Movie “Casablanca”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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Movie Casablanca Description
In Casablanca, Morocco, in December 1941, a cynical American expatriate meets a feeble lover with unforeseen issues.



United States of The united states

Warner Bros. Pictures


  • Rick Blaine: Humphrey Bogart
  • Ilsa Lund: Ingrid Bergman
  • Victor Laszlo: Paul Henreid
  • Captain Louis Renault: Claude Rains
  • Most main Heinrich Strasser: Conrad Veidt
  • Signor Ferrari: Sydney Greenstreet
  • Ugarte: Peter Lorre
  • Carl: S.Z. Sakall
  • Yvonne: Madeleine Lebeau
  • Sam: Dooley Wilson
  • Annina Brandel: Joy Internet page
  • Berger: John Qualen
  • Sascha: Leonid Kinskey
  • Pickpocket: Curt Bois
  • Guest at Rick’s (uncredited): Enrique Acosta
  • Bar Patron (uncredited): Ed Agresti
  • Refugee at Rick’s (uncredited): Louis V. Arco
  • Overseer (uncredited): Frank Arnold
  • Dealer at Rick’s (uncredited): Leon Belasco
  • Gendarme (uncredited): Nino Bellini
  • Waiter on the Blue Parrot (uncredited): Oliver Blake
  • American (uncredited): Monte Blue
  • Policeman (uncredited): Eugene Borden
  • Native Officer (uncredited): Dick Botiller
  • Baccarat Dealer at Rick’s (uncredited): Maurice Brierre
  • Bearded Man in Avenue Searching at Aircraft in Flight (uncredited): Sebastian Cabot
  • Lady Companion (uncredited): Anita Camargo
  • American (uncredited): George M. Carleton
  • Guest at Rick’s (uncredited): Spencer Chan
  • Oriental at Rick’s (uncredited): Melie Chang
  • Commuter at Educate Location (uncredited): Tex Cooper
  • Waiter at Rick’s (uncredited): Gino Corrado
  • French Police Officer (uncredited): Franco Corsaro
  • Concierge (uncredited): Adrienne D’Ambricourt
  • Emil – Croupier at Rick’s (uncredited): Marcel Dalio
  • Jan Brandel (uncredited): Helmut Dantine
  • Orderly (uncredited): Jean De Briac
  • Lt. Casselle (uncredited): George Dee
  • Police Officer (uncredited): Jean Del Val
  • Arab Guest with Fez (uncredited): Carl Deloro
  • Moroccan (uncredited): Joseph DeVillard
  • News Provider (uncredited): Arthur Dulac
  • 2nd Contact Man at Rick’s (uncredited): William Edmunds
  • Englishman Questioning On line casino’s Honesty (uncredited): Herbert Evans
  • Singing Frenchman (uncredited): Fred Farrell
  • Gambler at Rick’s (uncredited): Adolph Faylauer
  • Conspirator (uncredited): O.K. Ford
  • Headwaiter at Rick’s (uncredited): Martín Garralaga
  • German Banker Refused by Rick (uncredited): Gregory Gaye
  • Cashier at Rick’s (uncredited): Gregory Golubeff
  • Mrs. Leuchtag – Carl’s Immigrating Buddy (uncredited): Ilka Grüning
  • Customer (uncredited): Creighton Hale
  • Englishwoman (uncredited): Winifred Harris
  • Muezzini (uncredited): Jamiel Hasson
  • Aged Admirer (uncredited): Arthur Stuart Hull
  • Pickpocketed Prosperous Man (uncredited): Olaf Hytten
  • Italian Officer Tonnelli (uncredited): Charles La Torre
  • Haggling Arab Monkey Seller (uncredited): George J. Lewis
  • Policeman (uncredited): Manuel Lopez
  • Moor Searching to search out Diamonds (uncredited): Jacques Lory
  • Narrator (affirm) (uncredited): Lou Marcelle
  • Bartender (uncredited): Tony Martelli
  • Rick’s Buddy (uncredited): George Meeker
  • Policeman (uncredited): Lal Chand Mehra
  • Arab Guest with Fez (uncredited): Hercules Mendez
  • Conspirator (uncredited): Louis Mercier
  • Dutch Banker at Cafe Table (uncredited): Torben Meyer
  • French Officer Insulting Yvonne (uncredited): Alberto Morin
  • Fydor (uncredited): Leo Mostovoy
  • Singer with Guitar (uncredited): Corinna Mura
  • Gambler at Rick’s (uncredited): Barry Norton
  • Lady Promoting Her Diamonds (uncredited): Lotte Palfi Andor
  • Paul – Waiter at Rick’s (uncredited): Paul Panzer
  • Guest at Rick’s (uncredited): Manuel París
  • Croupier (uncredited): Alexander Pollard
  • Arab Provider (uncredited): Frank Puglia
  • Conspirator (uncredited): Georges Renavent
  • Bouncer at Rick’s (uncredited): Dewey Robinson
  • Col. Heinz – Strasser’s Aide (uncredited): Richard Ryen
  • Abdul (uncredited): Dan Seymour
  • Refugee (uncredited): Lester Sharpe
  • Lady Customer (uncredited): Dina Smirnova
  • Pickpocketed Englishman (uncredited): Gerald Oliver Smith
  • Native Officer (uncredited): George Sorel
  • Customer (uncredited): Geoffrey Steele
  • Mr. Leuchtag (uncredited): Ludwig Stössel
  • Gambler (uncredited): Mike Tellegen
  • Man Turning Propeller at Airport (uncredited): Rafael Trujillo
  • Frenchman (uncredited): Jacques Vanaire
  • Lady Gambler at Rick’s Next to Croupier (uncredited): Ellinor Vanderveer
  • Companion of Pickpocketed Englishman (uncredited): Norma Varden
  • German Officer with Yvonne (uncredited): Hans Heinrich von Twardowski
  • Waiter (uncredited): Jack Wise
  • Man with Expired Papers (uncredited): Wolfgang Zilzer
  • Baccarat Participant at Rick’s (uncredited): Trude Berliner
  • Native Introducing Ferrari (uncredited): Paul Porcasi
  • Gambler (uncredited): Max Linder
  • Moroccan Boy (uncredited): Frank Mazzola
  • German Officer (uncredited): Henry Rowland
  • Emile – Waiter (uncredited): Leo White
  • Prosperous Tourist (uncredited): Paul Irving
  • Guest at Rick’s (uncredited): Brandon Seashore
  • Guest at Rick’s (uncredited): Victor Romito
  • Provider (uncredited): Michael Price
  • Carrier provider (uncredited): Bhogwan Singh
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  • Director of Photography: Arthur Edeson
  • Space Style designer: Harper Goff
  • Govt Producer: Jack L. Warner
  • Screenplay: Julius J. Epstein
  • Screenplay: Philip G. Epstein
  • Editor: Owen Marks
  • Long-established Track Composer: Max Steiner
  • Director: Michael Curtiz
  • Producer: Hal B. Wallis
  • Art Direction: Carl Jules Weyl
  • Space Decoration: George James Hopkins
  • Costume Invent: Orry-Kelly
  • Makeup Artist: Perc Westmore
  • Sound Style designer: Francis J. Scheid
  • Stunts: Harvey Parry
  • Theatre Play: Murray Burnett
  • Theatre Play: Joan Alison
  • Screenplay: Howard Koch
  • Track: Hugo Friedhofer
  • Other: Don Siegel
  • Track Director: Leo F. Forbstein
  • Assistant Director: Lee Katz
  • Special Outcomes: Lawrence W. Butler
  • Special Outcomes: Willard Van Enger
  • Other: James Leicester
  • Songs: M.K. Jerome
  • Stunts: Paul Stader
  • Unit Publicist: Bob Williams
  • Songs: Jack Scholl
  • Unit Supervisor: Al Alleborn
  • Sound Recordist: Edward Ullman
  • Digicam Operator: Mike Joyce

