Movie “Strays”. Evaluations and Movie Trailer.

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Movie Strays Description
When Reggie is abandoned on the mean city streets by his lowlife proprietor, Doug, Reggie is apparent that his beloved proprietor would never leave him on goal. However as soon as Reggie falls in with Worm, a fast-talking, detestable-mouthed stray who loves his freedom and believes that house owners are for suckers, Reggie lastly realizes he was in a poisonous relationship and begins to peer Doug for the heartless sleazeball that he’s.



United States of The US

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  • Reggie (insist): Will Ferrell
  • Worm (insist): Jamie Foxx
  • Doug: Will Area of expertise
  • Maggie (insist): Isla Fisher
  • Hunter (insist): Randall Park
  • Gus (insist): Josh Gad
  • Shitstain (insist): Harvey Guillén
  • Willy: Brett Gelman
  • Rolf (insist): Rob Riggle
  • Chester (insist): Jamie Demetriou
  • Deliliah the Sofa (insist): Sofía Vergara
  • Bella (insist): Greta Lee
  • Finn (insist): Jimmy Tatro
  • Munchkin (insist): Jack De Sanz
  • Bubsy (insist): Phil Morris
  • Underbite Pound Dog (insist): David Herman
  • Afghan Hound (insist): Jaquita Ta’le
  • Dennis Quaid: Dennis Quaid
  • Carly: Hedy Nasser
  • Ashley: Jade Fernandez
  • Jenna: Charity Cervantes
  • Emma: Aven Lotz
  • Emma’s Mom: Hannah Alline
  • Emma’s Dad: Garrett Hines
  • Riley: Mikayla Rousseau
  • Riley’s Dad: Mike Dolphy
  • Steve: Keith Brooks
  • Dr. Hagen: Dan Perrault
  • Teen Lady: Gabriella Garcia
  • Cathy: Tinashe Kajese


  • Sound Mixer: Jay Meagher
  • Producer: Erik Feig
  • Editor: Greg Hayden
  • Song Editor: J.J. George
  • Producer: Louis Leterrier
  • Editor: David Rennie
  • Editor: Sabrina Plisco
  • Manufacturing Manufacture: Aaron Osborne
  • Paintings Direction: Erin Cochran
  • Director of Pictures: Tim Orr
  • First Assistant Director: Stephen E. Hagen
  • Producer: Phil Lord
  • Producer: Christopher Miller
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Beau Borders
  • Director: Josh Greenbaum
  • Stunt Double: Kevin Waterman
  • Producer: Aditya Sood
  • Casting: Meagan Lewis
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Nancy Nugent
  • Sound Clothier: Jon Title
  • Sound Supervisor: Christopher S. Aud
  • Make-up Division Head: Karri Farris
  • Visual Effects Producer: Nancy St. John
  • Foley Artist: Mike Horton
  • Particular Effects Coordinator: Dean Tyrrell
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Jason Billington
  • Field Costumer: Lisa Magee
  • Put up Manufacturing Supervisor: Lisa Rodgers
  • Particular Effects Supervisor: Russell Tyrrell
  • Stunt Driver: Kurt Hockenberry
  • Stunt Coordinator: Laurence Chavez
  • Field Costumer: Kara Kimmer
  • Writer: Dan Perrault
  • Costume Manufacture: Romy Itzigsohn
  • Sound Effects Editor: Randy Torres
  • Visual Effects Producer: Leila Nicotera
  • Grip: Eric Rick Kline
  • Stunts: Taylor Towery
  • Song Editor: Daniel DiPrima
  • Colorist: Maxine Gervais
  • Field Clothier: Britain Illingworth-Cramer
  • Executive Producer: Nikki Baida
  • Hair Division Head: Katie Ballard
  • Casting: Rebecca Carfagna
  • Field Decoration: Samantha LaRoe McDonald
  • Executive Producer: Jessica Swap
  • Script Supervisor: Yvonne Chan
  • Fashioned Song Composer: Dara Taylor
  • Stunts: Sean Lyle
  • Executive Producer: Julia Hammer
  • Costume Supervisor: Bree Tomlinson
  • Field Clothier: Brian Friedman
  • Field Decoration Buyer: Carmen Luse
  • Gaffer: Josh Rapidly
  • CG Supervisor: Karthikswamy Sangumani
  • Visual Effects Producer: David Cvetkovski
  • Visual Effects Producer: Katerina Kalinska
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Movie Evaluations

  • CinemaSerf: “Doug” (Will Area of expertise) has had sufficient of a dog (“Reggie”) that he handiest saved to spite his ex-girfriend on whom he was cheating. On each day foundation he takes it on a ball-hunt handiest to power away and leave him. Assuredly he manages to search out his manner home so a impartial correct longer hotfoot is very critical, and that is the reason when “Reggie” – misplaced and faced with some contaminated hoodlum-hounds – encounters the feisty “Worm” and the two change into firm associates earlier than having a chain of adventures assembly unique associates and foes as they’re attempting and derive him home to his proprietor – handiest this time with a noteworthy less obedient ouch-agenda. Dog lovers could possibly possibly merely esteem this, and the script is at times rather wittily put together the utilization of the abilities of Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx to be pleased the pacy drama transferring alongside rather neatly for ninety minutes. It’s miles a no doubt feel-lawful movie with actual an tag of dogs perspective nonetheless after a whereas the silly memoir wears a minute skinny and the memoir finds itself in a repetitive rut. It’s telly fodder, and rather amusing at that, nonetheless must you are no longer a pet fan (I’m no longer) then or no longer it is allure is tiny and the ending is straight out of a slapstick movie (and no longer a lawful one).

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