Film “The Pod Know-how”. Opinions and Film Trailer.

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Device in a near future where AI is the total rage and nature is popping into a distant reminiscence, Rachel and Alvy are a Unusual York couple ready to take their relationship to the following stage and starting up a household.




Belgium,France,United Kingdom,United States of The US

Quad Productions,SCOPE Pictures,MK2 Movies,prime video


  • Rachel: Emilia Clarke
  • Alvy: Chiwetel Ejiofor
  • Linda Wozcheck: Rosalie Craig
  • Alice: Vinette Robinson
  • Put up Workplace Clerk: Kathryn Hunter
  • The Founder: Jean-Marc Barr
  • Radical feminist: Verona Verbakel
  • Parent #2: Sarah Gallagher
  • Steven: Ken Samuels
  • Affable Nurse: Anne-Marie Agbodji
  • Folio Govt #6: Nilson David
  • Entrance desk assistant: Elke Shari Van Den Broeck
  • Girl with Blinking Pod: Leonoor Koster
  • Womb Middle Nurse #1: Isis Caljé
  • Puny one Grocery store Cashier: Veronika Olah
  • Josh: Benedict Landsbert-Midday
  • Student #10: Nathalie Opare
  • Breathing Bar Hostess: Ashley Johnson
  • Eliza (assert): Alix Dunmore
  • Elena (assert): Megan Maczko
  • Masha (assert): Eliza Butterworth
  • Rebecca / ADR (assert): Rita Bernard-Shaw
  • Radio Guest / ADR (assert): Ian Bouillion
  • Radio Host / ADR (assert): Rupert Simonian
  • Rachel’s Father: James Gentile
  • Rachel’s Mother: Mylène d’Anjou
  • Pregnant Girl: Prudence Leroy


  • Govt Producer: Nathanaël Karmitz
  • Song: Evgueni Galperine
  • Director of Pictures: Andrij Parekh
  • Govt Producer: Adrian Politowski
  • Casting: Nicolas Ronchi
  • Editor: Olivier Bugge Coutté
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Mathieu Cox
  • Author: Sophie Barthes
  • Colorist: Peter Bernaers
  • Producer: Yann Zenou
  • Producer: Geneviève Lemal
  • Casting: Dixie Chassay
  • Costume Construct: Emmanuelle Youchnovski
  • Song: Sacha Galperine
  • Govt Producer: Emilia Clarke
  • Key Grip: Dimitri Doulkeridis
  • Govt Producer: Paul Nelson
  • Field Scout: Nicolas Jacob
  • Wigmaker: Anne Moralis
  • Govt Producer: Jaime Mateus-Tique
  • Visible Results Supervisor: Ronald Grauer
  • Producer: Martin Metz
  • First Assistant Director: Marcus Himbert
  • Producer: Philippe Logie
  • Sound Dressmaker: David Vranken
  • Sound Recordist: Dirk Bombey
  • Producer: Oliver Roskill
  • Makeup Artist: Sandra O’Brien
  • Producer: Tanguy Dekeyser
  • Gaffer: Olivier Cazzitti
  • Script Supervisor: Julie Ghesquiere
  • Art Direction: Stephan Rubens
  • Casting Partner: Lucy Jordan
  • Govt Producer: Sierra Garcia
  • Govt Producer: David Bensadoun
  • Casting: Mathias Sourbron
  • 3D Artist: Thomas Delord
  • Govt Producer: Hervé Ruet
  • Manufacturing Supervisor: Laurent Hanon
  • First Assistant “A” Camera: Luc Frisson
  • Lighting fixtures Technician: Maarten Slump
  • Foley Editor: Selıa Çakir
  • Casting: Céline De Waele
  • Foley Artist: Pierre Greco
  • Extras Casting: Brigitte De Witte
  • Crowd Assistant Director: Caroline De Schryver
  • Screech Operator: Kenzo Pelsener
  • ADR Supervisor: Tom Nicolas
  • 2d Assistant Camera: Guillaume Augeri
  • Sound Recordist: Kyle Masterson-Silvestro
  • Govt Producer: Nessa McGill
  • Producer: Géraldine Ohana
  • Producer: Raphaël Perchet
  • Field Assistant: Maxime Gandon
  • Third Assistant Director: Maïmouna Bancel
  • Storyboard Artist: Yves Capelle
  • First Assistant “B” Camera: Fabien Ruyssen
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Marina Lerchs
  • Producer: Jean-François Camilleri
  • Sound Construct Assistant: Anne-Laure Davault
  • Producer: Valerie Berlemont
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  1. **By: Louisa Moore /**

    Science Fiction studies are virtually always appealing or intellectually stimulating, and on paper, the premise within the support of “The Pod Generation” sounds like a honest premise. This feminine-focused satire of how expertise, consumerism, nature, and tranquil parenting co-exist in contemporary society begins off stable but instant falters. Writer / director Sophie Barthes merely can no longer figure out where she desires her sage to head, and she or he hits the brakes before ever getting it up to speed.

    Artificial Intelligence is the vogue within the come future, and exact nature has been disregarded for convenience in day after day lifestyles. Botanist Alvy (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and his industry executive vital other Rachel (Emilia Clarke) would cherish to change into of us, but she’s consumed by her work and has time for diminutive else. One morning, the couple will get the fascinating data: they’ve landed a coveted assign of dwelling on the queer Womb Center, a truly costly carrier that offers synthetic wombs (is named “pods”) to grow their fresh youngster. It’s a ability Rachel can change into a mother while no longer giving up on her occupation, and it’s a truly accepted chance. Even supposing Alvy would favor a pure pregnancy, he offers in to manufacture his vital other contented.

    It’s a trim and neatly timed conception for a film, especially at a time where no lady can boom to be fully free until she has fleshy include an eye on over her possess reproductive device. There’s an exact truth to women folks being forced to manufacture a replacement between a occupation or motherhood, and it’s assuredly inconvenient to have adolescents while honest beginning out on this planet. In Barthes’ imagined future, the beginning rate has declined so noteworthy that the necessity for pods is becoming a necessity, and they’re a ability to empower ladies folks to change into mothers while furthermore forging forward on their occupation path. All of those themes are indispensable of excessive conversation, however the film is all bark and no chunk.

    “The Pod Generation” questions the human relationship with and dependency on expertise, but it no doubt doesn’t push boundaries far sufficient. It appears like there’s a sharper feminist-minded film somewhere inside of this one which’s honest ready to find out. Except then, presumably what we all really desire is to merely unplug and breathe in some current mountain air.

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