Credits: TheMovieDb


  1. “All individuals comes to Rick’s,” or so they are saying. It be the center of WWII, and one evening a sure girl walks into Rick Blaine’s popular cafe. As the familiar notes of “As Time Goes By” float by the hazy ambiance of the cafe, Rick’s lifestyles begins to obtain genuinely sophisticated. The head-notch cast is, I deem, a sizable phase of what makes this movie so memorable, and tons-heralded by the years. The script is truly neatly-written and absorbing. My perfect criticism is, how could well moreover they assemble one thing so awful as killing off Peter Lorre in some unspecified time in the future of the principle quarter of the movie?

    Would I counsel? Total, yes. There’s a motive of us cite this as one among the most effective movies ever made. Although there are others I treasure a long way more, it is terribly, very staunch.

  2. It be crucial to keep in mind this…

    Are my eyes genuinely brown?

    Casablanca is one among these movies that wants no introduction – or truly – any further in-depth dissection as to its rate. Over time it has turn out to be one among potentially the most quoted ever photographs (once in a while wrongly), and actually it is arguably more iconic than it is miles a murals work. Although a actually “A” record manufacturing for 1942, truth is no person in and in some unspecified time in the future of the movie anticipated it to be the rest rather then an correct share that will build bums on the seats in the theatres. Solidly obtained on liberate and using in on the wave of the Allies inroads into North Africa, Casablanca progressively overcame the unparalleled discussed manufacturing troubles (the script changed into once practically rewritten each day) to be where it is now, one among potentially the most cherished movie’s of all time.

    I’d no longer mention Paris, it is uncomfortable salesmanship!

