Movie “Born to Lope”. Experiences and Movie Trailer.

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A proficient trainee pilot is given the different to easily about test the latest fighter jet, which pushes him to his limits.





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  • Lei Yu: Wang Yibo
  • Zhang Ting: Hu Jun
  • Shen Tianran: Zhou Dongyu
  • …: Xu Kaicheng
  • Gao Yingjun: Bu Yu
  • Deng Fang: Yosh Yu
  • Xia Pengfei: Yujia Zhai
  • …: Tian Zhuangzhuang
  • …: Pan Binlong
  • Li Xiaohang: Xin Lu
  • …: Solar Qiheng
  • Tong Gan: Zichen Wang


  • Govt Producer: Han Han
  • Visual Effects Compositor: Dominic Tan
  • Director: Liu Xiaoshi
  • Producer: Xiaolei Wei
  • Screenplay: Guan Gui

Credit rating to: TheMovieDb

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  1. “Lei Yu” (the competent Yibo Wang) is an aspiring test pilot who is chosen to take section in a prestigious programme to toughen the effectivity of the Chinese language Air Pressure’s jet opponents. Moderately of rivalry with “Deng Fang” (Yosh Yu) and inspiration from their commander “Zhang” (Jun Hu) makes sure the younger man and his tools are examined to the intense – nonetheless can he upward thrust to the enviornment? It surely has a microscopic little bit of the survey of “Maverick” (2022) to it, with some spectacular aerial pictures and dog-preventing and it furthermore tries to imbue something of the engineering and science to the location – crediting the younger airmen with abilities smartly past stunning having the ability to skim a aircraft. Sadly, despite the indisputable reality that, the producers stunning couldn’t (or would now not) abet some distance from the political jingoism that moderately nauseatingly lauds the virtues of their Air Pressure towards an unknown (English-talking) foe that is continuously harassing and threatening them. By mid-capacity by I felt moderately sorry for “Lei Yu” – to whisper he appeared a microscopic bit accident-vulnerable would per chance be indulge in announcing Jonah cherished whales – so the indisputable reality that he survives the least bit in all equity a outstanding feat! There is the merest designate of a romance with his doctor “Shen Tianran” (Dongyu Zhou) nonetheless for doubtlessly the most section this is all just a few younger man’s decision to prevail. It be perfectly watchable with some decent production requirements and had it kept off the flag-waving grass, it would per chance well accept as true with made for one other example of smartly-ample made high-octane cinema. At events it stunning smacks too considerable of a obtain together rallying bawl despite the indisputable reality that, and that lets it down.

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