that he wholly believes are certainly happening as he sees them is as attention-grabbing because it is frustrating and unhappy once the viewers gets to seek for how the identical scenes undoubtedly played out. Basically, if one begins staring on the movie without even gleaming the synopsis, the key act will virtually seem esteem a thriller-thriller attributable to so many twists and turns referring to old conversations that Anthony and the viewers imagine are 100% proper.

    Zeller and Hampton’s script doesn’t handiest manner Anthony’s emotions but also the beloved ones surrounding him, which I firmly imagine was once both most well-known and proper. The Father doesn’t nervous some distance off from showing the boiled-up frustration and even desperation that the family typically goes thru when coping with anyone with this shocking health condition. I assemble not have any phrases to portray how considerate and impactful Zeller’s storytelling contrivance finally ends up being. I learned myself remarkably very much surprised once I realized the film had reached the one-hour tag. The control of the movie’s pacing and tone is de facto seamless. Technically, Yorgos Lamprinos’ editing work is as impeccable as Ben Smithard’s lingering cinematography.

    On the replacement hand, or not it is Ludovico Einaudi’s prominent rating that steals the spotlight within the technical realm. From the atmospheric, abundant opera song to the extra refined tracks, Einaudi makes particular to raise the serious moments with a noticeable sound that helps the viewer realize the revolutionary shift in Anthony’s thought of fact. Zeller demonstrates huge skill in his feature film directorial debut. Being an adaptation from his private play undoubtedly aids him in bringing the story from stage-to-display conceal, but his filmmaking decisions are great of recognition, such because the broad use of lengthy takes to let the actors shine of their layered roles. And since I discussed the forged…

    Anthony Hopkins delivers an award-great performance that handiest finds in Chadwick Boseman (Ma Rainey’s Dusky Backside) a serious rival for this year’s awards season. Hopkins holds limitless fabulous displays for the length of his occupation, but this one is positively reasonable one of my favorites. I by no diagram anticipated I may doubtless also shed so many tears by staring at an historic man yell or getting slapped within the face, though or not it is miles not even attributable to the acts themselves but to the entirety that builds up these moments. At some stage in most of the runtime, I assemble not undoubtedly undoubtedly feel disappointment or arouse. In its do, I undoubtedly feel every persona’s effort on fable of or not it is extremely laborious to gape how all americans deals with the location. Hopkins and Olivia Colman are undoubtedly basically the most impactful, but Olivia Williams and Imogen Poots also add a lot to the sentimental facet.

    I insinuate above that The Father impacted me at a interior most level. Barely bit about my existence: my grandfather didn’t have dementia, but his mind slowly deteriorated till it reached a degree the do he needed to use his last few months on this planet caught in a mattress without undoubtedly talking or shifting. Composed to within the meanwhile, section of me regrets not spending that mighty time with him discontinuance to the discontinuance, whereas the replacement section feels a bit relieved that my memory of him in his “identical outdated” order remains intact. I frequently feared that if I visited him typically in his final days of living, I may doubtless also handiest be conscious his time on the nursing dwelling rather than the years stuffed with considerably very vital lessons he taught me. This movie left me sleepless, spending the evening smitten by that time of my existence…

    The Father is an overwhelmingly devastating depiction of the painfully revolutionary illness that is dementia. Florian Zeller’s extremely arresting storytelling areas the viewers interior the protagonist’s mind, making the viewers look and undoubtedly feel the entirety thru his unclear perspective. Zeller and Christopher Hampton elevate a brilliantly ordinary screenplay stuffed with emotional punches that can lunge away no person indifferent. From the very excellent editing to the continual digicam work, or not it is Ludovico Einaudi’s colorful, impactful rating that elevates the rotund moments. Zeller’s use of lengthy takes feels both most well-known and annoying to connect the viewers’ attention to Anthony Hopkins, who delivers an award-great, powerfully compelling performance. One of my favorites of his complete occupation. Confidently, this will most likely be the closest I will ever be to abilities this mental condition. My interior most connection to this film justifies why I will offer it my most reasonable possible rating since November 2019 (Ford v Ferrari). One of the vital excellent movies I’ve considered within the final couple of years. Attain not miss it!

    Score: A+

  2. “The Father” gives its viewers a unconditionally immersive abilities with the frustrations of dementia on this stage-to-display conceal adaptation of Florian Zeller‘s 2012 play. Making his feature film directorial debut, Zeller gives the project a interior most contact with mighty emotional gravity, as he’s so intimate with the provision field fabric. The film has the seek for and undoubtedly feel of a stage play, but it completely thrusts audiences into the key persona’s head in one diagram that handiest the medium can assemble.

    Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) is rising increasingly extra harassed in his day-to-day actions. Before the entirety he can’t be conscious the do he left his gape, but later he doesn’t know if it’s morning or evening. The person generally doesn’t acknowledge his daughter Anne (Olivia Colman), and he confuses his caregiver Laura (Imogen Poots) with others in his existence with increasing frequency. As Anthony’s mind continues to decline at an alarming payment, he begins to have severe mood swings that are precipitated from the frustration of his lifetime of recollections slipping away. He refuses the assistance of Anne, who is trying her simplest to support him cope. Change is by no diagram easy, but Anthony’s paranoia grows because the cloth of his fact unravels.

