Film “The Lecturers’ Lounge”. Critiques and Film Trailer.

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When one among her students is suspected of theft, instructor Carla Nowak decides to gain to the underside of the matter. Caught between her ideals and the faculty blueprint, the implications of her actions threaten to interrupt her.





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  • Carla Nowak: Leonie Benesch
  • Oskar: Leonard Stettnisch
  • Friederike Kuhn: Eva Löbau
  • Thomas Liebenwerda: Michael Klammer
  • Milosz Dudek: Rafael Stachowiak
  • Vanessa König: Sarah Bauerett
  • Lore Semnik: Kathrin Wehlisch
  • Dr. Bettina Böhm: Anne-Kathrin Gummich
  • Mrs. Haubrichs: Katharina M. Schubert
  • Mrs. Yılmaz: Uygar Tamer
  • Mr. Yılmaz: Özgür Karadeniz
  • Mr. Nauhaus: Tim Porath
  • Mr. Stahlmann: Kersten Reimann
  • Maren Firouza: Katinka Auberger
  • Mariam Irfan: Canan Samadi
  • Tim Boyle: Benjamin Bishop
  • Teacher with Espresso: Henriette Sievers
  • Krissi: Johanna Götting
  • Mitra: Jade Nadarajah
  • Paul: Goya Rego
  • Yaw: Yaw Boah-Amponsem
  • Lukas: Oskar Zickur
  • Jenny: Antonia Luise Krämer
  • Hatice: Elsa Krieger
  • Tom: Vincent Stachowiak
  • Ali: Can Rodenbostel
  • Jieun: Padmé Hamdemir
  • Luise: Lisa Marie Trense
  • Vera: Lotta Wriedt
  • Nelson: Nelson Pres
  • Josefine: Josefine Jahn
  • Markus: Lewe Wagner
  • Mikail: Mikail Osanmaz
  • Ruben: Ruben Kupisch
  • Emma: Emma Phu
  • Klara: Klara Lindner-Figura
  • Enno: Enno Hoppe
  • Ruby: Ruby L. Kauka
  • Solomon: Solomon Röthig
  • Zayana: Zayana Mielke
  • Phileas: Phileas Spallek
  • Ela: Ela Eroğlu


  • Casting Director: Simone Bär
  • Makeup Clothier: Barbara Kreuzer
  • Director of Pictures: Judith Kaufmann
  • Commissioning Editor: Barbara Häbe
  • Costume Establish: Christian Röhrs
  • Producer: Ingo Fliess
  • Casting: Patrick Dreikauss
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Hinreiner
  • Manufacturing Establish: Zazie Knepper
  • Casting Director: Alexandra Montag
  • Foley Artist: Max Bauer
  • Editor: Gesa Jäger
  • Special Outcomes Supervisor: Norbert Skodock
  • Foley Editor: Wolfi Müller
  • Art Direction: Ticket Olaf Formanek
  • Director: İlker Çatak
  • Commissioning Editor: Olaf Grunert
  • Foley Editor: Normann Büttner
  • Sound Clothier: Kirsten Kunhardt
  • Gaffer: Roman Breitwieser
  • Colorist: Sebastian Göhs
  • Script Supervisor: Nicole Birkholz
  • Celebrated Song Composer: Marvin Miller
  • Screenplay: Johannes Duncker
  • Commissioning Editor: Alexandra Staib
  • Manufacturing Coordinator: Mira Fellner
  • Sound: Torsten Többen
  • Visible Outcomes Supervisor: Til Strobl
  • First Assistant Director: Janina Hüttenrauch
  • Line Producer: Markus Mayr
  • Unit Supervisor: Ingo Stroot
  • Tranquil Photographer: Boris Laewen
  • Makeup Artist: Karsten Drews
  • Manufacturing Assistant: Valerie Stangl
  • Submit Manufacturing Supervisor: Nena Stauber
  • Assistant Editor: Lukas Leistritz
  • 2d Assistant Director: Pia Ihling
  • Steadicam Operator: Florian Klos
  • Lighting fixtures Artist: Stefan Diercks
  • Property Master: Steffi Lehmkul
  • Property Master: Susanne Lingens
  • Position Dresser: Mandy Beke
  • Position Dresser: Stefanie Gehlken
  • Makeup Artist: Saari Pirr
  • Submit Manufacturing Supervisor: Michael Bohne
  • Submit Manufacturing Coordinator: Fabian Spang
  • Special Outcomes Supervisor: Rasmus Hirthe
  • Manufacturing Assistant: Jonas Egert
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