Movie “No Bears”. Experiences and Movie Trailer.

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Iranian director Jafar Panahi, who has been barred from leaving the country, arrives at a village on the Iran-Turkey border to supervise a movie per an true-existence couple searching for passports to Europe being shot in Turkey, nonetheless both his receive and the manufacturing budge into pain.





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  • Jafar Panahi: Jafar Panahi
  • The Sheriff: Naser Hashemi
  • Ghanbar: Vahid Mobaser
  • Bakhtiyar: Bakhtiyar Panjeei
  • Zara: Mina Kavani
  • Ghanbar’s Mother: Narges Delaram
  • Reza: Abdolreza Heydari
  • Solduz: Amir Davar
  • Gozal: Darya Alei
  • Sinan: Sinan Yusufoglu
  • Villager: Rahim Abbasi
  • Kid: Ehsan Ahmad Khanpour
  • Soldier: Iman Bazyar


  • Writer: Jafar Panahi
  • Sound: Mohammad Reza Delpak
  • Director of Photography: Amin Jafari
  • First Assistant Digicam: Amir Mohabbati
  • Government Producer: Nader Saeivar
  • Sound: Abdolreza Heydari
  • Sound: Shahin Khakpour
  • Editor: Amir Etminan
  • Manufacturing Supervisor: Göksel Tuzun
  • First Assistant Digicam: Ali Jafari
  • Line Producer: Sinan Yusufoglu
  • Visible Effects Supervisor: Hamed Mousavi
  • Manufacturing Designer: Babak Jajaie Tabrizi
  • Costume Designer: Leyla Siyahi
  • Sound: Iman Baziyar
  • Sound: Alireza Nekoolal Tak
  • Sound: Salar Salimi
  • Manufacturing Assistant: Aliye Tuzun
  • Visible Effects: Saadad Bastam
  • First Assistant Digicam: Sajad Barati
  • First Assistant Digicam: Sarhat Akram Ashchi

Credit to: TheMovieDb

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  1. Film director Jafar Panahi is prohibited from leaving Iran, but is making an strive and procure a movie in neighbouring Turkey. In reveal to procure that work, he moves to a remote village near the border, the put the communications are barely hit and poke over. With the assist of his obliging host “Ghanbar” (Vahid Mobaseri), though, he tries to procure the steady of it. Before all the pieces, it is a friendly village but when he takes (or would not!) a photograph of a younger couple, he finds himself drawn into an an increasing number of acrid stand-off between two younger men, and their households, to whom a lady would possibly well well perhaps also were betrothed when her umbilical cord used to be decrease. His frustrations with these encroachments are no longer helped by manufacturing difficulties with the two two stars of his documentary-trend movie – proper life followers who are attempting for a technique to procure away, safely, to Paris. There would possibly be the slightest hint of menace right here as the trouble develops and although we take into fable little proper proof, there is a particular sense that this man is an increasing number of unwelcome, despite the platitudes from the villagers, encouraging a sixth-sense feeling that the authorities are distantly staring at this movie-maker. There would possibly be a particular conception of intimidation! What is going to be determined is that these current Iranian folks are living in apprehension of the police, the Modern guard and that barely flies in the face of their accurate, peaceable and hospitable, nature. Now, per chance Panahi’s less-is-extra trend works for some, but for me I stumbled on this all barely a gradual look. He shuffles spherical with little principal dialogue to invent his on-veil persona, nor my hobby in him. Clearly right here is a story about freedom and a originate of subliminal oppression but by some means the characters themselves right here didn’t in actuality invent that theme sufficiently, nor did they in actuality have interaction me. The ending, too, is disappointing and inconclusive in equal measure and I used to be barely underwhelmed. The movie does provide us a piquant depiction of rural life that potentially hasn’t changed in millennia, but by some means I felt little better than a skim on the wall with nowhere near ample to poke on to be half of in. Possibly very finest too a lot of right here depends on a recordsdata by the target audience of this director and of his relationship alongside with his govt.

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