Movie “Within the Fire”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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A doctor from Unusual York travels to plantation in the 1890s to enjoy a shy boy who seems to procure inexplicable abilities. She begins treating the newborn, but in doing so, ignites a battle between science and faith because the native priest believes the boy is possessed by the devil and the trigger of the village’s woes.



Italy,United States of The United States

Angel Oak Movies,Paradox Studios,Iervolino & Woman Bacardi Leisure,RS Productions,Saban Movies,Margate House Movies


  • Grace Burnham: Amber Heard
  • Nicolas Marquez: Eduardo Noriega
  • Martin Marquez: Lorenzo McGovern Zaini
  • Antonio: Luca Calvani
  • Temo: Herbert Ignacio
  • Maria: Monica Contini
  • Father Gavira: Yari Gugliucci
  • Andreas: Ernesto Molina
  • Isabella: Sophie Amber
  • Doctor: Romain Palacci
  • Eva: Isabella Benetton
  • Violin Boy: Mattia Losacco


  • Executive Producer: Amber Heard
  • Casting: Catherine Stroud
  • Costume Dressmaker: Sabrina Beretta
  • Account: Silvio Muraglia
  • Music: Teho Teardo
  • Author: Conor Allyn
  • Producer: Andrea Iervolino
  • Producer: Monika Bacardi
  • Casting: Lisa London
  • Executive Producer: Andrea Zoso
  • Executive Producer: Shanan Becker
  • Executive Producer: Ness Saban
  • Executive Producer: Danielle Maloni
  • Editor: Marco Perez
  • Cinematography: Simone Moglie
  • Post Manufacturing Supervisor: Erika Scaramella
  • Camera Operator: Pietro Comini
  • Executive Producer: Jonathan Saba
  • Assistant Director: Icaro Lorenzoni
  • Author: Pascal Borno
  • Producer: Alain Gillissen
  • Executive Producer: Harry Finkel
  • Assistant Camera: Karim Benhadj
  • Manufacturing Dressmaker: Francesco Scandale
  • Assistant Camera: Luigi Piepoli
  • Director of Pictures: Matt Bendo

Credit rating: TheMovieDb

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