Film “The Rotten Guys: A Very Rotten Holiday”. Reports and Film Trailer.

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The Rotten Guys: A Very Rotten Holiday


Film The Rotten Guys: A Very Rotten Holiday Description
The Rotten Guys: A Very Rotten Holiday



United States of The United States

DreamWorks Animation Tv


  • Wolf (direct): Michael Godere
  • Shark (direct): Ezekiel Ajeigbe
  • Piranha (direct): Raul Ceballos
  • Snake (direct): Chris Diamantopoulos
  • Tarantula (direct): Mallory Low
  • Tiffany Fluffit (direct): Zehra Fazal
  • Gary / Shaved Ice Vendor (direct): Keith Silverstein
  • DJ Trudy Tude / Holiday Shopper (direct): Kari Wahlgren


  • Consulting Producer: Aaron Blabey
  • Workers Writer: Shane Lynch
  • Diversified: Lisa Schaffer
  • Executive Producer: Bret Haaland
  • Diversified: Stephanie Sheh
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: D.J. Lynch
  • Casting: Ania Kamieniecki-O’Hare
  • Production Assistant: Alvin Antony
  • Foley Mixer: Arno Stephanian
  • Foley Artist: Sanaa Kelley
  • Finance: Katie Ely
  • Foley Artist: Matt Salib
  • Writer: Katherine Nolfi
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Rob McIntyre
  • Generalist: Carl Vazquez
  • Foley Mixer: Jordan McClain
  • Sound Dressmaker: Lawrence Reyes
  • Finance: Sue Brunell-Edwards
  • Animation Supervisor: Ernest Chan
  • Head of Animation: Manish Kumar
  • Diversified: Michael William Miles
  • Visual Pattern: Alex Lay
  • Finance: Robert Duban
  • Storyboard Artist: Marcelo de Souza
  • Sound Editor: Matthew Festle
  • Consulting Producer: Patrick Hughes
  • Casting: Katie Galvan
  • Character Dressmaker: Rush Standley
  • Structure Supervisor: Santosh Shetty
  • Diversified: Alexandra Nickson
  • Generalist: Lukas Jackson
  • Production Coordinator: Elaine Figueroa
  • Line Producer: Shaun Avnet
  • Diversified: Brandon Liew
  • Diversified: Christo Stamboliev
  • Dialogue Editor: Anna Adams
  • Workers Writer: Elizabeth Chun
  • Sound Dressmaker: Marc Schmidt
  • Put up Production Assistant: Jessica Ayala
  • Sound Editor: Grace Stensland
  • Tune Supervisor: Vivian Aguiar-Buff
  • CG Supervisor: Ryan Munk
  • VFX Supervisor: Brent Tyler
  • Modelling Supervisor: Steven Tarin
  • Storyboard Artist: Daniel Tal
  • Production Supervisor: Krutika Shinde
  • Production Supervisor: Mahendra Upadhyay
  • Animation Director: Nilesh Kadu
  • Production Coordinator: Emily Ryker
  • Casting Associate: Taylor Strait
  • Tune Supervisor: Matt Manna
  • Storyboard Artist: Max Lawson
  • Put up Production Supervisor: Eric Skala
  • Production Coordinator: Bryce Marrero
  • Art Route: Jonathan Pyun
  • Production Supervisor: Joel Trager
  • Foley Artist: Iris Dutour
  • Workers Writer: Kyel White
  • Compositing Supervisor: Adrian Ferrari
  • Executive In Cost Of Production: Rebecca Goldberg
  • Primary Title Theme Composer: Taylor Online page
  • Rigging Supervisor: Belal Ballout
  • Primary Title Theme Composer: Daniel Futcher
  • CG Supervisor: T.G. Sathesh
  • Extra Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Jacob Salerno
  • Script Coordinator: Thomas Yang
  • Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Jordan
  • Production Supervisor: Katie Canadas
  • Production Assistant: Arina Yu
  • Production Coordinator: Ross Reagan
  • Compositing Supervisor: David Lee-DuVoisin
  • Fable Editor: Ben Glass
  • Casting Coordinator: Isaiah Tadros
  • Visual Pattern: Kelly Gollogly
  • Visual Pattern: Julie Dangle
  • Visual Pattern: Sergio Lorenzo
  • Visual Pattern: Jaemin Yoo
  • Storyboard Artist: Chris Meinen
  • Production Coordinator: John Liverance
  • Production Coordinator: Vy Phan
  • Production Assistant: Olivia Baylor
  • Production Assistant: Megan Swason Greene
  • Production Assistant: Dominic Peters
  • Production Intern: Brisa Parra
  • Effects Supervisor: Sateesh Malla
  • Diversified: Janina Overley
  • Animation: Kyle Bennett
  • Production Coordinator: Amatullah Roowala
  • Production Coordinator: Shreya Godha
  • Production Assistant: Chinmayi S. Navada
  • Head of Structure: Rupal Mistry
  • Production Supervisor: Krishna Dey
  • Lead Animator: Tanmoy Kumar Das
  • Compositing Lead: Rahul Monga
  • Lighting fixtures Supervisor: Muttanagouda Binjawadagi
  • Editor: Kishore Naik
  • Sound Editor: Laria Martinez-Deleon
  • Foley Editor: Mitchell Kluge
  • Assistant Editor: Jessica Shobe
  • Production Accountant: Rita Provencio
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