Movie “Eileen”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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At some level of a bitter 1964 Massachusetts winter, younger secretary Eileen turns into enchanted by Rebecca, the glamorous recent counselor at the prison the keep she works. Their budding friendship takes an inclination turn when Rebecca unearths a unpleasant secret — throwing Eileen onto a frightful course.




South Korea,United Kingdom,United States of The usa

Likely Epic,Film4 Productions,Omniscient Productions,Fifth Season,Lost Winds Entertainment,Scott Rudin Productions


  • Eileen Dunlop: Thomasin McKenzie
  • Rebecca Saint John: Anne Hathaway
  • Father Dunlop: Shea Whigham
  • Rita Polk: Marin Eire
  • Randy: Owen Teague
  • Leonard Polk: Sam Nivola
  • Buck Warren: Jefferson White
  • Mrs. Murray: Siobhan Fallon Hogan
  • Mrs. Stevens: Tonye Patano
  • …: William Hill
  • Mother or father: Lauren Yaffe
  • Pat: Julian Gavilanes
  • Inmate: Matt Berman
  • Cop: Patrick Noonan
  • Prisoner: Ben Kennedy
  • Nurse: Myra Thibault
  • Youth Penal advanced Guard: Tag Havlis
  • Luca: Mason Pettograsso


  • Producer: Anthony Bregman
  • Casting: Jeanne McCarthy
  • ADR Converse Casting: Bruce Winant
  • Executive Producer: Ollie Madden
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Lewis Goldstein
  • Tune Supervisor: Howard Paar
  • Producer: Stefanie Azpiazu
  • Manufacturing Plot: Craig Lathrop
  • Digicam Operator: Pierrot Colonna
  • Editor: Lop Emerson
  • Extras Casting: Meredith Jacobson Marciano
  • Stunt Coordinator: Drew Leary
  • Executive Producer: Julia Oh
  • Colorist: Nat Jencks
  • Hairstylist: Angie Johnson
  • Put Decoration: Michele Munoz
  • Hair Division Head: Colleen LaBaff
  • ADR Converse Casting: Dann Fink
  • Art Course: Gonzalo Cordoba
  • Sound Mixer: Anton Gold
  • Stunts: Chris Barnes
  • Make-up Division Head: Anouck Sullivan
  • Director of Photography: Ari Wegner
  • Visual Results Supervisor: Lucien Harriot
  • Producer: Peter Cron
  • Producer: William Oldroyd
  • Costume Plot: Olga Mill
  • First Assistant Director: Amy Lynn
  • Aloof Photographer: Jeong Park
  • Producer: Jamin O’Brien
  • Lights Technician: Keith DeCristo
  • Casting Affiliate: Karlee Fomalont
  • Foley Supervisor: Wen Hsuan Tseng
  • Casting: Rori Bergman
  • Co-Producer: Johnny Holland
  • First Assistant Editor: Alec Styborski
  • Stunts: Tag Pettograsso
  • Development Operator: Zander Metz
  • Stunt Double: Ashley Pynn
  • ADR Recordist: Vinny Alfano
  • Digital Imaging Technician: Peter Symonowicz
  • Visual Results: Bridget Fullan
  • 2nd Assistant Director: Vic Coram
  • “A” Digicam Operator: Blake Johnson
  • Visual Results Producer: Julieta Gleiser
  • Gaffer: Callum Shaw
  • New: Ottessa Moshfegh
  • Put Costumer: Jaclyn McCoubrey
  • Assistant Costume Designer: Alexa O’Neill
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Julia Skubisz
  • Dresser Supervisor: Lowri Ultimate
  • Stunts: Nic Coccaro
  • 2nd Assistant “B” Digicam: Jon Sandin
  • Casting Assistant: Emily Grill
  • Put Decoration: Suzanne Mjartan
  • Lights Technician: Dennis Ly
  • Assistant Art Director: Shoko Kambara
  • Script Supervisor: Tamara Hansen
  • Put Dresser: Shane Claire Strano
  • Make-up Artist: Stella Bouzakis
  • “B” Digicam Operator: Christopher Wiezorek
  • Make-up Artist: Lily Li
  • Key Grip: Scott DeAngelo
  • 2nd Assistant “A” Digicam: Adam DeRezendes
  • ADR Mixer: Trino Madriz
  • Manufacturing Assistant: Brett Heidenreich
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Bennett Kerr
  • Stunts: Mason Pettograsso
  • Author: Luke Goebel
  • Hairstylist: Danarose Lobue
  • Hair Setup: Isaac Grnya
  • Stunts: Spencer Barnes
  • Hairstylist: Ashley Rae Callahan
  • 2nd 2nd Assistant Director: Josh Acosta
  • Stunt Double: Taylor Valentine Lupini
  • First Assistant Digicam: Marc Charbonneau
  • Ultimate Boy Electric: Andre Bonk
  • Key Costumer: Pedro Rodrigo Gonzalez
  • Extras Casting Assistant: Dylan Tonken
  • Choreographer: Rickey Tripp
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  1. Thomasin McKenzie is rather real because the eponymous, rather alarmed, penal complex secretary who lives a rather pedestrian lifestyles searching on the couples create out within the automobile-park, or fantasising just a few quickie with one of her colleagues, sooner than returning residence to her retired cop/dipso father replete with two bottles! The arrival of unusual psychologist “Rebecca” (Anne Hathaway) injects rather lifestyles into her dull routine. This assertive sophisticate takes an pastime in “Eileen”, they poke for a drink – there’s even some flirting – sooner than “Rebecca” shares a secret along with her unusual friend that involves a young man in penal complex accused of the brutal execute of his father, and of ethical what his mother could well perhaps know of the crime and it is causes. The important thing hour is rather provocative but that sense of anticipation is let down by a final half hour that is de facto rather undercooked and the denouement, well that is ethical incomplete – on ethical about every degree. The acting and writing is okay – nothing extra, but I left the screening pondering that something was once missing. What precisely was once the level here? It be a real taking a glimpse film – effort has no doubt gone into the fine but I am now no longer sure I am if reality be told any the wiser.

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