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The cultural phenomenon continues on the huge veil! Immerse yourself in this once-in-a-lifetime concert film expertise with a breathtaking, cinematic be taught about of the ancient previous-making tour.



United States of The United States

Taylor Swift Productions,Quiet Home Productions


  • Self: Taylor Swift
  • Self: Mike Meadows
  • Self: Max Bernstein
  • Self: Paul Sidoti
  • Self: Amos Heller
  • Self: Matt Billingslea
  • Self: Karina DePiano
  • Self: Melanie Nyema
  • Self: Kamilah Marshall
  • Self: Jeslyn Gorman
  • Self: Eliotte Woodford
  • Self: Amanda Balen
  • Self: Natalie Reid
  • Self: Tori Evans
  • Self: Raphael Thomas
  • Self: Audrey Douglass
  • Self: Kevin Scheitzbach
  • Self: Jan Ravnik
  • Self: Kameron Saunders
  • Self: Taylor Banks
  • Self: Natalie Peterson
  • Self: Sydney Moss
  • Self: Tamiya Lewis
  • Self: Natalie Lecznar
  • Self: Sam McWilliams
  • Self: Whyley Yoshimura
  • Self: Karen Chuang


  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: John Ross
  • Editor: Impress ‘REG’ Wrench
  • Director of Pictures: Brett Turnbull
  • Inventive Producer: Ethan Tobman
  • Musician: Taylor Swift
  • Songs: Aaron Dessner
  • Songs: Jack Antonoff
  • Editor: Guy Harding
  • Coordinating Producer: Sacha W. Mueller
  • Affiliate Choreographer: Jeremy Hudson
  • Digital camera Operator: Scott Acosta
  • Sound Mixer: Jacob Farron Smith
  • Musician: Amos Heller
  • Lead Editor: Dom Whitworth
  • Director: Sam Wrench
  • Songs: Max Martin
  • Govt Producer: Baz Halpin
  • Digital camera Operator: Christopher Ferguson
  • 2nd Assistant Digital camera: Blake Hooks
  • Digital camera Operator: Karin Pelloni
  • Choreographer: Mandy Moore
  • 2nd Unit Director: Lizz Zanin
  • Affiliate Choreographer: Amanda Balen
  • First Assistant Digital camera: Tiffany Aug
  • Govt Producer: Impress Bracco
  • Digital camera Operator: Andrew Georgopoulos
  • Songs: Shellback
  • Digital camera Operator: Dee Nichols
  • Editor: Ben Wainwright-Pearce
  • Stunt Double: Stephanie Heiner
  • Govt Producer: Linda Gierahn
  • Digital camera Operator: Keyan Safyari
  • Sound Editor: Phil DeTolve
  • Editor: Hamish Lyons
  • Co-Producer: Jil Hardin
  • Publicist: Tree Paine
  • Musician: Paul Sidoti
  • Costume Make: Joseph Cassell
  • Makeup Artist: Lorrie Turk
  • Hairstylist: Jemma Muradian
  • Musician: Mike Meadows
  • Songs: Liz Rose
  • Musician: Karina DePiano
  • Digital camera Operator: John Goforth
  • Digital camera Operator: Kary D’Alessandro
  • Digital camera Operator: James Palczewski
  • Editor: Rupa Rathod
  • Digital Imaging Technician: Matt Conrad
  • Digital camera Technician: Marcin Czwalga
  • Manufacturing Assistant: Grace Wan
  • Assistant Editor: Hudson Easton
  • Digital Imaging Technician: Justin Wells
  • 2nd Assistant Digital camera: Elijah Rawlings
  • First Assistant Digital camera: Aaron Gambel
  • First Assistant Digital camera: Juan Pablo Jara
  • Supervising Producer: Rose-Ellen Galluzzo
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Credits: TheMovieDb