Movie “Enter the Dragon”. Experiences and Movie Trailer.

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A martial artist has the same opinion to see on a reclusive crime lord the utilization of his invitation to a tournament there as quilt.




Hong Kong,United States of The usa

Concord Productions,Warner Bros. Photography,Orange Sky Golden Harvest


  • Lee: Bruce Lee
  • Roper: John Saxon
  • Williams: Jim Kelly
  • Han: Sek Kin
  • Tania: Ahna Capri
  • Oharra: Robert Wall
  • Su Lin: Angela Mao Ying
  • Mei Ling: Betty Chung
  • Bolo: Bolo Yeung
  • Braithwaite: Geoffrey Weeks
  • Shaolin Abbott: Roy Chiao
  • Occasion Fighter: Yuen Biao
  • Secretary: Marlene Clark
  • Shaolin Fighter: Sammo Hung
  • Guard: Jackie Chan
  • Guard (uncredited): Phillip Ko
  • Chinese language Junk Crew (uncredited): Mang Hoi
  • Guard Executed by Bolo (uncredited): Mars
  • Occasion Guest (uncredited): Peter Chan Lung
  • Guard Executed by Bolo: Paul Chung Fats
  • Ohara’s Crew Who Attacks Su Lin: Tai Bo
  • Occasion Fighter: Tony Liu
  • Occasion Fighter: Yuen Wah
  • Parsons: Peter Archer
  • Occasion Fighter (uncredited): Lam Ching-Ying
  • Cave Guard (uncredited): Billy Chan
  • L.A. Cop: Mickey Caruso
  • …: Wong Tin-Lam
  • Wachmann: Robert Chan Law-Bat


  • Fresh Tune Composer: Lalo Schifrin
  • Stunts: Jackie Chan
  • Producer: Bruce Lee
  • Author: Michael Allin
  • Editor: Peter Cheung
  • Producer: Fred Weintraub
  • Editor: Kurt Hirschler
  • Producer: Paul M. Heller
  • Director: Robert Clouse
  • Director of Photography: Gil Hubbs
  • Editor: George Watters
  • Stunts: Yuen Wah
  • Production Manager: Louis Sit
  • Stunt Coordinator: Sammo Hung
  • Stunts: Yuen Biao
  • Stunts: Lam Ching-Ying
  • Stunts: Pat E. Johnson
  • Stunts: Charlie Picerni
  • Stunts: Mars
  • Stunts: Robert Wall
  • Artwork Route: Shen Chien
  • Tune Editor: Eugene Marks
  • Costume Originate: Chu Sheng-Hsi
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Credits to: TheMovieDb


  1. Reduction within the vibrant ol’ days, my mammoth brother – a HUGE fan of “Karate motion photos” – would steal me (every other weekend) to the legendary Instruct and Lake theater to review all of the so-known as “low budget” martial arts films that many in society (correct through that time) accept as true with been tempted to wrinkle their noses at, nonetheless which soared, alternatively, within the metropolis communities of The US. And it had been whereas I turned into seated within the center row on the enduring Instruct and Lake (on the said movie date day) that I might perchance presumably been given my very first introduction to a man who would in a roundabout blueprint stake his issue on a residing in my heart and not utilizing a waste in sight: the immense Grasp of Jeet Kun Construct himself, Bruce Lee.

    Yes, it turned into Enter the Dragon, a martial arts magnum opus and Nationwide Movie Registry inductee (wherein the vibrant Lee aspects because the predominant performer) that would cause my emotions to stretch themselves out with infatuation. Unashamedly, I treasure Bruce Lee…with a ardour.

    (Clears throat) …

    That pet, uh, kitty treasure aside, I shall proceed with my review.

    A thriller of legit proportions, Enter the Dragon stars Bruce Lee as “Lee”, an exceptionally-performed Shaolin kung fu fighter who finds himself sought out by a British government intelligence agent, who’s already within the strategy of scrutinizing the unlawful activities of a Chinese crime boss named Han. For the British government suspect the villainous Han of being keen about drug trafficking and prostitution, to no longer mention a string of contract murders. And the British agent convinces “Lee” to steal half in a renowned martial arts competition on Han’s keen island, that he (“Lee”) is more seemingly to be helpful in gathering ample evidence that will corroborate the British government’s suspicions of Han. The provide is one which “Lee” for trudge can’t refuse, what taken with that Han’s bodyguard, Mr. O’Hara, is the identical who murdered “Lee”‘s sister.

