Movie “20,000 Species of Bees”. Reports and Movie Trailer.

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20.000 especies de abejas


Movie 20,000 Species of Bees Description
Lucía is a six-365 days-used girl, who as soon as at the moment struggles as the world tries to rep up with the truth that she is trans. Because the summer season holidays pass, she explores her femininity alongside the women folk of her family who at the identical time think on their very have femininity.




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  • Lucía: Sofía Otero
  • Ane: Patricia López Arnaiz
  • Lourdes: Ane Gabarain
  • Lita: Itziar Lazkano
  • Leire: Sara Cózar
  • Gorka: Martxelo Rubio
  • Jon: Miguel Garcés


  • Author: Estíbaliz Urresola
  • Sound Recordist: Eva Valiño
  • Sound Clothier: Koldo Corella
  • Producer: Lara Izagirre
  • Editor: Raúl Barreras
  • Producer: Valérie Delpierre
  • Director of Pictures: Gina Ferrer
  • Art Direction: Izaskun Urkijo Alijo

Movie Reports

  • CinemaSerf: Wow! For an actor barely ten years used, this is a masterful efficiency from Sofía Otero. It be a elaborate family drama that provides with relationships and identification in a restful yet potent vogue as a mom “Ane” (Patricia López Arnaiz) leaves her busy husband “Gorka” (Martxelo Rubio) at the support of and takes their three young folk on a inch to search her family. Outwardly, they are a identical old sufficient family unit – they maintain about a financial worries and at instances relationships is also slightly strained, but as we rep to now them all slightly better, we look for that Otero’s persona – a young boy (“Aitor”) by birth but now not by nature is in search of the self-esteem internally and from these surrounding to in point of fact became “Lucia”. For certain this causes consternation amongst the loving, but puzzled, dad and mom and family at noteworthy – besides her pragmatic and affectionate, beekeeping, mountainous aunt “Lourdes” (Ane Gabarain), who appears to be like to esteem that the selections being made now by the teenager are visceral and innate. The memoir permits us to approach to our have conclusions about how we would address this teach were we ever to face it – as a teen, as a guardian, as an prolonged family member – and, quite successfully here, as a most exciting friend. It has an innocence to it and a poignancy that this young actor encapsulates skilfully and engagingly. Arnaiz, Gabarain and Itziar Lazkano as the grandmother “Lita” all add depth to the characterisations and the yarn here too. It is miles also slightly on the silly facet at instances, but by hook or by crook that would now not detract too vital from the notion of vogue of storytelling going on here. It be notion-provoking and successfully worth a look.
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