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The Survivor


Movie The Survivor Description
Harry Haft is a boxer who fought fellow prisoners in the focus camps to continue to exist. Skittish by the memories and his guilt, he makes an try to make expend of high-profile fights in opposition to boxing legends worship Rocky Marciano as one method to salvage his first take care of as soon as more.



Canada,United States of The US

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  • Harry Haft: Ben Foster
  • Schneider: Billy Magnussen
  • Miriam Wofsoniker: Vicky Krieps
  • Emory Anderson: Peter Sarsgaard
  • Peretz Haft: Saro Emirze
  • Charley Goldman: Danny DeVito
  • Bill “Pepe” Miller: John Leguizamo
  • Leah Krichinsky: Dar Zuzovsky
  • Jean: Laurent Papot
  • Louis Barclay: Paul Bates
  • Rushka Rinsky: Svetlana Kundish
  • Else: Sonya Cullingford
  • SS Kuttner: Michael Epp
  • Cantor: Erik Contzius
  • Alan Haft: Kingston Vernes
  • Helene Haft: Sophie Knapp
  • Marty Haft: Zachary Golinger
  • Coley Wallace: Charles Brice
  • Referee (Gigantic Fight): Scott Alexander Younger
  • Frankie Carbo: John Guerrasio
  • Blinky Palermo: Pablo Raybould
  • Sarah Lieberman: Amalina Ace
  • Josef Mengele: Bálint Magyar
  • Barman: Márk Szekulesz
  • Michael Lieberman: Aaron Serotsky
  • Physician: Miklós Kapácsy
  • Clerk: Andrew Hefler
  • SS Guard #1: Kristóf Widder
  • Weighmaster: Patrick McCullough
  • Ring Announcer: Peter Linka
  • Lead Guard: Hans Peterson
  • Ronit: Katia Bokor
  • Referee: Stephen Saracco
  • Referee: Björn Freiberg
  • Carnival Barker: Nikos Brisco
  • Roland LaStarza: Alan Jouban
  • Boxing Prisoner #1: Adam Zambryzcki
  • French Heavyweight: András Kovács
  • Boxing Prisoner #2: Gábor Czap
  • Rocky Marciano: Anthony Molinari
  • La Starza’s Coach: Erdei Zsolt
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  • Customary Song Composer: Hans Zimmer
  • Casting: Ellen Chenoweth
  • Co-Producer: David Minkowski
  • Producer: Barry Levinson
  • Editor: Douglas Crise
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Lon Bender
  • Executive Producer: Ben Foster
  • Production Affect: Miljen Kreka Kljaković
  • Artwork Route: Fredda Slavin
  • Executive Producer: Ron McLeod
  • Artwork Route: Branimir Babić
  • Co-Producer: Ildikó Kemény
  • ADR Mixer: Greg Crawford
  • ADR Mixer: Designate DeSimone
  • Costume Affect: Marina Draghici
  • Utility Stunts: Zack Duhame
  • Unit Production Supervisor: Adam Brightman
  • Production Supervisor: Mónika Nagy
  • Producer: Scott Pardo
  • Sound Outcomes Editor: Mariusz Glabinski
  • Discipline Ornament: Melinda Sanders
  • Producer: Aaron L. Gilbert
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Martin Czembor
  • Executive Producer: Ali Jazayeri
  • Foley Mixer: Ryan Collison
  • Foley Artist: Leslie Bloome
  • Director of Photography: George Steel
  • Executive Producer: Jason Fabric
  • Visual Outcomes Producer: Renuka Ballal
  • Make-up Division Head: Lori Hicks
  • Prosthetic Make-up Artist: Jamie Kelman
  • Particular Outcomes Supervisor: Bruno Van Zeebroeck
  • Producer: Jason Sosnoff
  • Make-up Artist: Sanja Milic
  • Artwork Route: Danny Brown
  • ADR Mixer: Scott Cannizzaro
  • Particular Outcomes Make-up Artist: Stephen Prouty
  • Dialogue Editor: Shane Hayes
  • Sound Mixer: Michael Barosky
  • Artwork Route: Géza Kerti
  • Make-up Artist: Ernella Hortobágyi
  • Particular Outcomes Make-up Artist: Rita Horváth
  • Production Sound Mixer: Tamás Csaba
  • Producer: Matti Leshem
  • Compositor: Anteneh Adamu
  • Co-Executive Producer: Matthias Mellinghaus
  • Utter Operator: Norbert Szekeres
  • Accomplice Producer: Bobby Cassidy Jr.
  • Utter Operator: Andrea Pasqualetti
  • ADR Recordist: Kristin Catuogno
  • Sound Outcomes Editor: Alexander Nomick
  • Foley Artist: Joanna Fang
  • Make-up Supervisor: Judit Hornyák
  • Executive Producer: David Gendron
  • Sound Mixer: Kevin Strahm
  • Particular Outcomes Make-up Artist: Todd Watson
  • Screenplay: Justine Juel Gillmer
  • Foley Editor: Alexander Jongbloed
  • Make-up Artist: Szilvia Homolya
  • Key Hair Stylist: Ruth Carsch
  • Utter Operator: Patricia Brolsma
  • Sound Outcomes Editor: John Werner
  • Executive Producer: Richard McConnell
  • Accomplice Producer: David Schuster
  • Stunt Double: Jordan Salmon
  • Discipline Ornament: Nóra Talmaier
  • Stunt Coordinator: Béla Unger
  • Visual Outcomes: Grant Anderson
  • Sound Recordist: Kahlin Whatley
  • Foley Editor: Laura Heinzinger
  • Executive Producer: Ashley Levinson
  • Key Make-up Artist: Angelina Avallone
  • Executive Producer: Adhrucia Apana
  • Visual Outcomes Coordinator: Alexis Sansone
  • Discipline Ornament: Sarah Fredericks
  • Make-up Artist: Mária Schlisser
  • Make-up Artist: Yasmina Smith-Tyson
  • ADR Mixer: Oleg Belogorsky
  • Visual Outcomes Producer: Shannen Miceli
  • Visual Outcomes: Sebastian Romero
  • Stunt Double: István Rubóczki
  • Stunt Double: Ádám Szabó
  • Thanks: Abby Behler
  • Thanks: Abby Goldsberry
  • Thanks: Emily Goldsberry
  • Thanks: Adelle Vinson
  • E book: Alan Scott Haft
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