Movie “Coping with the Undead”. Critiques and Movie Trailer.

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On an abnormally sizzling summer day in Oslo, a abnormal electric topic surrounds the metropolis as a collective migraine spreads across metropolis and the newly deceased awake from loss of life.





Einar Movie,Zentropa Global Norway,Filmiki Etairia,Zentropa Global Sweden


  • Anna: Renate Reinsve
  • David: Anders Danielsen Lie
  • Mahler: Bjørn Sundquist
  • Eva: Bahar Pars
  • Peter: Jan Hrynkiewicz
  • Elias: Dennis Østby Ruud
  • Tora: Bente Børsum
  • Elisabet: Olga Damani
  • Vegetation: Inesa Dauksta
  • Kian: Kian Hansen
  • Doktor: Pinelli Hedda Munthe
  • Den drukna: Anders Dybwad
  • Solglimt kollega: Denise Trankalis
  • Solglimt kollega: Emma Damskau
  • Kaninselger: Andreas Cappelen
  • Begravelsesagent: John Ajvide Lundqvist
  • Reporterstemme (dispute): Monica Csango
  • Politistemme (dispute): Anders Rønning
  • Politistemme (dispute): Gunhild Finne Nilsen
  • (uncredited): Ruth Vega Fernandez
  • (uncredited): Marie Robertson
  • (uncredited): Krister Henriksson


  • Script Consultant: Pierre Hodgson
  • Casting: Celine Engebrigtsen
  • Fresh: John Ajvide Lindqvist
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Tormod Ringnes
  • Govt Producer: Sveinung Golimo
  • Native Casting: Sofia Dimopoulou
  • Special Effects Make-up Artist: Morten Jacobsen
  • Foley Artist: David Silverin
  • Costume Abolish: Bente Ulvik
  • Head of Manufacturing: John Bush
  • Visible Effects Producer: Andreas Hylander
  • Script Supervisor: Aslaug Konradsdottir
  • Steadicam Operator: Michael Tsimperopoulos
  • Costume Assistant: Zoi Xanthi
  • Director of Photography: Pål Ulvik Rokseth
  • Digital Compositor: Alan Banis
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Twisted Holm
  • Manufacturing Abolish: Linda Janson
  • Editor: Trude Lirhus
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Andreas Franck
  • Make-up Artist: Dimitra Giatrakou
  • Co-Producer: Lizette Jonjic
  • Director: Thea Hvistendahl
  • Realizing Artist: Nikolai Lockertsen
  • Sound Designer: Nils Aré Viken
  • Post Manufacturing Supervisor: Vincent Larsson
  • Electrician: David Odstad
  • Grip: Marek Havel
  • Music Producer: Peter Raeburn
  • Sound Recordist: Helge Bodøgaard
  • Producer: Kristin Brand
  • Producer: Guri Neby
  • Editor: Thomas Grotmol
  • Artwork Direction: Mirjam Veske
  • First Assistant Digicam: Sindri Týr Högnason
  • Digital Intermediate Colorist: Darren Rae
  • VFX Supervisor: Otto Thorbjørnsen
  • Gaffer: Levi Gawrock Trøite
  • Dialogue Editor: Andreas Mellkvist
  • Location Decoration: Victoria Wælgaard
  • Visible Effects Coordinator: Simen Tystad Tunold
  • Line Producer: Ola Narum Berg
  • Electrician: Nikos Papathanasis
  • Key Grip: Bo Lundgren
  • Lights Technician: Ole Ulvik Rokseth
  • Child Wrangler: Luise Nes
  • Extra Editor: Jan Arne Storkås
  • Extra Editor: Tormod Berge
  • Extra Editor: Eirik Sildnes
  • First Assistant Director: Cry Fjørtoft
  • Light Photographer: Agnete Brun
  • 2d Assistant Director: Anja Gundersen Gøystdal
  • Co-Producer: Nicholas Alavanos
  • Online Editor: Albin Abrahamsson
  • Govt Producer: Rasmus Krogh
  • Co-Producer: Slash Shumaker
  • Location Scout: Dag Erik Amdam
  • Orchestrator: Paul Campbell
  • Manufacturing Coordinator: Even Standal Vesterhus
  • Script Consultant: Françoise von Roy
  • Co-Producer: Dimitris Logiadis
  • Electrician: Thomas Kristiansen
  • Co-Producer: Kristina Börjeson
  • Post Producer: Håkan Strandhag
  • Digicam Trainee: Christos Vasakakis
  • Electrician: Spiros Angelopoulos
  • Co-Producer: Leif Holst Jensen
  • Movie Processor: Andy Hudson
  • Co-Producer: Pathi Katsoufi
  • Foley Recordist: Elin Kristoffersen
  • Third Assistant Director: Thomas Buch
  • Key Make-up Artist: Terje Rødsjø
  • Govt Producer: Emily Thomas
  • Boost Operator: Henrik Natvig Holst
  • Post Producer: Henriette Løberg-Andersen
  • Graphic Designer: Eleni Valsamaki
  • Govt Producer: Jason Wald
  • Assistant Digicam: Marte Beck
  • Loader: Mats Høiby
  • Manufacturing Accountant: Katinka Haug
  • Electrician: Lene Vaagland
  • Manufacturing Coordinator: Anniken Haugen
  • Props: Torgrim Forbergskog
  • Electrician: Thomas Drange Kristiansen
  • Music Supervisor: Thore Garberg
  • Chippie: Terje Linchausen
  • Location Scout: Nicolay Jacobsen
  • Location Scout: Fredrik Havstein
  • Location Scout: Bror Neby Hilland
  • Location Scout: Marius Hamm
  • Storyboard Artist: Geir Moen
  • Light Photographer: Morten Brun
  • Light Photographer: Ihne Pedersen
  • Movie Processor: Ryan Liddle
  • Movie Processor: John Gurney
  • Govt Producer: Susan Wendt
  • Govt Producer: Sarah Colvin
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  1. A bleak and considerably glowing fragment, “Handling the Undead” had my curiosity the 2nd it changed into once launched. The first act changed into once huge even though, with a haunting and engrossing obtain, which is fixed all over the movie. The ending is BIZARRE even though, and is haunting as successfully. Sadly, it drags all over the middle, and the protagonists act about as human as the zombies. Don’t possess any belief how they managed to waste Renate.

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