Film “Maestro”. Reports and Film Trailer.

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Film Maestro Description
A portrait of Leonard Bernstein’s singular charisma and passion for music as he rose to fame as The US’s first native born, world-approved conductor, all alongside following his ambition to construct both symphonic and standard Broadway works.



United States of The US

Amblin Leisure,Fred Berner Movies,Joint Effort,Sikelia Productions


  • Felicia Montealerge: Carey Mulligan
  • Leonard Bernstein: Bradley Cooper
  • David Oppenheim: Matt Bomer
  • Jamie Bernstein: Maya Hawke
  • Shirley Bernstein: Sarah Silverman
  • Alexander Bernstein: Sam Nivola
  • Jerry Robbins: Michael Urie
  • Tommy Cothran: Gideon Glick
  • Cynthia O’Neal: Miriam Shor
  • Joseph: William Hill
  • Claudio Arrau: Oscar Pavlo
  • Betty Comden: Mallory Portnoy
  • Lil Hart: Sara Sanderson
  • Ellen Adler: Kate Eastman


  • Producer: Steven Spielberg
  • Producer: Martin Scorsese
  • Director of Images: Matthew Libatique
  • Production Make: Kevin Thompson
  • Costume Make: Trace Bridges
  • Producer: Emma Tillinger Koskoff
  • Producer: Bradley Cooper
  • Producer: Todd Phillips
  • Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
  • Producer: Fred Berner
  • Govt Producer: Carla Raij
  • Hair Division Head: Kay Georgiou
  • Stunts: Christopher Region
  • Discipline Decoration: Rena DeAngelo
  • Supervising Art work Director: Deborah Jensen
  • Producer: Kristie Macosko Krieger
  • Screenplay: Josh Singer
  • Script Supervisor: Alexandra Torterotot
  • Stunts: Samantha MacIvor
  • Costume Supervisor: Kate Edwards
  • Camera Operator: P. Scott Sakamoto
  • Costume Supervisor: Kevin Ritter
  • Art work Direction: Ryan Heck
  • Hairstylist: Lori McCoy-Bell
  • Prosthetic Dressmaker: Kazu Hiro
  • Makeup Dressmaker: Sian Grigg
  • Sound Mixer: Steven Morrow
  • Prosthetic Makeup Artist: Duncan Jarman
  • Editor: Michelle Tesoro
  • First Assistant Camera: Aurelia Winborn
  • 2d Assistant Director: Xanthus Valan
  • First Assistant Director: Michele Ziegler
  • Stunt Coordinator: Scott Burik
  • Stunts: Shane Geraghty
  • Casting: Shayna Markowitz
  • Music Coordinator: Trace Graham
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist: Chris Lyons
  • First Assistant “B” Camera: Tim Metivier
  • Sound Effects Editor: Randy Torres
  • Makeup Division Head: Jackie Risotto
  • Discipline Costumer: Vern Malone
  • Discipline Dresser: Dan Decelle
  • Discipline Dresser: Roman Greller
  • Discipline Dresser: Candis Heiland
  • Discipline Dresser: Joe Taglairino
  • Sound: John-Paul Natysin
  • Submit Production Consulting: Nancy Valle
  • Assistant Costume Dressmaker: Gali Noy
  • Hairstylist: Toni Roman-Grimm
  • Hairstylist: Claire Mahony
  • Enhance Operator: Jeanne Gilliland
  • Music Arranger: Christine Bergren
  • Assistant Art work Director: Deborah Wheatley
  • Key Hair Stylist: Jameson Eaton
  • Discipline Costumer: Kat St. John
  • Producer: Amy Durning
  • Researcher: Chris Moraitis
  • Stunts: Jen Egan
  • Visual Effects: Leah Sargent
  • Lighting fixtures Technician: David Hallas
  • Sound: Christy Illius
  • Makeup Artist: Madison McLain
  • Rigging Gaffer: Peter Schall
  • Govt Producer: Weston Middleton
  • Discipline Dresser: Shane Claire Strano
  • Makeup Artist: Bri Trischitta
  • Discipline Dresser: Brandon Boyles
  • Standby Art work Director: Ellie Jones
  • Assistant Art work Director: Jurasama Arunchai
  • Makeup Artist: Mary Chipman
  • Hairstylist: Chad Harlow
  • Grip: Gus Margiotta
  • Hairstylist: Matthew Inexperienced
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Film Title: “Maestro”

In the sphere of cinema, every movie is a particular creation, a definite legend able to be taught. Maestro, the latest addition to this ever-evolving universe, takes its audience on an unforgettable lunge that is no longer moral visually beautiful however emotionally profound. As a cinephile, I had the privilege of experiencing this movie and am angry to share my suggestions on this review.

Discipline and Storytelling:

Maestro” tells a myth that is both intimate and myth in scale. The myth is a rollercoaster of emotions, starting from heart-wrenching moments to exhilarating triumphs.
What units “Maestro” apart is its capability to place with the audience on a deeply emotional level.
The characters are fantastically developed, and their say all the way by the movie is both relatable and full of life.

Direction and Cinematography:

The movie is a visual masterpiece, an very excellent testament to the art of filmmaking. The director’s imaginative and prescient is realized with outstanding precision, making every frame a murals. “Maestro” cinematography is breathtaking, with scenes that are a feast for the eyes. The utilization of coloration, lighting, and digital camera angles enhances the emotional impression of every scene, making it an immersive trip.


The solid of “Maestro” delivers prominent performances. The supporting solid is equally impressive, alongside with layers to the legend with their outstanding performing talents. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, and or no longer it’s a joy to glance their interactions on show.

Soundtrack and Rating:

The music in “Maestro” is a character in itself. The soundtrack enhances the movie’s emotional lunge, bettering the audience’s connection to the legend. From heart-wrenching melodies to pulse-pounding compositions, the music adds a layer of depth that is incessantly missing in stylish cinema.

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Maestro” is a cinematic gem that transcends the boundaries of the medium. It be a testament to the energy of storytelling, art, and human connection.
This movie is a have to-glance for anyone who appreciates the magic of cinema. This can recede you both emotionally moved and intellectually stimulated, making it a outstanding addition to the sphere of movie.
Don’t omit the different to embark on this unforgettable cinematic lunge.

So, salvage your tickets, establish into your seats, and put together to be spellbound by “Maestro“, a movie that can linger in your suggestions lengthy after the credit roll.

Film Reports

  • Manuel São Bento: FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @

    “Maestro exceeds expectations, certifying Bradley Cooper as a filmmaker with innate capability, moral like Leonard Bernstein, who the weak portrays brilliantly.

    An inspirational biopic focused on an exponentially compelling romance elevated by emotionally staunch performances crammed with intensely, passionately reliable interactions. Carey Mulligan joins the actor/director within the rush for awards with a outstanding, spectacular uncover that can elevate tears to even less easy viewers.

    Technically super, the conductor’s music induces many chills within the audience by a myth about like, household, creative passion, and the general obstacles and dilemmas that arise from them.”

    Rating: A-

Credits: TheMovieDb