Movie “The Mean One”. Opinions and Movie Trailer.

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In a sleepy mountain town, Cindy witnesses the extinguish of her folks by a blood-thirsty inexperienced resolve in a purple Santa swimsuit. Twenty years later, the Christmas-hating monster begins to terrorize town another time. Cindy finds novel motive in stopping the creature and saving the holiday.




United States of The United States

XYZ Motion photos,A Sleight of Hand Productions,Amy Rose Productions,Kali Footage


  • Cindy: Krystle Martin
  • Officer Burke: Scurry Mullins
  • Doc: John Bigham
  • Sheriff Hooper: Erik Baker
  • Mayor McBean: Amy Schumacher
  • Lou: Flip Kobler
  • The Mean One: David Howard Thornton
  • Narrator (say): Christopher Sanders
  • Stephanie: Stephanie Bates
  • Don: Robert DiTillio
  • Bartender: Rachel Winfree
  • Anchorwoman: Jessie Holder Tourtellotte
  • Nurse: Allyson Sereboff
  • Younger Cindy: Saphina Chanadet
  • Anchorman: Steven Busby
  • Waitress Emily: Victoria Ippolito
  • Hiker Lady: Alexandra Vaughan
  • Dick Santa: Brian Waters
  • Dick Santa 2: Andrew Fultz
  • EMT: Ernie Charles
  • Bus Driver: Whit Spurgeon
  • Martha: Christine DiTillio
  • Mom: Tina Van Berk
  • Beginning Driver: Josh Arnold
  • Santa Con Santa: Kale Shepherd
  • Christmas Box Influencer: Aubrey Mozino
  • Mrs. Claus Influencer: Molly Flanagan


  • Author: Flip Kobler
  • First Assistant Director: Allyson Sereboff
  • Stunt Coordinator: Terence J. Rotolo
  • Camera Operator: Daniel Button
  • Author: Finn Kobler
  • Assistant Editor: Jared Boghosian
  • Govt Producer: Jordan Rosner
  • Govt Producer: Gato Scatena
  • Script Supervisor: Anila Nugmanova
  • First Assistant Director: Stephanie Bates
  • Producer: Martine Melloul
  • Clearances Marketing consultant: Bruce Nahin
  • Cinematography: Christopher Sheffield
  • Producer: Steven LaMorte
  • Camera Operator: Richard Trejo
  • ADR Mixer: Jason Peer
  • Particular Outcomes Makeup Artist: Tatjana Bluchel
  • Sound Mixer: Alexander Anikin
  • Stunts: Veronica Roy
  • Stunts: Diana Dray
  • Govt Producer: Zach Stampone
  • Producer: Amy Schumacher
  • Makeup Division Head: Ashleigh Thiel
  • Customary Song Composer: Yael Benamour
  • Editor: Mathew Roscoe
  • Establish Decoration: Aidan Starbird
  • Sound Mixer: Alex Anikin
  • Stunts: Caleb Bloomer
  • Stunts: Michael DeCamp
  • Stunts: Kimberly Fruotz
  • Stunts: Juliette Kendall
  • Stunts: Jacob Lister
  • Stunts: John Paul Tieng
  • Stunt Double: Robin Åkerstrand
  • Camera Operator: Quenton Burdette
  • Drone Operator: Tim Gaer
  • Camera Operator: Edgar Plascencia
  • Gaffer: Trevor Wilson
  • Manufacturing Assistant: Sylas Hallock
  • Manufacturing Assistant: Delaney Jordan
  • Manufacturing Assistant: Shannon Quinn Kelly
  • Manufacturing Assistant: Alexander McDaniel
  • Manufacturing Assistant: Calliope Weisman
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