Movie “Some Adore It Hot”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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Some Adore It Hot


Movie Some Adore It Hot Description
Two musicians scrutinize a mob hit and fight to search out a model out of town until they’re discovered by the gangsters. Their most efficient opportunity is to affix an all-girl band as they stride away on a tour. To manufacture their getaway, they need to first hide themselves as women, then lend a hand to their identities and address the issues this brings—a lot like a supreme bandmate and an extremely obvious suitor.



United States of The US

The Mirisch Company,Ashton Productions, and United Artists


  • Joe / Josephine: Tony Curtis
  • Jerry / Daphne: Jack Lemmon
  • Sugar Kane Kowalczyk: Marilyn Monroe
  • Spats Colombo: George Raft
  • Detective Mulligan: Pat O’Brien
  • Osgood Fielding III: Joe E. Brown
  • Dinky Bonaparte: Nehemiah Persoff
  • Sweet Sue: Joan Shawlee
  • Sig Poliakoff: Billy Grey
  • Toothpick Charlie: George E. Stone
  • Beinstock: Dave Barry
  • Spats’ Henchman: Mike Mazurki
  • Spats’ Henchman: Harry Wilson
  • Dolores: Beverly Wills
  • Nellie: Barbara Drew
  • Johnny Paradise: Edward G. Robinson Jr.
  • Minor Role (uncredited): Sam Bagley
  • Speakeasy Patron (uncredited): Alex Ball
  • Celebration Visitor (uncredited): Brandon Coastline
  • Gangster at Convention (uncredited): Phil Bloom
  • Gangster at Convention (uncredited): Willie Bloom
  • Bellhop (uncredited): Al Breneman
  • Lodge Visitor (uncredited): Steve Carruthers
  • Gangster at Convention (uncredited): James J. On line casino
  • Police Officer (uncredited): Noble ‘Kid’ Chissell
  • Speakeasy Patron (uncredited): Beulah Christian
  • Gangster (uncredited): Ted Christy
  • Club Patron (uncredited): Robert Cole
  • Olga (uncredited): Marian Collier
  • Spats’ Henchman (uncredited): Pat Comiskey
  • Gangster at Convention (uncredited): Bing Conley
  • Gangster at Convention (uncredited): Paul Cristo
  • Gangster Convention Greeter (uncredited): James Dime
  • Celebration Visitor (uncredited): Franklyn Farnum
  • Gangster at Convention (uncredited): Duke Fishman
  • Band Member (uncredited): Mary Foley
  • Police Officer (uncredited): George Ford
  • Funeral Director / Waiter / Josephine (tell) (uncredited): Paul Frees
  • Speakeasy Patron (uncredited): Bobby Gilbert
  • Gangster at Convention (uncredited): Joseph Glick
  • Gangster with Charlie (uncredited): Jack Gordon
  • Mobster at Banquet (uncredited): Joe Grey
  • Speakeasy Patron (uncredited): Stuart Hall
  • Lodge Visitor (uncredited): Sam Harris
  • Respectable #2 (uncredited): Harold ‘Tommy’ Hart
  • Policeman (uncredited): William Hoehne Jr.
  • Speakeasy Patron (uncredited): Shep Houghton
  • Waiter (uncredited): John Indrisano
  • Bouncer (uncredited): Tom Kennedy
  • Gangster at Convention (uncredited): Joseph La Cava
  • Tiny Role (uncredited): George Lake
  • Retirement Dwelling Resident (uncredited): Carl M. Leviness
  • Gangster at Convention (uncredited): King Lockwood
  • Speakeasy Patron (uncredited): Hank Mann
  • Tiny Role (uncredited): Tiger Joe Marsh
  • Tiny Role (uncredited): Jack Mather
  • Spats’ Henchman (uncredited): Tipp McClure
  • Speakeasy Patron (uncredited): Frank McLure
  • Mary Lou (uncredited): Laurie Mitchell
  • Lodge Visitor (uncredited): William H. O’Brien
  • Band Member (uncredited): Colleen O’Sullivan
  • Tiny Role (uncredited): Joe Palma
  • Rosella (uncredited): Helen Perry
  • Gangster at Convention (uncredited): Jack Perry
  • Contemporary Bellboy (uncredited): Danny Richards Jr.
  • Chef (uncredited): Edwin Rochelle
  • Police Officer (uncredited): John Roy
  • Waiter (uncredited): Cosmo Sardo
  • Worn Man (uncredited): Scott Seaton
  • Commuter at Space (uncredited): Sammy Shack
  • Under the impact of alcohol (uncredited): Fred Sherman
  • Tiny Role (uncredited): Carl Sklover
  • Speakeasy Patron (uncredited): Bert Stevens
  • Speakeasy Patron (uncredited): Arthur Tovey
  • Gangster at Convention (uncredited): Sid Troy
  • Gangster at Bloodbath (uncredited): Ralph Volkie
  • Mozzarella (uncredited): Tito Vuolo
  • Emily (uncredited): Sandra Warner
  • Tiny Role (uncredited): Billy Wayne
  • Rosella (uncredited): Grace Lee Whitney
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  • Producer: Billy Wilder
  • Affiliate Producer: I. A. L. Diamond
  • Director of Pictures: Charles Lang
  • Memoir: Michael Logan
  • Affiliate Producer: Doane Harrison
  • Editor: Arthur P. Schmidt
  • Customary Tune Composer: Adolph Deutsch
  • Plot Decoration: Edward G. Boyle
  • Production Supervisor: Allen Ok. Wood
  • Special Effects: Milt Rice
  • Gaffer: Don Stott
  • Costume Agree with: Orry-Kelly
  • Assistant Director: Hal W. Polaire
  • Stunts: Carey Loftin
  • Art Direction: Ted Haworth
  • Make-up Artist: Emile LaVigne
  • Hairstylist: Agnes Flanagan
  • Sound: Fred Lau
  • Memoir: Robert Thoeren
  • Place Supervisor: John Veitch
  • Smooth Photographer: Bernie Abramson
  • Tune Editor: Eve Newman
  • Stunts: Joe Grey
  • Stunts: Polly Burson
  • Assistant Director: Sam Nelson
  • Vocal Coach: Gerald Wiggins
  • Extra Soundtrack: Barney Kessel
  • Choreographer: Jack Cole
  • Casting: Phil Benjamin
  • Special Effects: Daniel Hays
  • Script: John Franco
  • Stunts: Paul Baxley
  • Cloth cupboard Supervisor: Bert Henrikson
  • Hairstylist: Alice Monte
  • Tune: Matty Malneck
  • Make-up Artist: Allan Snyder
  • Smooth Photographer: Phil Stern
  • Props: Tom Plews

