Movie “Home On my own 2: Misplaced in New York”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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Home On my own 2: Misplaced in New York


Movie Home On my own 2: Misplaced in New York Description
As an different of flying to Florida with his folk, Kevin finally ends up alone in New York, where he will get a hotel room with his dad’s credit score card—no topic concerns from a clerk and meddling bellboy. Nonetheless when Kevin runs into his damaged-down nemeses, the Wet Bandits, he is definite to foil their plans to rob a toy retailer on Christmas Eve.



United States of The United States

20th Century Fox,Hughes Entertainment


  • Kevin McCallister: Macaulay Culkin
  • Marv Murchins: Daniel Stern
  • Harry Lyme: Joe Pesci
  • Kate McCallister: Catherine O’Hara
  • Peter McCallister: John Heard
  • Pigeon Lady: Brenda Fricker
  • Concierge: Tim Curry
  • Buzz McCallister: Devin Ratray
  • Frank McCallister: Gerry Bamman
  • Bellman: Rob Schneider
  • Jeff McCallister: Michael C. Maronna
  • Leslie McCallister: Terrie Snell
  • Megan McCallister: Hillary Wolf
  • Linnie McCallister: Maureen Elisabeth Shay
  • Desk Clerk: Dana Ivey
  • Mr. Duncan: Eddie Bracken
  • Fuller McCallister: Kieran Culkin
  • Rod McCallister: Jedidiah Cohen
  • Tracy McCallister: Senta Moses
  • Sondra McCallister: Diana Rein
  • Brooke McCallister: Anna Slotky
  • Model Model: Leigh Zimmerman
  • Gangster: Ralph Foody
  • Gangster – ‘Dame’: Clare Hoak
  • Resort Operator: Monica Devereux
  • Ding-Dang-Dong Host: Bob Eubanks
  • Celeb #1: Rip Taylor
  • Celeb #2: Jaye P. Morgan
  • Celeb #3: Jimmie Walker
  • Contestant #1: Patricia Devereux
  • Contestant #2: Aimee Devereux
  • Skycap O’Hare #1: A.M. Columbus
  • Skycap O’Hare #2: Joe Liss
  • Agent #3 – NY Gate / O’Hare: Teri McEvoy
  • Rate Agent (New York): Ally Sheedy
  • Rate Taker: Harry Hutchinson
  • Rate Taker / Proof Specialist: Clarke Devereux
  • Flight Attendant: Sandra Macat
  • Flight Attendant: Venessia Valentino
  • Man on Plane: Andre Lachaumette
  • Peter Glance Alike: Rick Shafer
  • Officer Bennett: Rod Sell
  • Cop in Times Sq.: Ron Canada
  • Cop in Central Park: Cedric Young
  • Spellbinding Cop in Central Park #1: William D’Ambra
  • Spellbinding Cop in Central Park #2: Designate Morettini
  • Cliff: Fred Krause
  • Security Guard: James Cole
  • Donald Trump: Donald Trump
  • Doorman: Warren Rice
  • Plaza Advertising and marketing and marketing Director: Thomas Civitano
  • Waiter: Daniel Dassin
  • Health Club Lady: Donna Sunless
  • Bead Provider: Abdoulaye NGom
  • Airport Van Driver: Peter Pantaleo
  • Airport Driver: Michael Hansen
  • Limo Driver: Michael Goldfinger
  • Cab Driver: Mario Todisco
  • Sergeant in Toy Store: Anthony Cannata
  • Runt Lady in Toy Store: Eleanor Columbus
  • Streetwalker #1: Karen Giordano
  • Streetwalker #2: Fran McGee
  • Drowsing Man: Leonard Tepper
  • Geeky Child: Kevin Thomas
  • Helicopter Pilot: Al Cerullo
  • Central Park Ice Skater (uncredited): Dan Buckman
  • Parent at Christmas Play (uncredited): Laurence S. Chess
  • Man in Toy Store (uncredited): Chris Columbus
  • Choir Boy (uncredited): Jonathon Gentry
  • Child within the Airport (uncredited): Eric Ian
  • Lady with Browsing Derive (uncredited): Karen Jensen-Clark
  • Choir Singer (uncredited): Jeffrey Landman
  • Choir Member (uncredited): Eden Riegel
  • Airport College Pupil (uncredited): Mike Sode
  • Pedestrian (uncredited): Paul Zimmerman
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  • Customary Tune Composer: John Williams
  • Editor: Raja Gosnell
  • Production Sort: Sandy Veneziano
  • Role Dressmaker: Donald B. Woodruff
  • Casting: Janet Hirshenson
  • Casting: Jane Jenkins
  • Put Manager: T.J. Healy II
  • Govt Producer: Duncan Henderson
  • Role Decoration: Marvin March
  • Director: Chris Columbus
  • Govt Producer: Designate Radcliffe
  • Producer: John Hughes
  • Director of Pictures: Julio Macat
  • Costume Sort: Jay Hurley
  • Sound Editor: Dino DiMuro
  • Casting Assistant: Michael Hirshenson
  • Art Division Coordinator: James Nedza
  • 2nd Unit Director of Pictures: Freddie Hice
  • Role Decoration: George DeTitta Sr.
  • Affiliate Editor: Tim Silano
  • 2nd Assistant Director: Geoffrey Hansen
  • Camera Operator: Anastas N. Michos
  • Makeup Artist: Joseph A. Campayno
  • Leadman: Daniel B. Clancy
  • Art Direction: Steven J. Jordan
  • Govt Producer: Richard Vane
  • Assistant Editor: Plummy Tucker
  • Production Put of enterprise Assistant: Ron Vignone
  • Production Coordinator: Kathleen M. Courtney
  • Costume Supervisor: Mickey Antonetti
  • Gaffer: Morris Flam
  • Key Makeup Artist: Linda Melazzo
  • Key Hair Stylist: Linda Rizzuto
