Movie “Flee Rabbit Flee”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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Sarah is a fertility doctor with a firm figuring out of the cycle of life. When she is compelled to blueprint sense of the extra and extra weird habits of her young daughter Mia, she must project her have beliefs and confront a ghost from her past.





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  • Sarah: Sarah Snook
  • Mia: Lily LaTorre
  • Albert: Neil Melville
  • Jordie: Katherine Slattery
  • Pete: Damon Herriman
  • Toby: Hugo Soysa
  • Denise: Naomi Rukavina
  • Andrea: Georgina Naidu
  • Keira: Maurial Spearim
  • Nowa: Shabana Azeez
  • Sandy: Trevor Jamieson
  • Joan: Greta Scacchi
  • Alice: Sunny Whelan
  • Gail: Julia Davis
  • Young Sarah: Poppy Skerry
  • Young Joan: Jen Salisbury
  • Runt Sarah: Rosie Mitchell
  • Runt Alice: D’Arcy Carty
  • Alice’s Breaths: Michala Banas
  • Carer: Heather Burridge
  • (uncredited): Genevieve Morris


  • Editor: Chop Meyers
  • Executive Producer: Sarah Snook
  • Producer: Anna McLeish
  • Producer: Sarah Shaw
  • Sound Effects Editor: Tom Heuzenroeder
  • Underwater Digital camera: Clare Plueckhahn
  • Executive Producer: Chop Spicer
  • Executive Producer: Aram Tertzakian
  • Executive Producer: Nate Bolotin
  • Director of Photography: Bonnie Elliott
  • Casting: Allison Meadows
  • Executive Producer: Daina Reid
  • Usual Tune Composer: Mark Bradshaw
  • Manufacturing Invent: Vanessa Cerne
  • Additional Editor: Sean Lahiff
  • Stunt Coordinator: Russell Frost
  • Costume Invent: Marion Boyce
  • Sound Clothier: Robert Mackenzie
  • Makeup & Hair: Angela Conte
  • Executive Producer: D.J. McPherson
  • Visible Effects Supervisor: Murray Curtis
  • Costume Coordinator: Oriana Merullo
  • First Assistant Director: Nathan Croft
  • Executive Producer: Deanne Weir
  • ADR Recordist: Vinny Alfano
  • Affiliate Producer: Katia Nizic
  • Artwork Direction: Loretta Cosgrove
  • Usual Tune Composer: Marcus Whale
  • VFX Artist: Rui Li
  • Extras Casting: Morgan Smallbone
  • Executive Producer: Maxime Cottray
  • Screenplay: Hannah Kent
  • Sound Effects Editor: Justin Spasevski
  • Executive Producer: Jack Christian
  • Second Assistant Director: Dean Fay
  • Foley Editor: Lee Yee
  • Executive Producer: Jake Carter
  • Co-Producer: Naomi Mulholland
  • Third Assistant Director: Sam Hewison
  • Executive Producer: Katie Anderson
  • Executive Producer: Olivia Humphrey
  • Graphic Clothier: Darren Richmond
  • Props: Phoebe Wolf
  • ADR Recordist: Miles Henry
  • Stunt Double: Rebecca Bainger
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