    The film sides enticing turns from Hopkins and Coleman, two seasoned actors who elevate the dialogue-heavy film. It’s fabulous work from both of them. Zeller locations viewers into Anthony’s footwear, adopting the well-liked man’s mental order as he questions what’s proper and what’s imagined. You’ll open to surprise if his daughter and nurse are taking part in merciless video games on him, with a sense of doubt that’s contagious. One thing isn’t rather correct, and the conflicting distractions offer a puzzle with out a easy resolution.

    The intentional misdirection is a bit gimmicky and the pacing slow, but “The Father” paints a poignant and efficient (if depressing) image from the point of seek for of an individual combating dementia.

  3. Improbable performances from Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman!

    ‘The Father’ makes for a rather heart-breaking gape, or not it is very sure from the receive-lunge the do the film is heading but that doesn’t discontinuance it hitting straight away within the feels. I’ve fortunately by no diagram been around anyone with what this film depicts, but it quiet got here right thru as very reasonable – in accordance to what I undoubtedly have heard about the condition.

    Hopkins is fully unparalleled within the lead position, which is what I expected given I had heard about this 2020 flick wait on when it won the rotund gongs. One thing I hadn’t heard about, though, was once Colman’s performance – which is de facto fabulous, namely in one emotional scene alongside Hopkins and Imogen Poots.

    A undoubtedly saddening but excellent film, cleverly portrayed too.

  4. ‘The Father’ is an extremely shifting film that leaves you as harassed in time and region because the key persona (an unparalleled Hopkins), allowing the viewers to abilities – if handiest a bit of – what it must undoubtedly feel esteem to have dementia.


  5. Anthony Hopkins’s performance in The Father is bulletproof. This is lucky, on fable of he encounters what the militia calls ‘pleasant fireplace’ due to the a baffling resolution by co-creator/director Florian Zeller, who has a pair of characters played every by two assorted sets of actors.

    Thus Anne, Hopkins’s persona’s (also named Anthony) daughter is played by Olivia Williams and Olivia Colman (who on the very least share some bodily resemblance), whereas Anne’s (ex)husband Paul is played by Rufus Sewell and Keep Gattis (who’re esteem day and evening). No surprise Anthony is so harassed – as are we.

    There are undoubtedly precedents for this diagram of casting, basically the most famous of which is That Imprecise Object of Need, in which Luis Buñuel alternates the position of Conchita between Carole Bouquet and Ángela Molina – but then Buñuel was once a prankster, whereas The Father’s theme of senile dementia is extremely serious and deserves to be treated accordingly.

    Now, I’m conscious that it’s handiest pure for Anthony to accept as true with that his nurse is also his daughter, however the provision of his confusion ought to quiet be that the person he believes to be his daughter behaves esteem a nurse, and never the replacement diagram around. It will probably perhaps doubtless private extra sense, comparatively, for Colman to play Anne and the nurse, and for Williams to handiest play the nurse, but not Anne.

    On the replacement hand, it doesn’t private sense that the key time Anthony fails to acknowledge Anne we can not acknowledge her both, on fable of then we factor in there’s something fishy happening. It will probably perhaps doubtless perhaps be some distance extra dramatically efficient if the actress Anthony doesn’t acknowledge as his daughter is the one and handiest whom we name as Anne. The protagonists turmoil is interior, and it’s Hopkins’s obligation to externalize it – of which the actor does a flawless job.

    The film’s mise-en-scène works higher to raise Anthony’s cognitive impairment but, again, it is the persona’s mental feng shui, or lack thereof, that pursuits us, and which Hopkins expresses unequivocally thru a masterful combination of oral and physique language. It’s not that he’s the excellent section of the movie; he’s the movie.

    Hopkins locations on the proverbial hospital; his is a heartbreakingly honest correct-wanting performance, a veritable emotional roller coaster with surprising highs and surprising lows. The Briton’s performing is the full extra spectacular on fable of he makes it seek for straight forward – I mean, esteem Brando easy.

    And but, or not it is as if Zeller doesn’t rather have faith Hopkins to private his vision a fact, hence the full visible gimmickry that hurts bigger than it helps (to paraphrase Jorge Luis Borges, asserting something too mighty is as nasty as not asserting it). This is most uncomfortable on fable of Hopkins’s skill for storytelling remains as great as ever – per chance mighty extra so.

  6. We, as “identical outdated” of us, can not imagine what undoubtedly goes on interior the pinnacle of these struggling from extra evolved dementia. We handiest know for particular what’s reflected by caretakers and psychiatrists. Yet, Florian Zeller has performed a enormous job of immersing us in what’s going to most likely be the abilities of 1 struggling individual. As a caretaker of two of us who both went this diagram, it is about as upright an abilities as we are in a position to ever come to adore. This is an spectacular drama, made proper by a unconditionally unparalleled performing by Anthony Hopkins.

  7. The Father is a wise film. Improbable performances all around, unparalleled editing, and cinematography that creates confusion for not handiest the viewers but our main persona. This story is so touching and extremely tragic, it had me tearing up at extra than one choices. Now not handiest assemble the emotional choices work, but this film also creates an virtually danger facet of Alzheimer’s that is extremely unpleasant. It undoubtedly made me sympathize for these with this illness and fright for the aptitude future of myself shedding my memory.

    Score: 92% |
    Verdict: Pretty

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