Movie “Master Gardener”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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Narvel Roth is a meticulous horticulturist who is dedicated to tending the grounds of a super attempting property and pandering to his employer, the well off dowager Mrs. Haverhill. When she calls for that he take on her wayward and insecure niece, it unlocks darkish secrets from a buried violent past.




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  • Narvel Roth: Joel Edgerton
  • Norma Haverhill: Sigourney Weaver
  • Maya: Quintessa Swindell
  • Oscar Neruda: Esai Morales
  • Xavier: Eduardo Losan
  • Isobel: Victoria Hill
  • Janine: Amy Le
  • Ronnie: Timothy McKinney
  • Gardener: Samuel Ali
  • Maggie: Erika Ashley
  • RG: Jared Bankens
  • Johnny Boy: Cade Burk
  • John: Christian Freeman
  • Reverend Charles: DJames Jones
  • Sissy: Matt Mercurio
  • The Former Man: Bruce Mohat
  • Stephen Collins: Rick Cosnett
  • US Marshall #1: Sean Richmond
  • US Marshall #2: Jef Figallo
  • Gardner: Scott Green
  • Female Host: Monica R. Harris
  • Waitress: Emily Russell
  • Militia Leader: Connor Turley
  • Diner: Jami Bolin
  • Maya’s mother: Colette Jeansonne
  • Master Gardener: Suzette Lange
  • Entrance Guard: Ja’Quan Monroe-Henderson


  • Creator: Paul Schrader
  • Line Producer: Sherri Stress
  • Producer: Scott LaStaiti
  • Costume Get: Wendy Talley
  • “B” Camera Operator: Joseph R. Fitzgerald
  • Colorist: Marty Pepper
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Martin Czembor
  • Manufacturing Get: Ashley Fenton
  • Stunt Coordinator: Chelsea Bruland
  • Casting: Matthew Morgan
  • Peaceful Photographer: Bonnie Marquette
  • Stunts: Eric Stratemeier
  • Director of Images: Alexander Dynan
  • Editor: Ben Rodriguez Jr.
  • Dialogue Editor: Tyler Newhouse
  • Stunt Coordinator: Joe Dryden
  • Music: Devonté Hynes
  • Script Supervisor: David Bush
  • Music Supervisor: Dina Juntila
  • ADR Editor: Kristin Catuogno
  • 2d 2d Assistant Director: Taylor DiMarco
  • Gaffer: Noah Chamis
  • First Assistant Director: Eric Scott Williamson
  • Quandary Decoration: Angela Gail Schroeder
  • First Assistant Camera: Brooke Jagneaux
  • Quandary Dresser: Danielle Slight
  • Sound Effects Editor: Rachel Wardell
  • ADR Mixer: Dean St. John
  • Manufacturing Sound Mixer: Dustin Fleetwood
  • Visible Effects Coordinator: Aden Beaver
  • Producer: Amanda Crittenden
  • 2d Assistant Camera: Sean Brown
  • Make-up Division Head: Ashley Kent Bolotte
  • On Quandary Dresser: Samuel Ali
  • Costume Supervisor: Shay Bacher
  • 2d Assistant Director: Fernando Malabet
  • Quandary Dresser: Steven Laney
  • Key Grip: Corey Kirkling
  • Colorist: Ryan Hymel
  • Digital Imaging Technician: Marc Clancy
  • Visible Effects: Dylan Browne
  • First Assistant “B” Camera: Jason Cianella
  • Gaffer: Austin Doyle
  • Unit Manufacturing Supervisor: Ashley T. Farrell
  • Stunts: Robert Shavers
  • First Assistant Editor: Alene Padilla-Tiller
  • Armorer: Andrew Lovell
  • Govt Producer: Luisa Regulation
  • Govt Producer: Dale Roberts
  • Govt Producer: Linda Ujuk
  • Key Costumer: Sarah Hanson
  • Art work Direction: Christine Brandt
  • Manufacturing Assistant: David M. Evening Maire
  • “A” Camera Operator: Greg Arch
  • Extra Images: Nicole Kay Payson
  • Visible Effects Producer: Sharna Hackett
  • Art work Division Coordinator: Carrie Anne Rose
  • Property Master: Eryn Bernard Law 1st viscount montgomery of alamein
  • Assistant Property Master: Seth M. Johnson
  • Leadman: Isidore Grisoli
  • Camera Manufacturing Assistant: Katalina Mananghaya
  • Post Manufacturing Coordinator: Georgia Lippe
  • Musician: Hasbi Islam Arpon
  • Producer: David Gonzales
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  1. “Narvel” (Joel Edgerton) is the head gardener on the property of the prosperous, a exiguous bit eccentric, “Norma” (Sigourney Weaver) with every being enormously contented with their horticultural abilities and creations. One afternoon, she entertains him to tea and explains that her sizable-neice “Maya” (Quintessa Swindell) will seemingly be joining his crew as an apprentice. The ladies hold never met, nor does “Norma” know unheard of about her – but he agrees and he or she duly arrives. At the origin, we mediate she’s a in most cases recalcitrant exiguous one with ripped denims and permanently glued to her earphones. It becomes rather clear, though, that she is involved and the two launch to bond. There are some extra-curricular factors to the earn 22 situation that delicately plot the memoir away from the simplicity and precision of the gardening theme and immerse us in the hatred of white supremacy and the violence of drug dealing and the film becomes more predictable. The first twenty minutes or so hold an spirited depth to them but as the memoir develops, the (romantic) melodrama creeps in and the memoir begins to lose it is originality. By the final half hour I chanced on the total thing had change into actually rather mediocre and Edgerton, who begins off as one thing of an enigma finally ends up somewhat banal. That acknowledged, his performance is terribly efficient, menacing even, on occasion and Swindell is competent ample – it is correct all a exiguous bit considered it sooner than. Value a uncover, on the assorted hand it would possibly maybe maybe maybe hold delivered better.

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