Credit: TheMovieDb


  1. Ridiculous space, nonetheless very luscious on the opposite hand.

    ‘Some Admire It Hot’ is upright, unserious fun. Tony Curtis (Joe) and Jack Lemmon (Jerry) are the celebrities of the point to, with a snigger performances from commence-to-enact. Marilyn Monroe is enjoyable too, right here is principally the first movie of Monroe’s I’ve viewed. A upright’un!

    The pacing will not be always finest nonetheless that would no longer bog down issues the least bit basically. Or no longer it’s a bonkers 122 minutes, stuffed with enchanting shenanigans – the ending is in particular wacky. Don’t assume I would possibly’ve beloved it as successfully without Curtis & Lemmon, admittedly.

    Worth looking at, without quiz.

  2. **One of Curtis’ easiest motion photos… and an effective and luscious comedy.**

    For many, this movie is exclusively one in all the greatest comedies of all time. Nonetheless, I basically hang serious doubts about that. In my non-public opinion, or no longer it’s a upright comedy, it entertains its target audience completely, and there would possibly be absolute self assurance about its website as a movie basic. Starting up from this inexpensive basis and inserting the movie on the heights as the most efficient or one in all the most efficient already appears unreasonable and exaggerated. But that is exclusively what I feel.

    The script is made up our minds right via the Prohibition, a time when speakeasies had been one in all the greatest sources of economic earnings for mobsters. The script begins from this context and creates an attention-grabbing and moderately successfully-written yarn, the put two jazz musicians cease up turning into witnesses to a massacre, right via which a crew of mobsters kills a rival crew in Chicago. This, of route, used to be inspired by a factual, very notorious incident, the Valentine’s Day Massacre. Persecuted and in lifestyles hazard, they pick to costume up as two females and conceal, handle participants of a female jazz orchestra that takes a prepare to the flee, to develop in a hotel. With out a doubt, then the funniest part of the movie begins, with the characters searching for to support the quilt-up amid the romantic shenanigans that unfold.

    In addition to to a upright script and upright dialogue, the movie has very upright performances by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, the two abundant male protagonists. For me, right here is one in all the most attention-grabbing motion photos of each their careers, and or no longer it’s abundant to hang a look on the style they each played collectively. I also beloved the works of George Raft and Joe E. Brown, which offers soul and charm to the highest, very notorious and comical. Pat O’Brien also does a upright job, despite the real fact that he would no longer prepare his peers carefully. However the movie used to be doubtlessly higher identified to audiences as a consequence of the feminine well-known particular person, Marilyn Monroe. But I form no longer handle her work right here. She used to be an phenomenal singer, and her easiest scenes are the ones the put she sings… nonetheless I by no way opinion of her as a upright and talented actress (she couldn’t even memorize what she needed to inform, and the director practically swore that would possibly by no way work with her every other time): and, basically, her efficiency within the movie is tense, turning the personality right into a sly younger girl and something of an idiot.

    The movie would no longer make a substantial bet on the technical arrangement, nonetheless it no doubt offers us high quality devices and costumes, upright effects and an effective soundtrack. From the starting up put, it takes on a enjoyable rhythm that enables the two hours of duration to lunge without us noticing. It also aspects upright cinematography, with a each day filming job that makes the most efficient verbalize of selected filming locations.

  3. I basically form no longer derive the comedy right here.
    Curtis and Lemmon costume up as showgirls to steer clear of the mob.
    That’s upright for a five minute sketch, nonetheless no longer a elephantine length movie.
    And that’s the reason the scenario. It is stretched out to be a trial. For some reason, some man likes Lemmon as a girl, and Lemmon avoids him. And for some reason, Curtis likes a somewhat grisly showgirl (Marilyn Monroe used to be continually a “girl’s girl”, no longer within the league with the beauties of Hollywood, which used to be her charm, being the “girl next door” in preference to “the girl you wanted next door” Crack of dawn Welles or Raquel Welch.
    But who’s lucky enough to derive Crack of dawn Welles next door to him? Which is why we derive the extra all the style down to earth appears of Marilyn to be standard in movies.
    The “comedy” used to be “dated” even within the sixties. I’m no longer clear it used to be even comical in 1959, nonetheless it no doubt appears to hang a designated aim target audience of of us that handle nice dry humor disguised as slapstick, or whatever you name this vain strive to be comical.
    It is no longer a “awful movie”, and it’s no longer depressing, nonetheless it no doubt is somewhat stupid. No longer upright files for a comedy.

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