    From there, the residing unfolds to reward one in every of basically the most excitingly suspenseful and movement-packed movie works of the Martial Arts vogue to this level. Certainly, its proficient director Robert Clouse might perchance presumably be innovated by the immense visionaries who had preceded his classic myth, Enter the Dragon, with their non-public cinematic contributions. I focus on in particular of The Shaw Brothers (Shaw Brothers Studio), who produced a circulation of cult cinema classics, alongside with: One-Armed Swordsman, The Recent One-Armed Swordsman, 1978’s 5 Lethal Venoms (the inspiration on the aid of Tarantino’s “Lethal Viper Assassination Squad” of the Kill Invoice volumes), Attain Drink With Me, and so forth.

    Enter the supporting solid: John Saxon as Roper, a gambling addict with a debt owed to Han; Jim Kelly, in his unforgettable efficiency as Mr. Williams – Roper’s fellow Vietnam warfare traditional; and Mei Ling, who also co-stars as Betty Chung, an undercover operative within the investigation of Han: It is far on the martial arts competition the attach “Lee” meets Roper, Williams, and Chung.

    Put of residing in both the USA and Hong Kong, Enter the Dragon is an on-the-edge-of-your-seat, timeless cult movement thriller with both flawless route and performances. The fight choreography and stunts are reasonably definitive, and the sound effects of every Bruce Lee blow will accept as true alongside with your body jerking and your face grimacing in reaction. In actuality a badass ass-kicker, if there ever turned into one.

    (Laughs) …

    A incredible work of movement describe fiction is the Robert Crouse-directed Enter the Dragon. I found it to be a purpose tremendously satisfying, and I would highly recommend it to someone who’s partial to the immense Martial Arts vogue.

    Because it is going to be of ardour, this movie is English-dubbed. Its script turned into firstly shot within the languages of Mandarin and Cantonese, respectively.

  2. In British-administered Hong Kong, “Braithwaite” (Geoffrey Weeks) seeks to interact the services and products of renowned martial arts knowledgeable “Lee” (Bruce Lee) to aid the authorities thwart the heroine working activities of native, gloved, kingpin “Han” (Kien Shih) – who appears to be like like a man straight out of “Dr. No” (1962). Luckily, this villain is organising a tournament on his island and that might perchance presumably provide for an vibrant opportunity to bring the person down. “Han” is no fool, although, and has his non-public henchman “Oharra” (Robert Wall) and John Saxon’s performed fighter “Roper” and his friend “Williams” (Jim Kelly) are also there to be contended with. Now, it is no longer in point of fact in point of fact vibrant to resolve this too harshly fifty years on. It turned into groundbreaking on the time, offering an uncommon compare at a culture which Hollywood had performed minute to interact with. Now, although, it is in point of fact reasonably annoying to survey. The enhancing is a shambles, as is the continuity and the route is no longer in point of fact mighty to write dwelling about both. The dialogue is stilted and although nimble as any ninja, Bruce Lee is accurate no longer an actor. To be vibrant to him, the the rest of the performing talent is no longer in point of fact in point of fact as much as mighty neither is the reasonably un-oriental Lalo Schifrin rating – so it is all left to the acrobatics. They’re noteworthy scale, spectacular at times, and showcase the undoubted skills of the star, nonetheless all of the manufacturing jogged my memory of an hybrid from “Fu Manchu” meets “The Man from U.N.C.L.E”. Maybe it is far sacrilegious to issue so, nonetheless I found it vaguely a laugh in it is earnestness and properly past it is issue by date.

  3. In actuality relaxing martial arts movement-thriller with Bruce Lee doing immense work as usual in his final movie. Not on the final a mammoth fan of the vogue nonetheless restful found this thoroughly satisfying and partaking from starting to total. **4.0/5**

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