Film “Miracle on 34th Motorway”. Critiques and Movie Trailer.

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Kris Kringle, seemingly the embodiment of Santa Claus, is requested to describe the jolly ragged fellow at Macy’s following his efficiency within the Thanksgiving Day parade. His portrayal is so entire that many originate to question if he genuinely is Santa Claus, whereas others question his sanity.




United States of The usa

twentieth Century Fox


  • Doris Walker: Maureen O’Hara
  • Fred Gailey: John Payne
  • Kris Kringle: Edmund Gwenn
  • Susan Walker: Natalie Wood
  • Granville Sawyer: Porter Hall
  • Julian Shellhammer: Philip Tonge
  • Alfred (uncredited): Alvin Greenman
  • R.H. Macy (uncredited): Harry Antrim
  • Dr. Pierce (uncredited): James Seay
  • Thomas Mara: Jerome Cowan
  • Deem Henry X. Harper: Gene Lockhart
  • Charlie Halloran: William Frawley
  • Mrs. Shellhammer (uncredited): Lela Bliss
  • Postal Sorter Al (uncredited): Jack Albertson
  • Court Spectator (uncredited): Sam Bagley
  • Court Spectator (uncredited): Arline Bletcher
  • Deem’s Clerk (uncredited): Walden Boyle
  • Child on Santa’s Lap (uncredited): Kevin Burke
  • Secretary (uncredited): Dorothy Christy
  • Department Retailer Head (uncredited): Dick Cogan
  • Reporter (uncredited): Jeff Corey
  • Court Bailiff (uncredited): Mike Donovan
  • Terry (uncredited): Teddy Driver
  • Dutch Girl’s Adoptive Mother (uncredited): Mary Field
  • Dr. Rogers at Bellevue (uncredited): William Forrest
  • Court Spectator (uncredited): Curt Furberg
  • Chauffeur (uncredited): Jack Gargan
  • Department Retailer Window Dresser (uncredited): Robert Gist
  • Mrs. Harper (uncredited): Jane Inexperienced
  • George (uncredited): Alvin Hammer
  • Cleo (uncredited): Theresa Harris
  • Intoxicated Santa (uncredited): Percy Helton
  • Mr. Gimbel (uncredited): Herbert Heyes
  • Sam the Clerk (uncredited): William Hoehne Jr.
  • Patron in Macy’s Lunchroom (uncredited): Clark Howat
  • Thomas ‘Tommy’ Mara Jr. (uncredited): Robert Hyatt
  • Reporter (uncredited): Richard Irving
  • 2nd Bellevue Intern (uncredited): Robert Karnes
  • Buyer (uncredited): Fran Lee
  • Court Spectator (uncredited): King Lockwood
  • Dutch Girl (uncredited): Marlene Lyden
  • Macy Salesman (uncredited): Robert Lynn
  • Court Spectator (uncredited): William Marion
  • Lady in Santa Line (uncredited): Mae Marsh
  • Drum Majorette (uncredited): Ida McGuire
  • Bailiff (uncredited): Joseph McInerney
  • Court Spectator (uncredited): Clyde McLeod
  • Court Spectator (uncredited): Charles Meakin
  • Court Spectator (uncredited): Richard Neill
  • Miss Adams (uncredited): Jean O’Donnell
  • Secretary to Mr. Sawyer (uncredited): Anne O’Neal
  • Last Mail-Bearing Court Officer (uncredited): Harry ‘Snub’ Pollard
  • Macy’s Salesman (uncredited): Lorin Raker
  • Court Officer Bearing Mail (uncredited): Bob Reeves
  • Peter’s Mother (uncredited): Thelma Ritter
  • Security Guard (uncredited): Stephen Roberts
  • Court Officer Bearing Mail (uncredited): John Roy
  • Court Reporter (uncredited): Jeffrey Sayre
  • R.H. Macy’s Secretary (uncredited): Irene Shirley
  • Alice (uncredited): Patty Smith
  • Court Officer Bearing Mail (uncredited): Ray Spiker
  • Mrs. Mara (uncredited): Ann Staunton
  • Guard (uncredited): Brick Sullivan
  • Peter (uncredited): Anthony Sydes
  • Lou (uncredited): Guy Thomajan
  • Affected person (uncredited): Arthur Tovey
  • Bellevue Intern (uncredited): Basil Walker
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  • Music Director: Alfred Newman
  • Editor: Robert L. Simpson
  • Art work Direction: Richard Day
  • Place Decoration: Thomas Small
  • Sound: Roger Heman Sr.
  • Authorized Music Composer: Cyril J. Mockridge
  • Director of Photography: Lloyd Ahern
  • Director: George Seaton
  • Producer: William Perlberg
  • Costume Produce: Charles LeMaire
  • Makeup Artist: Ben Nye
  • Chronicle: Valentine Davies
  • Director of Photography: Charles G. Clarke
  • Visual Effects: Fred Sersen
  • Music: Edward B. Powell
  • Sound: Arthur von Kirbach
  • Art work Direction: Richard Irvine
  • Costume Produce: Kay Nelson
  • Place Decoration: Ernest Lansing
  • Orchestrator: Maurice De Packh
  • Editorial Services and products: Lyman Hallowell
  • Stand In: Sheryl Deauville

Credits to: TheMovieDb


  1. That is regarded as one of many standard vacation pics I will notion each and every year if it’s accessible to me (Oh no; he said “vacation” in region of Christmas. Blasphemy!) So I will neither choose it aside nor reward it to the heavens. The memoir writing is solid and the ensemble solid attain a appropriate job. The indisputable fact that it has been redone so repeatedly speaks for itself. I won’t even strive to evaluate it to the assorted versions. As an more than a few, as I be taught within the Pearls Sooner than Swine funny strip, “The floot-floot did a recount-recount on the jim-jam.” (One more plot of announcing “It is miles what it’s.”)

  2. I assert if someone used to be ever to play the definitive Santa Claus, then it would occupy needed to be Edmund Gwenn. The glint in his scrutinize, the smile and the avuncular glimpse all lends itself so very neatly to this memoir of the Christmas nay-sayers! Subject within the toy department of the legendary Macy’s toy retailer in Original York, we meet this personality who steps in to lend a hand out on the metropolis’s neatly-known parade after their existing “Santa” gets rather too inebriated. An on the spot success with the workers, he’s employed to bustle the shop’s grotto and almost today sales are going through the roof. It turns out that he’s none too true though, and when news reaches his bosses that he’s advising the fogeys the put greater deals on their items could perchance even be got, issues glimpse rather precarious – or has he hit on the final PR notion! Success never comes on my own and resentful of his success determined of us engineer an altercation wherein our “Kris Kringle” finally ends up in court docket. Insisting earlier than discovered decide “Harper” (Gene Lockhart) that he’s indubitably from the North Pole, what now ensues is a droll, sprightly-written, court docket-room drama that requires the prosecutor “Mara” (Jerome Cowan) to display, conclusively, that – neatly… It is miles attention-grabbing that the posters gave high billing to Maureen O’Hara and to John Payne as neither personality are indubitably compulsory as the memoir builds up into the final take a look at of what we think – or, what we decide to think. Gwenn is in his aspect and that is good a form of films that I mediate or no longer it’s no longer doable no longer to treasure – on the least as soon as a year.

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