Film “Stunning Tall”. Evaluations and Movie Trailer.

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Eleven year outdated school gaming enthusiast Hedvig finds her life turned upside down when she must always step into the footwear of her father, who’s the metropolis’s secret superhero, sooner than expected. Diminutive does she know, this can lead her on a hump of self-discovery by which she will be able to show her internal hero, regardless of an absence of wide strength, glide or coordination.





Qvisten Animation


  • Hedvig: Hennika Eggum Huuse
  • Thomas: Todd Bishop Monrad Vistven
  • Adrian: Johannes Kjærnes
  • Tall Lion: Tobias Santelmann
  • Grandma: Kari Simonsen
  • Teacher: Henriette Friis Marø
  • Aunt: Line Verndal
  • Uncle: Atle Antonsen
  • Information Reporter: Desta Marie Beeder
  • Mom: Charlotte Frogner


  • Creator: Kamilla Krogsveen
  • Director: Rasmus A. Sivertsen
  • Editor: Morten Rørvig

Credit to: TheMovieDb

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  1. I rather enjoyed this. A diminutive city with a rather precarious overhanging rock gets by day-to-day with the wait on of their very have local superhero. He’s called “Huge-Lion” and he lives quietly with his daughter ‘Hedvig” who’s reasonably of a gaming addict. When tasked to care for out the laundry, she has reasonably of a mishap and dad’s empowering suit is now half of the scale it wants to be! Presumably or now now not it’s serendipity? Per chance it’s some distance time for him at hand on the baton to his successor sooner than chaos engulfs their neighborhood. Nicely, perchance, rather than she proves to be reasonably hapless in training – despite the becoming efforts of her father, and her grandmother! The job is hereditary, and so dad spreads his gain reasonably wider to consist of his rather finished, if fleshy of himself, young nephew “Adrian” who takes to the aim admire a duck to water. The suit makes of us stronger however it additionally augments their much less handsome traits and so rapidly the contemporary “Huge-Lion” starts to turn out to be reasonably of a selfish felony responsibility. Can dad, his have predecessor (grannie) and young “Hedvig” put the day? Or now now not it’s rather an involving animation that bashes a pair of stereotypes about the pinnacle and provides us some collaborating characterisations for eighty minutes that detect at decision, loyalty and friendship alongside with providing a pair of slapstick, life-saving, comedy scenarios. The animation itself is reasonably fundamental, and it’s annoyingly over-scored at instances, however it did deserve to be viewed by greater than excellent me within the cinema.

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