Movie “Simulant”. Reports and Movie Trailer.

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Faye attempts to replace her newly deceased husband, Evan, with an android simulant (SIM). Even when SIM Evan appears like human Evan in every methodology, Faye does no longer feel the identical love for SIM Evan because it does for her. SIM Evan tries to salvage Faye aid whereas on the identical time being on-the-bustle from a authorities agent chasing down SIMs who possess change into “acutely aware” and might perhaps well perhaps presumably be a threat to humankind.




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  • Evan: Robbie Amell
  • Faye: Jordana Brewster
  • Casey: Simu Liu
  • Kessler: Sam Worthington
  • Esmé: Alicia Sanz
  • Lisa: Masa Lizdek
  • Ying Hong: Christine L. Nguyen
  • Joshua: Emmanuel Kabongo
  • Morgan: Samantha Helt
  • Supervisor Abendjor: Conrad Coates
  • Michiko Higashi: Mayko Nguyen
  • Agent Vasquez: Mercedes Leggett
  • Superintendent: Von Flores
  • Space Manager: James Burke
  • News Anchor: Byron Abalos
  • Tasha: Zarrin Darnell-Martin
  • Inebriated Girl: Moni Ogunsuyi
  • Auctioneer: Colin Andrew Nimblett
  • Caleb: Lucien Duncan-Reid
  • Colossal Man: Daniel Williston
  • Android Waitress: Kaori Noguchi
  • Dishwasher: Ivan Lopez
  • Fruit Vendor: Tim Doiron
  • Yui: Vienna Hehir
  • Bookseller: Derick Agyemang
  • Satish Kapoor: Keethan Krish
  • Clerk: Koari Noguchi
  • Informant: Fodé Bangoura
  • AICE Disclose (narrate): Chala Hunter
  • Agent Norfolk (uncredited): Patrick Stevenson
  • Inebriated Man (uncredited): Tremaine Nelson


  • Executive Producer: Kirk D’Amico
  • Casting: Larissa Mair
  • Production Hang: Ingrid Jurek
  • Executive Producer: Richard Goldberg
  • Stunts: Patrick Stevenson
  • Script Editor: Tim Doiron
  • Executive Producer: April Mullen
  • Executive Producer: Peter Bevan
  • Executive Producer: Tomás Yankelevich
  • Executive Producer: Robbie Amell
  • Executive Producer: Ali Jazayeri
  • Line Producer: James van der Woerd
  • Executive Producer: Simu Liu
  • Production Manager: Lori Fischburg
  • Prosthetic Designer: Steve Newburn
  • Executive Producer: David Gendron
  • Editor: Orlee Buium
  • Costume Hang: Hanna Puley
  • Director of Photography: Russ De Jong
  • Sculptor: Anthony Veilleux
  • Make-up Division Head: Dorota Mitoraj
  • Affiliate Producer: Chala Hunter
  • Affiliate Producer: Mariana Sanjurjo
  • Particular Effects Make-up Artist: Steph Pringle
  • Particular Effects Make-up Artist: Erin Sweeney
  • Executive Producer: Kyle Pak
  • Writer: Ryan Christopher Churchill
  • Stunts: Tremaine Nelson
  • Executive Producer: Kristin Harris
  • Executive Producer: Sammi Farber
  • Affiliate Producer: Vanessa Amodeo
  • Affiliate Producer: Jack C. Preston
  • Celebrated Tune Composer: Martin Macphail
  • Celebrated Tune Composer: Dean Rode
  • Celebrated Tune Composer: Tristan Tarr
  • Production Coordinator: Alison Almeida
  • Executive Producer: Andrew Frank
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