Movie “The Tunnel to Summer, the Exit of Goodbyes”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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Urashima Tunnel – When you enter that tunnel, that it’s likely you’ll gain irrespective of you’ll want to agree with, nevertheless at a tag. Kaoru Tohno, who appears to agree with an elusive persona and demanding previous, and Anzu Hanashiro, who’s struggling to reconcile her ultimate portray and upright-to-heart attitude, team up to study the Urashima Tunnel and gain what they need. This is an unforgettable summer season myth of nostalgia and sprinting in a miles away nation-convey.





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  • Kaoru Tōno (express): Ouji Suzuka
  • Anzu Hanashiro (express): Marie Iitoyo
  • Shōhei Kaga (express): Tasuku Hatanaka
  • Koharu Kawasaki (express): Arisa Komiya
  • Ms. Hamamoto (express): Haruka Terui
  • Kaoru’s Father (express): Rikiya Koyama
  • Karen Tōno (express): Seiran Kobayashi


  • Editor: Akinori Mishima
  • Key Animation: Kazumi Inadome
  • Key Animation: Kunio Katsuki
  • 2nd Unit Director: Tomohisa Taguchi
  • Key Animation: Katsutoshi Nakamura
  • Sound Director: Satoki Iida
  • Producer: Reiko Sasaki
  • Customary Song Composer: Harumi Fuuki
  • Key Animation: Yasuhisa Kato
  • Key Animation: Tomoyuki Kitamura
  • Key Animation: Kazutaka Ozaki
  • Key Animation: Akihiro Izumi
  • Particular Effects: Yuuichi Furuichi
  • Executive Producer: Ryosuke Naya
  • Key Animation: Kanako Maru
  • Sound Effects: Kaori Yamada
  • Executive Producer: Hideyuki Nanba
  • Key Animation: Michio Hasegawa
  • Key Animation: Miho Kawasaki
  • Key Animation: Takayoshi Hayashi
  • Executive Producer: Etsushi Ogawa
  • Artwork Direction: Yuuki Hatakeyama
  • Artwork Vogue designer: Eiko Tsunado
  • Constructing Producer: Ryoichiro Matsuo
  • Key Animation: Sho Yamamoto
  • Color Vogue designer: Saori Goda
  • CGI Director: Tsukasa Saito
  • Assistant Director of Photography: Masashi Uoyama
  • Key Animation: Mitsuaki Hori
  • Key Animation: Kazuo Takigawa
  • 2nd Unit Director: Kanji Miyake
  • Director of Photography: Kou Hoshina
  • Key Animation: Seiji Tachikawa
  • Key Animation: Yusuke Kawabe
  • Key Animation: Yuu Kato
  • Animation Director: Kenji Terao
  • Key Animation: Takeo Shutou
  • Producer: Masayo Kudo
  • Supervising Animation Director: Tomomi Yabuki
  • Key Animation: Daiki Nagata
  • Key Animation: Nobuo Takahashi
  • Sound Mixer: Tomonari Tokuhisa
  • Key Animation: Aya Nasuno
  • Executive Producer: Kazunari Okuma
  • Executive Producer: Nobumasa Sawabe
  • Key Animation: Reiko Okamura
  • On-line Editor: Junichi Arai
  • On-line Editor: Rie Sakurai
  • Persona Vogue designer: KUKKA
  • Original: Mei Hachimoku
  • Executive Producer: Hirofumi Ito
  • Producer: Nao Matsumura
  • Key Animation: Saki Yamada
  • Producer: Naoki Koyama
  • Producer: Taisuke Shikama
  • Song Producer: Masaaki Fujita
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  1. This jogged my memory somewhat somewhat of “Suzume” from earlier this year, finest here now we hang a tunnel rather then a door! It is the identical boy meets woman form scenario – with both Kaoro and Anzu coming from households with tragedy of their most up-to-date ancient previous. Story has it that the Urashima tunnel can grant you one thing you’ll need – alternatively it works out that for 108 seconds in there it takes 3 days off your lifestyles in the staunch world. Kaoro is determined to receive his youthful (and albeit rather annoyingly gripping) sister aid; Anzu to look at the secrets and tactics of her grandfather’s manga writing so she will be able to excel. The 2 meet at a railway station, abet the identical college and step by step bond – discovering and exploring this mysterious tunnel and indirectly questioning excellent what they in truth need from lifestyles. The story does mingle a cautious what you’ll need for narrate with a grass is repeatedly greener one – and the narrative is extremely efficient when it dwells on that scenario. Sadly, even supposing, there is great somewhat of bit too much baggage at some stage in the characterisations, a flee too much teenage angst and even supposing the animation is extremely watchable, the narrative is over-stretched. It is a nice to gaze film, with a excellent ranking, alternatively it be no longer in particular licensed or memorable, I’m worried.

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