  • First Assistant Director: James Giovannetti Jr.
  • Pilot: Al Cerullo
  • Put Manager: Jan Foster
  • Construction Coordinator: Robert DiGrigoli
  • Scoring Mixer: Shawn Murphy
  • Orchestrator: John Neufeld
  • ADR Supervisor: Mary Andrews
  • Coloration Timer: David Orr
  • Stunts: John Cenatiempo
  • ADR Enlighten Casting: Barbara Harris
  • Foley: James Moriana
  • Foley: Jeffrey Wilhoit
  • First Assistant Camera: Phil Abraham
  • Camera Operator: Dennis Smith
  • Director of Pictures: Douglas F. O’Neons
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Alan Rankin
  • Construction Foreman: Bruce DiValerio
  • Construction Coordinator: Cal DiValerio
  • Property Grasp: Douglas E. Madison
  • Art Direction: Daniel Maltese
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Kevin E. Chippie
  • Art Direction: Gary A. Lee
  • Construction Foreman: Gary Deaton
  • Sound Editor: Jay B. Richardson
  • Dialogue Editor: Randy Kelley
  • Property Grasp: Ann Miller
  • Assistant Production Coordinator: Christie Colliopoulos
  • Govt In Price Of Production: Krystyna Demkowicz
  • Foley Editor: Richard Dwan Jr.
  • Role Dressmaker: Stephen Dane
  • Sound Editor: Frank Smathers
  • Dialogue Editor: Chris Hogan
  • Foley Editor: Dan Hegeman
  • Foley Editor: Steve Mann
  • Script Supervisor: Jan Evans
  • Assistant Costume Dressmaker: Jennifer Jobst
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Chris Chippie
  • Handiest Boy Electrician: Andy Day
  • Role Dresser: Jim Fredericks
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Robert Batha
  • Stunts: Lane Leavitt
  • Foley Editor: Kelly Oxford
  • Hairstylist: John Quaglia
  • Seamstress: Jane Easy
  • Construction Coordinator: Edward England
  • Dialogue Editor: Dan M. Rich
  • Special Effects: John Fontana
  • Special Effects: Scott Forbes
  • Special Effects: John Ottesen
  • Craft Service: Raymond Bulinski
  • First Assistant Camera: Angelo Di Giacomo
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Rick Hart
  • Handiest Boy Electric: Paul Caven
  • Production Put of enterprise Assistant: Donald Murphy
  • Sound Mixer: James R. Alexander
  • Verbalize Operator: Jeffrey A. Williams
  • Gaffer: Colin J. Campbell
  • First Assistant Camera: Robert C. Carlson
  • Key Grip: Morgan Michael Lewis
  • Key Grip: Mike Miller
  • Verbalize Operator: Greg Agalsoff
  • Special Effects: Ron Ottesen
  • Sound Recordist: Tim Webb
  • Adverse Cutter: Gary Burritt
  • Special Effects: Bill Kennedy
  • Craft Service: Rick Chavez
  • Leadman: Bruce Swanson
  • Sound Recordist: Bob Balzarini
  • Production Put of enterprise Assistant: Patty Willett
  • Greensman: Philip C. Hurst
  • Role Dressmaker: Karen Fletcher Trujillo
  • First Assistant Director: Jacolyn Baker
  • Imprint Painter: Robert E. Knight
  • Put Scout: Randy Sokol
  • Grip: Chris Freres
  • Casting Assistant: Susanna Griffith
  • Property Grasp: William D’Ambra
  • Assistant Property Grasp: David J. Chamerski
  • Production Put of enterprise Assistant: John Gleeson
  • Put Manager: Charles Zalben
  • Production Put of enterprise Assistant: George Patterson
  • Production Put of enterprise Assistant: Christo Morse
  • Electrician: Designate Purkart
  • Grip: Fernando M. Briones
  • ADR Editor: Jeff Watts
  • Leadman: Jack Eberhart
  • First Assistant Camera: Donald Carlson
  • Grip: Bradley T. Matthys
  • Electrician: Dennis J. Leahy
  • Dolly Grip: Danial Miller
  • Camera Operator: Lex duPont
  • Role Production Assistant: Bob Saunders
  • Animal Wrangler: Doree Sitterly
  • Animal Wrangler: Joy Green
  • Animal Wrangler: Mac Embury
  • Animal Wrangler: Designate Jackson
  • Animal Wrangler: Roland Raffler
  • Animal Wrangler: Wally Ross
  • Grip: Don Miller
  • ADR Editor: Willy Hoyte
  • Assistant Editor: Chris Boscardin
  • Assistant Editor: Moonstar Greene
  • Assistant Editor: Wendi Jill Raderman
  • Assistant Production Coordinator: Gary MacPherson
  • Assistant Production Coordinator: Sharon Kaczala
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Liz Kentin
  • Handiest Boy Electrician: John S. Robertson
  • Handiest Boy Electrician: John Swanders
  • Verbalize Operator: Kevin Meehan
  • Dolly Grip: Ed Quinn
  • Electrician: Sublime Cecchini
  • Electrician: Mel P. Mack
  • Electrician: Theodore A. Corso
  • First Assistant Editor: Fred C. Vitale
  • Gaffer: John Hudecek
  • Grip: James Nelson
  • Grip: James Rooizda
  • Grip: Designate E. Matthys
  • Put Scout: Michael Nickodem
  • Production Accountant: Lori Koravos
  • Production Put of enterprise Assistant: Mia Wicklund
  • Role Production Assistant: Jeff Richman
  • Sound Mixer: Peter Ilardi
  • Sound Recordist: Tony Araki
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Movie Opinions

