Movie “Bye Bye Tiberias”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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In her early twenties, Hiam Abbass left her native Palestinian village to practice her dream of changing into an actress in Europe, leaving in the assist of her mother, grandmother, and 7 sisters. Thirty years later, her filmmaker daughter Lina returns with her to the village and questions for the essential time her mother’s intrepid choices, her chosen exile and the style the females in their family influenced every their lives.




Belgium,France,Palestinian Territory,Qatar

Beall Productions,Philistine Movies,Altitude100,DFI,ARTE,CNC


  • Self: Hiam Abbass
  • Self: Lina Soualem


  • Editor: Gladys Joujou
  • Co-Producer: Guillaume Malandrin
  • Cinematography: Thomas Brémond
  • Music: Amine Bouhafa
  • Co-Producer: Ossama Bawardi
  • Cinematography: Lina Soualem
  • Producer: Jean-Marie Nizan
  • Screenplay: Nadine Naous
  • Cinematography: Frida Marzouk

Credits to: TheMovieDb

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  1. Memorializing one’s family history is an exercise that would possibly perhaps present a treasured file of our members of the family’ past and do the legacy that has carried via the years to the current day. It also can educate us powerful about what distinguishes one’s kindreds in phrases of their characteristics, accomplishments and values. The impact of that can even be somewhat revelatory, too, producing a sage of bright insights and profound achievements of one’s family, in particular those that emerged in the face of concern, adversity and cultural limitations. In her 2nd documentary characteristic, director Lina Soualem has sought to grab a loving file of those qualities in this highly deepest film that charts the lives of four generations of her family’s ladies, including herself, her mother (Emmy-nominated actress Hiam Abbass), her grandmother and her huge-grandmother. The image primarily follows the experiences of the filmmaker’s three ancestral generations right via their lives of their Palestinian space of start from the times of the introduction of Israel in 1948 to the time of Abbass’s emigration to France, the do she began her acting profession and gave start to her daughter. In doing so, the film juxtaposes the family’s person history with that of the simpler cultural backdrop towards which their sage is determined. It also presents viewers with a peek on the actress’s return to Palestine with her daughter after a extended absence, a time of remembrance and reflection. As touching and uplifting as this sage can even be, then all another time, there are cases when it begins to play extra like a highly polished home movie than a theatrical documentary. It also would have benefitted from a deeper peek on the historical support sage and how its events helped shape the lives of those courageously certain ladies. That’s in particular perfect in the wake of newest inclinations (even supposing this film used to be made earlier than them), provided that the inclusion of such background discipline matter would have leant a extra profound conception to the longstanding prevailing conditions in Palestine and the role that they played in the unfolding of this family’s sage. Moreover, the film seems to puzzlingly downplay Abbass’s profession accomplishments, achievements that marked a key turning level in the family’s history, one particularly impressed by her yearning to recede the “suffocating” stipulations of lifestyles in her space of start. Soualem indubitably deserves kudos for her strive to deftly mesh deepest and cultural concerns in this film, her heart clearly in the coolest space. Alternatively, the overall mix doesn’t somewhat gel as properly because it’ll have, leaving viewers with a memoir that would properly be transferring and poetic but that one way or the other feels a little bit incomplete. Presumably that comes from being too shut to the discipline cloth, no matter how steady one’s intents can be – and how earnestly one needs to ogle those targets fulfilled.

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