Lifestyles in a Year

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A 17 365 days previous finds out that his lady friend is loss of life, so he gadgets out to present her a lifetime, in the final 365 days she has left.

Credits: TheMovieDb.

  • Daryn: Jaden Smith
  • Isabelle: Cara Delevingne
  • Xavier: Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • Phil: Chris D’Elia
  • Sammy: JT Neal
  • Kiran: Stony Blyden
  • James Maxwell: Peter MacNeill
  • Ron: RZA
  • Catherine: Nia Long
  • Amanda: Michelle Giroux
  • Security Guard: Brian Frank
  • Security Guard: Pedro Miguel Arce
  • Creamery Manager: Marty Adams
  • Liquor Store Owner: Elie Gemael
  • Taco Truck Vendor: Carlos Albornoz
  • Valid Estate Agent: Jim Annan
  • Nurse: Leah Doz
  • Gasoline Space Man: Michael A. Miranda
  • Self: Big Sean
  • Female Fan: Samantha Helt
  • Little Woman: Harper Gunn
  • Hospice Worker: Karen Brown
  • Doctor: Leanne Poirier Greenfield
  • Bartender: Michal Grzejszczak
  • Bouncer: Michael Boisvert
  • Creamery Worker: Misha Rasaiah
  • Creamery Worker: Masini McDermott
  • Creamery Worker: Luc Trottier
  • Film Theater Woman: Hazel Gorin
  • Miss Murdoch: Joan Massiah
  • Self: Chuey Martinez


  • Executive Producer: Will Smith
  • Executive Producer: Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Executive Producer: James Lassiter
  • Fashioned Tune Composer: Photek
  • Director of Photography: Quyen Tran
  • Director: Mitja Okorn
  • Costume Invent: Catherine Ashton
  • Creator: Jeffrey Addiss
  • Creator: Will Matthews
  • Stunt Double: Jennifer Vey
  • Special Results Coordinator: Jordan Craig
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