Film “Scurry”. Opinions and Film Trailer.

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Film Scurry Description
Waverly belief she had her future discovered, she’d begin her medical residency in Toronto after a summer consult with to her of us in Taipei. When her plans with out warning switch, she makes an impulsive detour to a small Canadian metropolis the attach she meets local lifeguard Blake. After he saves her from virtually drowning at a seaside celebration, Blake offers to educate Waverly to swim, and as the teachings continue, the 2 with out warning salvage themselves falling in love.



Canada,United States of America

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  • Waverly Liu: Andrea Bang
  • Blake Hamilton: Robbie Amell
  • Rachel Liu: Michelle Krusiec
  • Jesse: Andrew Bachelor
  • Lena Fletcher: Rukiya Bernard
  • Van: Ghazal Azarbad
  • Isabel Hamilton: Sarah Desjardins
  • Mrs. Liu: Fiona Fu
  • Mr. Liu: Keong Sim
  • Ethan: Tristan Arthurs
  • Limited Girl: Remy Marthaller
  • Kirsten: Mirella Gibeau
  • Limited Boy: Haven Vivero


  • Producer: Shawn Williamson
  • Executive Producer: Noah Segal
  • Producer: Aaron Au
  • Sound Mixer: Brian Lyster
  • Music: Jesse Zubot
  • Producer: Robbie Amell
  • Music: Dan Mangan
  • Executive Producer: Emily Alden
  • Producer: Chris Paré
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Kirby Jinnah
  • Extras Casting: Sandra-Ken Freeman
  • First Assistant Director: Jeremy Doiron
  • Director: Sherren Lee
  • Second Assistant Director: Trevor Zurkan
  • Make-up Department Head: Bev Wright
  • Executive Producer: Sarah Timmins
  • ADR Mixer: Laird Fryer
  • Screenplay: Jesse LaVercombe
  • Costume Make: Florence Barrett
  • Gaffer: Richard Macdonald
  • Stunt Coordinator: Landon Jackle
  • Executive Producer: Allen Lau
  • Visual Results Supervisor: Sophia Jooyeon Lee
  • Casting: Megan Bayliss
  • Executive Producer: Lindsey Weems Ramey
  • Producer: Matthew Kariatsumari
  • Visual Results Producer: Brian Huynh
  • Executive Producer: Jordan Nahmias
  • Space Decoration: David Manske
  • Third Assistant Director: Laurent Piche
  • Producer: Aron Levitz
  • Artwork Course: Sophie Graham
  • Casting: Rebecca Davidson
  • Executive Producer: Eric Lehrman
  • New: Kate Marchant
  • Producer: Jeff Chan
  • Producer: Jamie D. Greenberg
  • Executive Producer: Sandra Karr
  • Editor: Simone Smith
  • Production Make: Jessica Fish
  • Increase Operator: Jakob Weber
  • Hair Department Head: Melissa Neilson
  • Director of Images: Alfonso Chin
  • Sound Results Editor: Taja Jinnah
  • Extras Casting: Ariel Semkow
  • Foley Recordist: Ben Searles
  • Sound Editor: Ian Scott Williams
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