Movie “Lady Ballers”. Experiences and Movie Trailer.

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A as soon as-huge basketball coach is on a slither relieve to victory by reuniting his faded high college championship basketball crew, nonetheless this time, he’s powerful them to play devour ladies.




United States of The united states

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  • Coach Rob Gibson: Jeremy Boreing
  • Gwen Wilde: Billie Rae Brandt
  • Alex Cruise: Daniel Considine
  • Felix Vanwyk: Tyler Fischer
  • Jake Crain: Jake Crain
  • Blain Crain: Blain Crain
  • David Cone: David Cone
  • Dharby Gibson: Lexie Contursi
  • Winnie Gibson: Rosie Seraphine Harper
  • Kris Dilby: Matt Walsh
  • Game 1 Referee: Ben Shapiro
  • Candace Owens: Candace Owens
  • Stacey Santiago O’Brien: Brett Cooper
  • Drake Diamond: Michael J. Knowles
  • Andrew Klavan: Andrew Klavan
  • Game 5 Referee: Spencer Klavan
  • Hawkettes Coach: Clay Travis
  • Cowgirls Coach: Seth Dillon
  • Riley Gaines: Riley Gaines
  • Senator Ted Cruz: Ted Cruz
  • Dr. Jordan B. Peterson: Jordan B. Peterson
  • Sheila: Chandler Juliet
  • Kevin: Jaden Roderick Clarke
  • Gary: Jared Bentley
  • Ms. Creswell: Cami Caldwell
  • Tina: Alexandrée Clarke
  • British Tourist: Estes Tarver
  • Waitress: Erin Cosgrove
  • Inebriated Man in Alley: Troy Moore
  • Homeschooling Man: Gash Sheehan
  • Creepy Western Man: Michael Vitovich
  • Registration Lady: Amber Coyle
  • Tubby Cameraman: Brian Hoffman
  • Commercial Director: Ben Davies
  • Badger Mascot: Taylor Allen
  • Monica: Emma Smith
  • Hawkette Participant #1: Justine Turley
  • Overjoyed Fan: Kangmin Lee
  • Wrestling Referee: Pawel Widawski
  • Deuce Johnson: Siaka Massaquoi
  • Cowgirl #7: MC Dixon Ogwo Jr.
  • Cowgirl #9: Donovan Marshall Johnson
  • Cowgirl #1: Alex Brown
  • Spectator: Robert Wray
  • Basketball Fan in Crowd: Mauro Serrato-Nieto
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  • Stunt Coordinator: Erik Audé
  • Producer: Dallas Sonnier
  • Writer: Gash Sheehan
  • Writer: Brian A. Hoffman
  • Director of Images: Kristopher S. Kimlin
  • Writer: Jeremy Boreing
  • Casting: David Guglielmo
  • Executive Producer: Ben Shapiro
  • Editor: Jared Bentley
  • Tune: Kyle McCuiston
  • Executive Producer: Caleb Robinson
  • Co-Producer: Jonathan Hay
  • Co-Producer: Lillian Campbell
  • Co-Producer: Jeff Elmore
  • Co-Producer: Panos Pavelic
  • Songs: Will Boreing
  • Costume Designer: Natalia Di Baci
  • Production Designer: Stamp E. Garner

Credits to: TheMovieDb