Movie Riding Madeleine. Critiques and Movie Trailer.

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Une belle direction,

Movie Riding Madeleine Description
A reputedly easy taxi hotfoot all the design by design of Paris evolves into a profound meditation on the realities of the driver, whose personal lifestyles is in shambles, and his fare, an aged lady whose warmth belies her surprising past.




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  • Madeleine: Line Renaud
  • Charles: Dany Boon
  • Madeleine, jeune: Alice Isaaz
  • Denise: Gwendoline Hamon
  • Mathieu enfant: Hadriel Roure
  • Matt: Elie Kaempfen
  • Le Président du tribunal: Christophe Rossignon
  • Raymond Haguenot, dit Ray: Jérémie Laheurte
  • Karine: Julie Delarme
  • Mathieu (adulte): Thomas Alden
  • Standardiste taxi (notify): Agathe L’Huillier
  • Directrice ehpad (notify): Alexandra Mercouroff
  • Meneur groupe enfants 1944: Antonin Carion
  • Comédien théâtre: Arthur Girard
  • Comédien théâtre: Bertrand Ornano
  • Automobiliste énervé: Carl Laforêt
  • Le notaire: Christian Carion
  • Agent entretien ehpad: Christian Mupondo
  • Comédienne théâtre: Elvire Lestrade
  • Grégoire (notify): Frédéric Cherboeuf
  • Doublure Charles: Frederick Malahieude
  • Doublure Charles (as Gilles Sallé): Gilles Salle
  • Daniel (notify): Jacques Courtès
  • Comédien théâtre: Jérôme Dano
  • Femme accueil ehpad: Juliette Steimer
  • Comédienne théâtre: Juliette Wiatr
  • Betty: Léonie Carion
  • Doublure Madeleine: Marie-Claude Ragon
  • La policière: Meryl Mourey
  • Le banquier: Nadir Legrand
  • Le policier: Philippe Beautier
  • Patronne restaurant: Sylvie Audcoeur
  • Doublure Madeleine: Sylvie Valentini
  • Infirmier ehpad: Tom Hudson
  • Doublure Charles: Vincent Dauphin
  • Serveuse restaurant (uncredited): Romy Milelli


  • Fashioned Tune Composer: Philippe Rombi
  • Director of Pictures: Pierre Cottereau
  • Author: Christian Carion
  • Casting: Gigi Akoka
  • Author: Cyril Gely
  • Producer: Thomas Bruxelle
  • Producer: Laure Irmann
  • Producer: Laurent Bruneteau

Title: “A Cinematic Mosey: Riding Madeleine”

In the area of cinema, every film is a uncommon advent, a definite fable ready to learn. Riding Madeleine, the most recent addition to this ever-evolving universe, takes its viewers on an unforgettable stir that’s no longer perfect visually comely however emotionally profound. As a cinephile, I had the privilege of experiencing this film and am aroused to portion my ideas in this evaluation.

Scheme and Storytelling:

Riding Madeleine tells a fable that’s each intimate and chronicle in scale. The parable is a rollercoaster of emotions, starting from heart-wrenching moments to exhilarating triumphs.
What devices Riding Madeleine aside is its ability to join with the viewers on a deeply emotional stage.
The characters are beautifully developed, and their enhance all the design by design of the film is each relatable and spirited.

Route and Cinematography:

The film is a visual masterpiece, a blinding testomony to the art of filmmaking. The director’s vision is realized with outstanding precision, making every person a murals. Riding Madeleine cinematography is breathtaking, with scenes which can presumably well be a feast for the eyes. The employ of coloration, lights, and digital camera angles enhances the emotional impact of every scene, making it an immersive experience.


The forged of Riding Madeleine delivers outstanding performances. The supporting forged is equally impressive, including layers to the fable with their outstanding acting abilities. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, and it is miles a pleasure to witness their interactions on conceal conceal.

Soundtrack and Bag:

The music in Riding Madeleine is a character in itself. The soundtrack complements the film’s emotional stir, improving the viewers’s connection to the fable. From heart-wrenching melodies to pulse-pounding compositions, the music provides a layer of depth that’s again and again lacking in accepted cinema.

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Riding Madeleine is a cinematic gem that transcends the boundaries of the medium. It is a testomony to the energy of storytelling, art, and human connection.
This film is a must-witness for anyone who appreciates the magic of cinema. This is in a position to presumably well leave you each emotionally moved and intellectually stimulated, making it a outstanding addition to the area of film.
Build no longer omit the replace to embark on this unforgettable cinematic stir.

So, procure your tickets, resolve into your seats, and put together to be spellbound by Riding Madeleine, a film that can linger in your ideas long after the credits roll.

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