  • Peter89Spencer: I’m ashamed to confess it, however I admire this sequel greater than the foremost one!

    New York is an very excellent city in The United States. A long way more very excellent at Christmas!

  • Andre Gonzales: Fair as correct because the foremost. I essentially like this one greater then the foremost. It’d be ugly to be alone in a hugh city. Especially as a young kid. This movie is plenty funnier then the foremost one too.
  • CinemaSerf: Despite the indisputable truth that no longer reasonably as unparalleled fun because the new, this is now not essentially an half incorrect apply-up. The inspiration is a dinky bit too convoluted surroundings the scene as this time the family plod to Florida however a final minute mix-up on the airport sends “Kevin” (Macauley Culkin) to New York. At the muse a dinky worried, he heads – armed with his dad’s credit score card – straight to the Plaza Resort where he goes a dinky bonkers with the room provider and catches the attention of suspicious concierge Tim Curry. Whereas out exploring, the currently released Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern bump into him and think to dispute their revenge – no longer sooner than telling him of their fearless knowing to rob a toy retailer. Clearly he escapes their clutches, and hasty decides to steal a search for at to thwart their thievery – as most efficient he can. Curry is on correct perform right here, as is true about all and sundry else because the slapstick hits overdrive and the paint pots, a nail gun and even an damaged-down cannon fetch progressive original makes vow of. It’s miles an correct group effort, this – with deal of snug humour and humorous antics. Possibly loyal a dinky too long, the silly tale begins to keep on a dinky skinny however Chris Columbus has built well on the foremost movie, with most efficient ample variation from that one whilst essentially keeping the story the an analogous.

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  1. I’m ashamed to admit it, however I adore this sequel higher than the predominant one!

    Original York is an fabulous city in The United States. Great more fabulous at Christmas!

  2. Correct as correct because the predominant. I in reality adore this one higher then the predominant. It would maybe perchance be hideous to be by myself in a hugh city. Especially as a young kid. This film is loads funnier then the predominant one too.

  3. Though now not rather as essential enjoyable because the distinctive, this is now not an half of depraved prepare-up. The starting is a chunk of too convoluted environment the scene as this time the family lumber to Florida however a last minute combine-up on the airport sends “Kevin” (Macauley Culkin) to Original York. Before the total lot a chunk worried, he heads – armed alongside with his dad’s credit score card – straight to the Plaza Resort where he goes a chunk bonkers with the room carrier and catches the distinction of suspicious concierge Tim Curry. Whereas out exploring, the fair currently released Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern bump into him and resolve to right their revenge – now not sooner than telling him of their intrepid thought to rob a toy store. Pointless to affirm he escapes their clutches, and swiftly decides to strive and thwart their thievery – as most efficient he can. Curry is on correct form here, as is correct about everyone else because the slapstick hits overdrive and the paint pots, a nail gun and even an unprecedented cannon rep innovative contemporary uses. It is a correct crew effort, this – with various gentle humour and fun antics. Perchance correct a chunk too prolonged, the joke starts to position on a chunk thin however Chris Columbus has built effectively on the predominant film, with correct sufficient variation from that one while truly maintaining the legend the identical.

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