Movie “Rustin”. Reviews and Movie Trailer.

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Gay civil rights activist Bayard Rustin helps Martin Luther King Jr. and others space up the 1963 March on Washington.




United States of The US

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  • Bayard Rustin: Colman Domingo
  • Roy Wilkins: Chris Rock
  • A. Philip Randolph: Glynn Turman
  • Martin Luther King Jr.: Aml Ameen
  • Dr. Anna Hedgeman: CCH Pounder
  • Cleveland Robinson: Michael Potts
  • A. J. Muste: Invoice Irwin
  • John Lewis: Maxwell Whittington-Cooper
  • Tom: Gus Halper
  • Mahalia Jackson: Da’Vine Joy Randolph
  • Elias: Johnny Ramey
  • Coretta Scott King: Carra Patterson
  • Claudia Taylor: Adrienne Warren
  • …: Audra McDonald
  • Industry Accomplice: Daniel Johnson
  • Background Marcher (uncredited): John Barnes
  • Joyce Ladner: Jules Latimer
  • Chief Wells: Cotter Smith
  • Rachelle: Lilli Kay
  • Receive. Adam Clayton Powell Jr.: Jeffrey Wright
  • …: Adams Bellouis


  • Producer: Bruce Cohen
  • Casting: Avy Kaufman
  • Editor: Andrew Mondshein
  • Producer: George C. Wolfe
  • Executive Producer: David Permut
  • Director of Pictures: Tobias A. Schliessler
  • Location Decoration: Amy Wells
  • Production Invent: Stamp Ricker
  • Foley Supervisor: Matthew Haasch
  • Sound Effects Editor: Wyatt Sprague
  • Executive Producer: Barack Obama
  • Screenplay: Dustin Lance Murky
  • Stunts: Blaise Corrigan
  • Fresh Music Composer: Branford Marsalis
  • Executive Producer: Michelle Obama
  • Stunt Driver: Rick Kain
  • Myth: Julian Breece
  • Visible Effects Supervisor: George Loucas
  • Make-up Department Head: Beverly Jo Pryor
  • Costume Invent: Vanessa Nirode
  • Hair Department Head: Melissa Forney
  • Stunt Driver: James Peyton
  • “B” Camera Operator: James Goldman
  • Stunts: Kellie Turner
  • 2d Unit Director: Nefertite Nguvu
  • Costume Supervisor: Leoisick Castro
  • Location Designer: Nathan W. Bailey
  • 2d Assistant Director: Xanthus Valan
  • First Assistant Director: Michele Ziegler
  • Stunts: Ned Corrigan
  • Gaffer: Rick Thomas
  • Hairstylist: Candace Orlandi
  • Utility Stunts: Chad Knorr
  • Artwork Route: Travis Kerr
  • Producer: Tonia Davis
  • Make-up Artist: Jessica Jade Jacob
  • Executive Producer: Alex G. Scott
  • Casting Affiliate: Scotty Anderson
  • Stunts: Aaron Joshua
  • Key Hair Stylist: AL Payne
  • Visible Effects Producer: Steven Weigle
  • Foley Mixer: Matthew Kay
  • Make-up Artist: Brooke Lee Smith
  • VFX Artist: Stamp Scott Friedman
  • Stunts: Martin Valinsky
  • Executive Producer: Chris Taaffe
  • Executive Producer: Daniel Sladek
  • Make-up Artist: Eve Negley
  • Stunts: Edward Gabree
  • Stunts: Julius Denem
  • Stunts: Jason A. Iannacone
  • Location Designer: Stamp Haber
  • Executive Producer: Stamp R. Wright
  • Stunts: Gina Limbrick
  • Stunts: Tommy Goodwin
  • Stunts: Zach Roberts
  • Make-up Artist: Christopher Patrick
  • Grip: Luke Shannon
  • Stunts: Derric J. Stotts
  • Make-up Artist: Krista Sir Bernard Law
  • Location Decoration Purchaser: R. Anne Stone
  • Grip: Sean Flaherty
  • Stunts: Jamal Warren
  • Visible Effects Supervisor: Tim Van Horn
  • VFX Artist: Sandor Toledo
  • Location Dresser: Gary M. Shrimp
  • Make-up Artist: Katie McGregor
  • Visible Effects Producer: Mariette Amici
  • VFX Artist: Daniel Fradkin
  • Stunt Driver: Jared Frenke
  • Hairstylist: Dominique Brock
  • Location Dresser: Matthew Weiss
  • Make-up Artist: Abigail de Casanova
  • Make-up Artist: Travis Klingler
  • Location Designer: Kevin Kyubyung Yoon
  • Special Effects Technician: Rob D. Strom
  • Special Effects Technician: Robert Trosky
  • Stunts: John Millward
  • Stunts: Maxwell Oliver
  • Stunts: Michael R. Petyak
  • Stunts: Diego Pope
  • Stunts: Tyson Turner
  • Grip: Sean Glazar
  • Grip: Austin Koncerak
  • Costume Coordinator: Jean-Luc DeLadurantaye
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  1. Unsung heroes repeatedly don’t salvage their day. Fortunately, then again, for civil rights activist Bayard Rustin (Colman Domingo), indispensable organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, he’s at closing getting his due on this new biopic regarding the quite just a few challenges he faced in bringing this match into being. The elaborate, outspoken, Shadowy homosexual organizer faced mighty opposition to his proposal, including, surprisingly sufficient, from an African-American team that used to be worried regarding the message his appointment and presence would ship to a soundless-reluctant public in its increase for equal rights measures, including such noteworthy figures as NAACP leader Roy Wilkins (Chris Rock) and Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr. (Jeffrey Wright). Issues were even tense at cases between Rustin and his longtime fair appropriate friend, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Aml Ameen), for whom Rustin once served as his chief aide and consultant. Then there used to be Rustin’s sexual orientation, a subject he didn’t exactly veil, particularly in his much less-than-discreet relationship with married preacher Elias Taylor (Johnny Ramey), something other activists feared could perchance undo the full growth they’d made up to that time. But, as an even champion, Rustin forged forward, despite these hardships, culminating within the largest soundless snarl ever staged within the nation’s capital. To the movie’s credit ranking, director George C. Wolfe has compiled an informative duration part biography, although the come is considerably former and, admittedly, will get off to a barely rocky originate up within the first half of hour. However, that’s made up for by a solid second half of and the image’s powerhouse forged, including Domingo (a solid Oscar nominee contender), Wright and Ameen, moreover Glynn Turman and CCH Pounder in soft supporting performances. Whereas this offering could perchance additionally no longer be every thing it’ll include been, “Rustin” nonetheless reminds us of what so many of us fought so tough to produce – and why it’s so basic that we strive to present protection to those accomplishments against backsliding and these that will perchance perchance ogle to undermine the success of these mighty-cherished attainments.

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