Movie “Manodrome”. Reviews and Movie Trailer.

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Ralphie is an Uber driver and aspiring bodybuilder who’s inducted correct into a libertarian masculinity cult and loses his grip on actuality when his repressed desires are awoke.




United Kingdom,United States of The United States

Felix Culpa,Pulse Movies,Liminal Squawk material,Riverside Leisure


  • Ralphie: Jesse Eisenberg
  • Dan: Adrien Brody
  • Sal: Odessa Younger
  • Ahmet: Sallieu Sesay
  • Jason: Philip Ettinger
  • Dad Leo: Ethan Suplee
  • Son Aaron: Caleb Eberhardt
  • Garfield: Lamar Johnson
  • Zander: Brian Anthony Wilson
  • Jerome: Adam Wade McLaughlin
  • Connor: Jonah Wharton
  • Raymond: Matthew Lamb
  • Son Brad: Evan Jonigkeit
  • Sachiel: Gheorghe Mureșan
  • Alice: Zia Arouse
  • Blake: Garrett Richmond


  • Editor: Julie Monroe
  • Producer: Riley Keough
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Julien Perez
  • Executive Producer: Thomas Benski
  • Producer: Ryan Zacarias
  • Make-up Department Head: Alan Tuskes
  • Executive Producer: Michael Clofine
  • Director of Pictures: Wyatt Garfield
  • Manufacturing Develop: Carmen Navis
  • Sound Mixer: Michael Gassert
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Frédéric Le Louet
  • First Assistant Director: Sam Shapson
  • Casting: Salome Ogenfuss
  • Executive Producer: Christian Mercuri
  • Line Producer: Michael Goodin
  • Executive Producer: Len Blavatnik
  • Executive Producer: Alexander Akoka
  • Costume Develop: Melissa Vargas
  • Author: John Trengove
  • Extras Casting: Angela Boehm
  • Executive Producer: Casey Fuller
  • Foley Supervisor: Ivo Moraga
  • Producer: Gina Gammell
  • 2d Assistant Director: Phil Evans
  • Stunt Double: Aaron Matthews
  • Producer: Ben Giladi
  • Executive Producer: Nicolaas Bertelsen
  • Editor: Matthew Swanepoel
  • Stunt Coordinator: Chris Patton
  • 2d Unit Director: Ben Smith-Petersen
  • Executive Producer: Pastor Alvarado III
  • Associate Producer: Charlie Phoenix
  • Gaffer: Adam LoNigro
  • Sound Fashion designer: Arnaud Marten
  • Hair Department Head: Tiffany Anderson
  • Casting Associate: Betsy Fippinger
  • Executive Producer: Brian A. Loschiavo
  • Executive Producer: Peter L. Kaufman
  • Casting: Geraldine Barón
  • Executive Producer: Jeff Molyneaux
  • Artwork Direction: Prarthana Joshi
  • Executive Producer: Roman Viaris
  • Steadicam Operator: William Christensen
  • Sound Editor: Jeremy Emery
  • Executive Producer: Gary Leff
  • Squawk Decoration: Amber Thrane
  • Customary Tune Composer: Christopher Stracey
  • Executive Producer: Robbie Gottlieb
  • 2d 2d Assistant Director: Graceline J. Tucker
  • Executive Producer: Clara Sansarricq
  • Executive Producer: Pia Patatian
  • Executive Producer: Ryan Schemmel
  • Executive Producer: Oliva Tyson
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