Film “The Marvels”. Experiences and Movie Trailer.

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The Marvels


Movie The Marvels Description
The Marvels



United States of The United States

Marvel Studios,Kevin Feige Productions


  • Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel: Brie Larson
  • Monica Rambeau: Teyonah Parris
  • Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel: Iman Vellani
  • Dar-Benn: Zawe Ashton
  • Gash Fury: Samuel L. Jackson
  • Emperor Dro’ge: Gary Lewis
  • Prince Yan: Park Search engine marketing-jun
  • Muneeba Khan: Zenobia Shroff
  • Yusuf Khan: Mohan Kapur
  • Aamir Khan: Saagar Shaikh
  • Talia: Leila Farzad
  • Dag: Abraham Popoola
  • Maria Rambeau: Lashana Lynch
  • Valkyrie: Tessa Thompson
  • Ty-Rone: Daniel Ings
  • Kree Announcer: Alex Hughes
  • Skrull Young Adult: Shardiah Ssagala
  • Skrull Young Woman: Cecily Cleeve
  • Skrull Youngster: Remi Dabiri-McQuaid
  • Skrull Woman: Ffion Jolly
  • Exiguous Monica: Kennedy McCallum-Martin
  • Aladnean Youngster: Savannah Skinner-Henry
  • Joyous Aladnean: Rachel John
  • Royal Attaché: Daniel Monteiro
  • Awed Kree Soldier: Kya Garwood
  • Hala Citizen: Fikayo Ifarajimi
  • Kree with Cloak: Shereen Walker
  • Kree with Cloak Comrade: Hansen Burton
  • Kate Bishop: Hailee Steinfeld
  • Dr. Henry ‘Hank’ McCoy / Beast: Kelsey Grammer
  • Monica Rambeau (11 Years Frail) (archive footage) (uncredited): Akira Akbar
  • Yon-Rogg (archive footage) (uncredited): Jude Legislation
  • Dr. Wendy Lawson (archive footage) (uncredited): Annette Bening


  • Casting: Sarah Halley Finn
  • Producer: Kevin Feige
  • Unit Production Manager: Damian Anderson
  • Music Supervisor: Dave Jordan
  • Fashioned Music Composer: Laura Karpman
  • Director of Photography: Sean Bobbitt
  • Executive Producer: Louis D’Esposito
  • Costume Fetch: Lindsay Pugh
  • Executive Producer: Victoria Alonso
  • Storyboard Artist: Jay Oliva
  • Stunts: Jade Xu
  • Executive Producer: Jonathan Schwartz
  • Stunt Double: Rashid Phoenix
  • Stunts: Rachelle Beinart
  • 2d Unit Director: Peng Zhang
  • Thought Artist: George Hull
  • Stunts: Laurent Plancel
  • Editor: Evan Schiff
  • Unit Production Manager: Matthew Jenkins
  • Production Fetch: Cara Brower
  • In Memory Of: Jamie Christopher
  • Co-Producer: David J. Grant
  • Stunt Double: Pamela Forster
  • Stunt Coordinator: Jo McLaren
  • Author: Nia DaCosta
  • First Assistant Director: Jack Ravenscroft
  • Stunt Double: Joanna Bennett
  • Editor: Catrin Hedström
  • 2d Assistant Director: Joe Barlow
  • Author: Megan McDonnell
  • Executive Producer: Mary Livanos
  • Stunts: Sonny Louis
  • Utility Stunts: Nicolas Wang
  • Moderately a pair of: Dave Boyle
  • Stunts: Ben Essex
  • Stunt Double: Jessica Hooker
  • Stunts: Nadia Hansell
  • Storyboard Artist: Andrew Garcia-Trace
  • Storyboard Artist: Eric Yamamoto
  • Stunts: Jordan Dumaurier
  • Stunts: Tilly Powell
  • Stunts: Christiaan Bettridge
  • Stunts: Darin Elie
  • Stunt Double: Hélène Tran
  • Stunts: Phil Campbell
  • Stunts: Michael Lagin
  • Visual Results Supervisor: Tara DeMarco
  • Visual Results Producer: James Alexander
  • Stunts: Michael Oladele
  • Thought Artist: Yujin Choo
  • Stunts: Nicole Alphonce
  • Author: Elissa Karasik
  • In Memory Of: Mariana Ivanova
  • Stunts: Doren John Farmer
  • Stunts: Julia Schunevitsch
  • Stunt Double: Fan Xiaoshuang
  • Moderately a pair of: Anna Henderson
  • Stunts: Stefan Mihalache
  • Stunts: Daniel Ilabaca
  • In Memory Of: Trace Cherrington
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      “The Marvels is a movie that showcases likely the most smartly-known strengths and weaknesses of the MCU. It struggles with script and bettering elements that hinder its tale cohesion and personality depth, apart from an unnecessarily short runtime that doesn’t wait on its villain.

      Happily, it excels in its ensemble solid and their chemistry – Iman Vellani is the apparent MVP – ingenious budge living pieces, spectacular visual outcomes, shapely costumes, and smartly-timed humor, which all collectively push the movie into safe harbor.

      Nia DaCosta offers a delicate-weight, animated superhero blockbuster that will descend making an try greatness, but leaves room for enchancment in future installments of the franchise.”

      Rating: B

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