Movie “The Black Demon”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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Oilman Paul Sturges’ idyllic household creep back and forth turns valid into a nightmare when they advance all the design in which through a ferocious megalodon shark that can terminate at nothing to present protection to its territory. Stranded and below constant assault, Paul and his household must indirectly procure a mode to salvage his household relief to shore alive earlier than it strikes again on this epic combat between humans and nature.



United States of The United States,Mexico,Dominican Republic

Mucho Mas Media,Silk Mass,The Avenue Leisure,Highland Movie Community


  • Paul Sturges: Josh Lucas
  • Ines Sturges: Fernanda Urrejola
  • Chato: Julio Cedillo
  • Audrey Sturges: Venus Ariel
  • Tommy: Carlos Solórzano
  • Junior: Jorge A. Jimenez
  • El Rey: Raúl Méndez
  • Chocolatito: Héctor Jiménez
  • Loopy Eyes: Edgar Flores
  • Sidekick: Omar Chaparro
  • Diver: Bolivar Sanchez
  • Harbor Grasp: Omar Patin
  • Bartender: Luis del Valle


  • Executive Producer: Henry Winterstern
  • Track: Jacobo Lieberman
  • Casting: Carla Hool
  • Producer: Arianne Fraser
  • Executive Producer: Adrian Grünberg
  • Producer: Jon Silk
  • Director of Pictures: Antonio Riestra
  • Line Producer: Joe Di Maio
  • Production Dressmaker: Carlos Osorio
  • Editor: Sam Baixauli
  • Costume Dressmaker: Leandra Fanas
  • Producer: Javier Chapa
  • Executive Producer: Martin J. Barab
  • Author: Carlos Cisco
  • Co-Executive Producer: Alana Crow
  • Producer: Delphine Perrier
  • Executive Producer: Caleb Andrew Ward
  • Executive Producer: Paul W. Hazen
  • Co-Executive Producer: Anita Levian
  • Author: Boise Esquerra
  • Executive Producer: J.J. Caruth
  • Executive Producer: Phillip Braun
  • Executive Producer: Jason Michael Gerber
  • Executive Producer: Simon Shining
  • Executive Producer: Bruce Barshop
  • Executive Producer: Vincent Cordero
  • Editor: V. Manuel Medina
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