    So what’s it about Casablanca that makes it so cherished and adored by every and each generation?. I stunning know that at any time after I peep it (yearly) it is treasure falling in esteem yet again, every viewing brings a soundless and emotionally pushed fulfilment. Tears float, unhappy ones and happy ones, an overriding feeling that romantic idealism is now not the least bit times lifeless, to which Casablanca becomes my deepest anecdote buster. Thematic redemption brings a joyous reward, even as our daydreams about lost probabilities and lost loves hangs heavy in and around Rick’s Café Américain. The total lot about Casablanca is apt, from the flawless path (Michael Curtiz) to the iconic music, and naturally the lovely characters which would per chance be dropped at lifestyles by the incredibly tight and effective cast. It’ll moreover merely no longer be the most effective movie of all time, nonetheless to me, and these that let it into their lives, it is one among the most effective chums someone could well moreover ever hope to contain. 10/10

  3. I’ve stunning seen this on a sizable display veil veil for the principle time in over thirty years – no enhancements, 4K, HD – stunning as Michael Curtiz saw it support in 1942 and it is miles a cracking share of cinema. “Rick Blaine” (Humphrey Bogart) runs his Casablanca café as a literal oasis in the North African desolate tract – a refuge for all forms fleeing the oppression of the Nazis in nearby Europe. Enter “Ilsa” (Ingrid Bergman) and her husband, a Czech resistance leader “Hector Lazlo” (Paul Henried) and we deem about that “Rick” and her contain a previous, and when the pursuing “Maj. Strasser” (Conrad Veidt) and native police chief Claude Rains (“Capt. Renault”) obtain fervent on this cocktail of deceit and duplicity issues progressively come to the boil in a wonderfully evocative, sophisticated style. Bogart and Bergman positively smoulder; the chemistry is electrical – she, as customary, would now not actually act – she is stunning herself, and that is all she wants to assemble. Rains is worthy as the conniving policeman as is Veidt handing over the quite sparse, nonetheless no less potent, dialogue perfectly. Savor a complete lot of the most effective movies, the main to right here’s it is (seemingly easy) simplicity – and this one moreover has a ultimate searching musical rating to complement the tensely directed, eerily shot, anecdote augmented by an massively gifted supporting cast with the likes of Peter Lorre and the perfectly sleazy Sydney Greenstreet. There changed into once a worthy deal noxious and inhibiting with the “studio machine” that prevailed at the time, nonetheless when it did work it’ll moreover pull collectively an unheard of series of of us in front of, and behind the digicam and make masterpieces treasure this.

  4. **No doubt one of the most effective motion photographs of all time.**

    Now not like some of us, I contain that there are perfect motion photographs. It would now not happen without danger, nonetheless they assemble exist, and I’m soft sure right here’s one among them. A classic in its have apt, which has withstood the take a look at of time and continues to assemble sympathies recently, it is one among potentially the most prominent movies in American cinema, a work that goes previous aesthetics, art work and culture, and which, over the a long time, turned phase of the collective memory, phase of the common cultural heritage.

    The movie changed into once made in 1942, in the midst of World Battle II, and its manufacturing changed into once conditioned by severe restrictions on the utilization of uncooked materials judicious crucial for the American struggle effort. So many of the objects are recycled, they had been old in a preference of other Warner movies and tailored right here. One other narrate final result that the struggle dropped at this movie is the huge amount of valid refugees that made up the technical team of workers and the extras, and who’re deeply emotionally moved in that great scene where the French anthem, sung with all their lungs, thoroughly drowns out the chorus of German officers whereas singing a patriotic march.

    The script brings us a esteem anecdote: Rick and Ilsa meet and tumble in esteem fleet in Paris. Nonetheless, after about a days, the arrival of the victorious Germans in the metropolis forces them to flit, and makes her contain to end the romance. Years later, Rick finds himself established with a bar in the metropolis of Casablanca, in a phase of Morocco controlled by the Free France, and where many refugees drink, gamble and glimpse the money major to pay the passes and visas that the authorities query so that you just’ll want to per chance head to Portugal, a neutral country where they can, in the event that they wish, head to the US. It is there that the two lovers pause up meeting yet again, in the midst of a sing that moreover features a contaminated French officer, a ruthless German officer and two stolen passes, which all individuals appears to be like to settle on.

    The forged is elegantly led by two of the most effective stars of their time: on the one hand, the heartthrob Humphrey Bogart, with his characteristic command and pose, impeccable in one among potentially the most total and highly effective works of his profession. He knew perfectly how you would moreover give his personality a stress-free dose of cynicism, self-centeredness and disenchantment. On the opposite hand, the soft and incandescent Ingrid Bergman in one among her lifestyles’s works. The movie moreover has staunch performances by several supporting actors, comparable to Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet, Conrad Veidt and moreover Paul Henreid and Claude Rains.

    Technically, we have worthy reward for the masterful path of Michael Curtiz, who had the data to present the movie the tempo, atmosphere and elegance it major so that you just’ll want to per chance flourish and marvel. With discreet manufacturing values ​​and an effort to accept as true with prices, the movie aloof under no circumstances feels cheap, and there could be under no circumstances a moment where we are able to instruct that we did now not contain money to buy a sure prop, to bolster a thunder situation or costume. The cinematography works completely, and the filming work appears to be like to had been impeccable, with some strategic and neatly-positioned zooms marking potentially the most dramatic scenes and the juiciest dialogues. The soundtrack would now not contain very resonant topics, nonetheless it is very no longer possible to put out of your mind “As Time Goes By” after we contain now seen this movie.

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