Film “Unhealthy Waters”. Reviews and Film Trailer.

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A young lady, her unusual boyfriend and her single mom embark on a sailing adventure to Bermuda. Nonetheless, when criminals all correct now assault their boat, the pleasure day out turns correct into a determined fight for survival and a quest for vengeance.





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  • Rose: Odeya Speed
  • Derek: Eric Dane
  • Alma: Saffron Burrows
  • The Captain: Ray Liotta
  • Henchman Larry: Roy Elghanayan
  • Henchman Dennis: Terrence Julien
  • Henchman John: Sala Baker
  • Henchwoman Roberta: Alexya Garcia
  • Henchman Kevin: Omid Zader
  • Henchman Invoice: Trenton Rostedt
  • Henchman Invoice: Brian Duffy
  • Henchman Invoice: Peter Brooke
  • Tabitha: Thalia Besson
  • Sufferer #1: Yira Urena
  • Agent Friedman: Matt Servitto


  • Epic: John Barr
  • Screenplay: Sign Jackson
  • First Assistant Director: John Rusk
  • Casting: Tannis Vallely
  • Casting Director: Edna Lerebours
  • Govt Producer: Patrick Fischer
  • Govt Producer: Richard Kondal
  • Co-Producer: Ben Jacques
  • Stunt Coordinator: Craig Cool Silva
  • Govt Producer: Christian Mercuri
  • Stunt Coordinator: Gash Benseman
  • Co-Producer: Iván Herrera
  • Manufacturing Dressmaker: Alan Petherick
  • Recount Operator: Efraín Rojas
  • Producer: Suza Horvat
  • Special Results: Emil De La Paz
  • Govt Producer: Gareth Williams
  • First Assistant Camera: Khyle Smith
  • Script Supervisor: Cristina Sánchez Belmonte
  • Stunt Double: Alex Krimm
  • Key Costumer: Natalia Aponte
  • Co-Producer: Brianna Johnson
  • Producer: Marc Goldberg
  • Key Make-up Artist: Katherine Feliz
  • Steadicam Operator: Theodore “Dalton” Designate
  • Co-Producer: Franco Herrera
  • Stunt Double: Sonja Wajih
  • Fully Boy Grip: Kevin Valdez
  • Marine Coordinator: Bolivar Sanchez
  • 2d 2d Assistant Director: Carlos Marranzini
  • Editor: Roger Cropley II
  • Govt Producer: Sarah Gabriel
  • Stunt Double: Cecilia Johnson
  • Co-Producer: Pedro Catrain
  • Sound Mixer: Carlos Miniño
  • Gaffer: Peter de Jesús
  • 2d Assistant Camera: Jan Philippe Evertsz
  • First Assistant Camera: Mauricio Gómez Pino
  • Mumble Assistant: Héctor Canahuate
  • Manufacturing Coordinator: Sheila Herrera
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